Still up...STILL working.  Hmmm....well, maybe time for a "powernap" at least.  And FYI...ANY one who ever says it's not about the money, DON'T do what they do...what WE do...PROFESSIONALLY!  IJS....for some it's a "learning hobby."  For those of us who are SERIOUS and "sensitive" about our shit...it's our JOB...CRAFT...PROFESSION...WHAT WE DO FOR A LIVING.  WE didn't wake up "yesterday" and said, "Hmmm...think I'll be a 'whateva' today."  MOST of us were BORN with the gift...and came to understand it later on.  Others found their gifts and talents along the way...and knew this was the ONLY thing they could ever do when it came to fulfilling a destiny...THEIR destiny.

EYE'm just saying....EVERYone might have a little "art" in them; but not EVERYone is an artist.  And that's why you don't see folks like Prince...or Sheila E...or Jill Scott...or Common...or Sonia Sanchez...or Herbie Hancock...or Kendrick Lamar...or J Cole for that matter doing a lot of stuff for free.

And that's also why plumbers don't come in and fix everyone's plumbing for free.  It's our TRADE, maaaaan....not a trade-off for "boredom" or poorly played cheap Jedi mind-fucks, disrespect, unappreciative actions and misunderstood personal missions of a higher calling. 

So YES...when THIS is what EYE do as a PROFESSION to  pay my bills....when this is my "trade" and craft"...it IS about the money.  Not always.  But the majority of the "free" is what you get on blogs and FB.  To help build YOUR event and YOUR product, you get what you pay for...and you don't what you don't.  Plain and simple.  Don't get me twisted with "Bobo" around the corner.  EYE am NOT "Bobo."  Check the resume...and the references...and don't insult BOTH our intelligences. 

Don't get it twisted with "novices."  WE are not "them."  Salute to my true entrepreneurs and artists by trade, gift and life; not by "trend."  It's not easy what WE do; but it IS what WE were "born" and "destined" to do.

NEVER SETTLE!  And NEVER settle for ANYONE trying to make you settle or "cheapen" your gift.  Your gift is your wealth.  Treat it as such...and YOU will ALWAYS eat!!  #asitSHOULDbe


Pet Peeve #1:  People don't want to pay your worth...but will pay a "fuck up" to fuck up...and then expect YOU to "clean it up" for damn near free.  NOT happening.

Pet Peeve #2:  People who think they can do the same thing YOU do.  (EYE've been in the business for OVER 30 years!  How long have YOU been doing this...PROFESSIONALLY?!)  THEN they want YOU to help THEM do what YOU do.  But EYE thought YOU "did" what EYE do?  Note to YOU:  Just because EYE make it look "easy" doesn't mean it IS.  PLEASE STOP comparing "amateurs" with professionals.  That's why you don't see "play doctors" in REAL operating rooms!  #getreal

Pet Peeve #3:  People who try to "convince" you that they are giving YOU exposure when they know damn well (or SHOULD if they had HALF a brain) that YOU are the one giving THEM "exposure."  That Jedi mind trick only works on fools...and that EYE am NOT.  Keep moving!

Pet Peeve #4:  When people always hollaring about "support" but they NEVER EVER support YOU or even use your professional services to help build.  That's DOUBLING INSULTING when it's people you have supported before....and got absolutely NOTHING from the connection.  And did EYE mention that "jealousy thing" you got going in is REALLY unattractive?!!  Now WHY should EYE help YOU again when you constantly prove you can't grow and WON'T learn?!  #point  Excuse me or not while EYE'll bypass on being an entourage to nothing.  Got REAL stuff to do and bills that need to be paid!  Don't bother...EYE'll show MYSELF to the door on THIS one!

Pet Peeve #5:  People who get offended at YOU when you call them out on their bullshit and business ethics (or lack there of) and lack of skills...when, in reality, you should be offended by yourself and realize the reason why YOU are not progressing and prospering is because BULLSHIT IS COSTLY!!  And excuse (or not) if EYE refuse to take on a cost that's not producing ANYTHING POSITIVE FOR ME!!  IJS....If you're REALLY about "business" and "ballin'," then you'd KNOW that already. It's sad when your biggest hater is not me; it's YOU!!  And you're too arrogant to see.  Sometimes REAL support and truth burns.  But that's why they call it "test by fire."  #constructivecriticism 

Tiz why you see the REAL smiles these days.  When you acknowledge what pisses you off in life...and you do your best to limit those "issues," the lessons become blessings...and the blessings lead to BETTER business...and a better overall life.  Proved...Proven...and Proving.

And the moral of the story is:  That is why people going somewhere walk and drive FORWARD and not backward.  IJS....

As EYE was reminded by a wonderful mentor today, "The more you know, the less you'll need."  And drama and BS and folks who are NOT about business and growth, EYE don't need at ALL!  Lesson LEARNED and graduating to something MORE.


NEVER underestimate the brilliance and resilience of a military brat. We've seen what you haven't seen. We've been where you've never been. We know what you'll never know. Tiz why we are "open-minded" enough to recognize truth in ALL its forms...and why we are REAL quick to call a lie a LIE...with exclamation marks and NO apologies. 

WE follow a HIGHER order. But if that order doesn't make sense, WE WILL QUESTION IT...and prove why it doesn't. Your inability to accept facts is NOT our concern. WE are not here for your amusement at OUR expense. WE try to make things better; not go along with the "fuck up." A "fuck up follower" is NOT who WE are or what OUR "higher command" trained us to be. 

WE experience the greatest love and the greatest loss...the BEST and the WORST of BOTH worlds at the same time...and THAT is an accomplishment in itself to balance that out. Tiz why "accomplishments" come as second nature to us.

And although we strive for peace and love, we are NOT afraid to "go THERE." WE don't just stay on our knees; WE know how to get UP and "whup ass"...and pray that we don't have to do it again. But if the need be....we're equipped for the role. #bornsoldiers

And while others "wait" for miracles, we know that, when given that freedom to think and figure it out and away from all the pollution and jealousy that can surround us (like "Cains" hovering over "Abels"), WE are the "miracle" waiting to happen in every situation we find ourselves in.

SALUTE to the DOERS. SALUTE to the THINKERS. SALUTE to the "ABELS." SALUTE to the "DIFFERENT ONES" who dare to be MORE. 

WE don't cater to "fashion." WE ARE THE FASHION, BITCH!!

And jealousy just fuels our fire. wink emoticon


It's that stage...
That point in your life
Where EVERYTHING that doesn't matter
Is on hold
EVERYTHING that doesn't resonate with a priority to YOUR soul
Is on hold
EVERYTHING that is opposed or a distraction from YOUR growth
Is on hold
EVERYTHING that stands in the way of your learning and seeking truth
Is on hold
EVERYTHING and EVERYONE who continues to hold on to the lie
And continues to die
And you realize they will NEVER see with all 3 of their eyes
And you need to question why
Is on hold
EVERYTHING that is not a part of YOUR rise
Is on hold
EVERYTHING that doesn't feed and fill YOU up
Is on hold
EVERYTHING that is mere "surface" and not something that is
Deeper and connecting and powerfully ethereal and natural
Like spirits across the eons of time and beings across galaxies
And the Sun and the Earth and the Air that nourish you daily
Is on hold
There's something happening here
And what it is
IS perfectly clear
There's a change in mind, body and soul
Telling me it's time to grab hold
To MY....rebirth

But you'd have to KNOW
It's not something you can fake
You either KNOW
Or you don't
And either way...
It will show
It ALWAYS shows

There comes a time
When it's "that" time
And those who KNOW
ONLY those who KNOW
KNOW what EYE am talking about

No books...no bibles...no pastors nor politicians
Are aware of this
No followers of other people's "fairytales"
Are aware of this
No one who is still "waiting" on something to happen
Is aware of this
For it's already happening
To those who KNOW
It's deeper
Inherently spiritual
Unworldly and ancient

And only those who KNOW

And do MORE than "preach" it
Or teach it...

They LIVE it

And gravitate to others who do the same

What EYE had forgotten.
What EYE instinctively already knew
And absorbing the precious wisdom from MY teachers

Like it was the last drops of water
In a desert...
Because perhaps...
It is.

But no drought for ME.
EYE don't have time for that
Or someone pulling me away
From MY water.... 

And that is why 
With NO personal car
And no weekly check from "Mr. Bobo"
And no city-wide support or massive team behind my work
And more years behind me than ahead of me
(Or...maybe not...)

EYE can honestly say...

And give thanks.


Evolution is a BE-YOU-TO-FULL thang!

To be continued.....and no one's approval needed...
Except mine.

Yeah...EYE'm GOoD.  (double entendre intended)

How's THAT for a testimony?
Not like they taught you, huh?

And perhaps...that's the point.  ;-)


by Val Jones

When you find YOU
It will bring you peace
It will answer your questions
It will make YOU smile
It will make some nervous
It will make some wonder
It will make some not understand
They can't feel you
They can't hear you
They can't touch you
They will want you to change
Into something you never were
Nor was never meant to BE
They can't see
They can't understand
That you were merely a "gift" in their presence
A "present" in their time
A traveler passing through
On a journey to parts unknown
Called by the winds 
To a destination of your own
"They" were not your "home"
Something else was
And you had to find it
Because YOU knew
Was somewhere else
Somewhere within
Somewhere beyond mere mortal women and men
You were just a traveler
A teacher passing through
Dropping precious seeds and jewels
Yet, they never knew
Or know
That though they feel they can't see you
Can't feel you
Can't touch you
You did what you were supposed to do
By touching them
And leaving them with a gift
You have already touched them
And left them with a gift
A gift
A gift
That they refused to open
And it's not your fault
They missed their gift
It was just yours to drop off...

And keep it moving


FRIDAY MEDITATION FROM DA ORACLE: EYE have found it much easier through my experiences to accomplish things by "solo-walking" than with a "group." See...most groups usually take more from me than they give. They always say what they can "offer." But it usually ends up being the ole "bait-n-switch" where it's REALLY about what EYE can offer THEM....for free. They want me to highlight, spotlight, give all MY time, energy and might and stand up for the rights of the "group"...at the expense of putting my own needs and dreams and rights...second.

Groups are good if you have no direction, need somewhere to go and would much rather be led than go through all that hard work of "leading" your own life. If you are perpetually lost and need someone...anyone for a sense of bearing because you have not been able to find that bearing where it truly exists...yourself, then perhaps you "need" a "group."But if you KNOW where you're going, KNOW what you are DOING and have the courage to actually GO there and DO it, groups have a tendency to "hinder" more than help. Proved and Proven.

Too many want to be a leader; but MOST can't lead. A real leader doesn't always jump at the chance to getting out front...for they know the real cost. That's what separates the REAL leaders from the "fake bosses." One knows the cost; the other is just trying to figure how to make the "cost" benefit him at the expense of the "group." And too many people will want you to "act" like a leader and do the works of a leader, but will expect you to remain in the role of a "follower" or "slave" to the cause...or the group...because, contrary to popular belief, not EVERY one wants to see YOU shine. They just want to see themselves shine...at the expense and time...of the group.

Ever tried to be the one to tell a group going nowhere that it's going...nowhere?! Groups...like the masses...don't always want the truth (if EVER). They just want to be...a "group." Because NUMBERS by itself make things happen, right?! Or...is it QUALITY versus quantity?! Business versus bullshit?! Walk versus talk?!

That's why Pioneers are known as "trailblazers" who many times...most times...ALL the time blaze a path alone...first...and even in the end. You can see it through constant history/herstory tales and documentaries. They separate themselves from the stagnation of mass confusion and delusion...and while others are talking, pioneers are WALKING. They are BORN to be different...by Divine design; NOT "mankind's design." They cater to a different calling...a higher vibration. They dance to the beat of a different drum. Hell...they even make their OWN drum!!

Pioneers blaze a trail that has rarely, if EVER, been explored. They dare to go...to do...to say what is the calling of the mission on their heart, mind and soul, regardless if it goes against the grain. They are not concerned with the "popular;" they are concerned about what's IMPORTANT and about fulfilling THEIR "purpose"...THEIR "passion." THEIR legacy. Something of themselves that maybe some child somewhere at some time will see themselves and will be inspired to resonate to the beat of their own tune as well. They just don't leave "grave markers." They leave a path of brilliance, blazed and cut with their own blood, sweat, tears and resilience. Who DARES steals this story undeserved and calls it their own?! That's why and when you can tell....the difference.

EYE don't really do groups. Got to much stuff EYE need to do that must be done...NOT for the group...but for ME...and a much bigger purpose and Divine plan that may only be seen by me and the Universe and NOT a "group." A group will want you to do what the "group" wants to do; but will rarely help YOU do what YOU need to do. Again, proved and proven.

People move at different speeds. Some don't move at all. But what if it's imperative that YOU move NOW?! No one knows YOUR story like YOU but YOU. NO ONE will help you with YOUR story and ending like YOU. YOU are the star of YOUR story. Whether you become a victim...or a victor depends on YOU; not a "group."

A group will make you wait on the "group." A pioneer does not wait...and says, "Don't hold ME back. If you're meant to be on my journey, catch up...and let's enjoy this trip. But KNOW....it's gonna be WORK. And EYE don't stop for mere sightseers, slow pokes and 'shade factories.'"

Tiz why you see Pioneers walking alone in the middle of the day or the dead at night. They are focused....on DOING...and not just talking. And they are walking into what some are afraid of: The unexplored..uncharted...unsaid...and the dark unknown. But only the Pioneer...can see the light in the darkness...and eventually proves...it exists. #mirrorreflection

The life of an Oracle....every day...and night.


TODAY'S THOUGHT TO THINK ON FROM DA ORACLE:  It never fails to amaze me how some are either so unaware or so insensitive to a history/herstory that continues to play out on a major daily scale.  It always seems that the plights and woes and scars and atrocities and holocausts of Black people...African-descendant people...people of the darkest indigo hue are ALWAYS thought of as less than anyone else's.  

Like the "black-n-blue" scars from whips and rapes and lynchings and burnings and hanging (and on and on and on) are so covered up by the "Black" that one doesn't know nor recognize the damage.  It's like our INCOMPARABLE BRILLIANCE..UNTOUCHABLE CREATIVITY and AMAZING AND NEARLY IMPOSSIBLE RESILIENCE to NOT be completely wiped out by an insecure, maniacal, obsessive and obviously inferior type of "mankind" (obviously proven and to this DAY because you have constantly shown YOUR "Creators" from your existence that, like Cain, you prove to be soooo very jealous at our very existence and so greedy like a wanton whore needing constant sex for  our treasures and art that you continually claim, REname and imitate)...it is like that "obsession" has made you even crazier than the disease and disturbed mentality YOU brought on these shores (of by the way WE were already HERE.  Don't let that all the "slave stories" fool you.  EVERY African did NOT arrive here on the good ship "Jesus".  Like nearly every other continent, WE came here first.  Too bad you wiped YOUR "his-story" books clean of those truths.  And WHY?!  Oh....EYE think the answer was given earlier.)

The fact that Black history is given the shortest month of the year when it is 24/7, 365/366 days of the year is more than an "insult."  It's a disservice to higher education...which is perhaps why America continues to be ranked lower than some countries.  Not EVERYONE who rises on a lie is considered a "worldly scholar."

From day one, you have disguised, deceived and compared  WITHOUT true comparison.  NO ONE's pain is like ours.  NO ONE's story is like ours.  NO ONE's life is like ours.  NO ONE's struggle is like ours.  NO ONE's past is like ours.  NO ONE's constant and continued misery is like ours.  EVERYONE ELSE can "hide" who or what they are.  There IS no "hiding" from being Black...even though some sad broken souls and "slaves" still try to no avail.

That is why EVERY day, EYE accept my beauty...EYE accept my brilliance...EYE accept my past...EYE accept my resilience...EYE accept my story with open arms and learn from it.  More and more, EYE learn from it. EYE DEFY THE LIE...AND THE LIARS.  EYE DEFY MISEDUCATION...AND ASSIMILATION WITH NO INTEGRATION OF MY TRUE INTEGRITY. EYE DEFY SOMEONE WHO SAYS "WE ARE THE SAME."  NO...we are not.  And that's okay.  Uniqueness is a gift; not a curse.  Only to those who are jealous of what you have and obsessed with being YOU and/or diminishing YOUR uniqueness to build their own "emptiness" up does it become a curse.  And sadly, THAT curse can come in EVERY color...just like ignorance.

More and MORE, EYE find MORE stories to learn from that put the pieces together to the puzzles EYE have always had questions to.  No "Kizzie" here.  EYE just don't "accept" stuff at face value.  MY parents taught me to question and research EVERYTHING...and SEEK THE TRUTH.  Then NEVER be afraid to speak it.  And EYE will NOT hate myself nor lie or deny my own worth just to "get along" with someone who can't stand to be blinded by MY natural shine.  YOUR personal issues and ignorance shall NOT be the main focus of MY life.  EYE know how to keep it moving.  And EYE know how to stand MY ground.  And....EYE could give a DAMN whether you "like" me.  But you WILL respect me in my presence....or consequences earned will be "learned."  The REAL GOD doesn't make punks!

And it's that type of brilliance and courageous spirit that can put a target on your back.  Why?!  But then again, EYE think EYE have answered....why.  Your "denial" or "approval" is not necessary.  Truth is VERY good at standing on its own.  And the few stories that have NOT been "rewritten" prove that very "truth."

MORE AND MORE, EYE accept the powerful BEing that EYE am.  ALL life came from Black...the DOMINANT color and gene....NOT the recessive one.  That's SCIENCE.  Yet...you deny science?!  Well, what can you expect from a type that denies GOD.  Yet another sign that GOD/DESS is obviously BLACK.

But that's another story for another day.....


REAL'ISDOM: Sometimes...you have GOT to let some people and some things go...in order to go where YOU need to go...especially if they are not going where YOU need to go...and they CAN'T go where YOU need to go. And waiting is NOT the option to see if they will ever "get it" or can ever GO where you need to go...especially since you have spent a lot of time and energy seeing that it IS what it IS...and that if they could be going where YOU were going...they would be on their way instead of going the opposite way. REALITY CHECK...and yet another sign...that you need to cut your losses before they subtract you from your addition...because hanging with folks going contrary to where YOU are trying to go is a fruitless venture that costs too much.

As Kenny Rogers would say, "You gotta know when to hold 'em; know when to fold 'em. Know when to walk away."

And that is OKAY. Everybody who started on your journey is not meant to be on your journey because it's YOUR journey; not theirs. Everybody's gotta walk their own path...or you will always end up walking someone else's and never knowing what could have been waiting for YOU at YOUR destination. Don't you want YOUR blessing?! Then kick some hobos who keep wanting all these unproductive "side trips" off YOUR bus, load up for the trip and get moving!!!

That's not to say that everyone has to go in the same direction. That's saying to NOT let anyone who's NOT going in YOUR direction that's GOoD for YOU. And you don't NEED to be pulled away by someone "counterproductive" to YOUR "time to shine" by wasting time on someone going in a different direction from you. THAT'S how you lose focus AND energy...AND money...AND time. Besides, ever seen a bus or a plane get to it's destination by going into the opposite direction?! 
Ever seen a bus or plane pick up free hitch-hikers who want to deviate from its scheduled route?!


IJS....Never get stalled on another's path when YOUR path is calling YOU. Just like seasons, relationships change. Goals change. And every relationship, just like every season may not be YOUR season (or relationship)..or goal. But as seasons and things pass, you will find yourself doing one of 2 things: moving further away from YOUR season or blooming into your own. And it will be real easy to tell which is which.

Hold no regrets for focusing on being a BETTER YOU and embracing YOUR blossoming and time in the Sunshine without a whole bunch of weeds choking you out or trying to get you stuck back in the mud and manure.

That's why seeds that become trees grow UPWARD and into the light...not back into the ground and all that manure. Just natural physics.

But everyone doesn't always pass the class, do they?







ORACLE OBSERVATION: Some people just want you to feel sorry for EVERY thing they are going thru. EVERY illness...EVERY drama...EVERY pain...EVERY THING. Seriously....if EYE shared "EVERY" thing that was going on with me and my life, some of you wouldn't believe it anyway! And it would just be fodder for my enemies and the devils to think they could get a leg up.

And then EYE'd have to kill somebody and go to jail because the OTHER fish of the Pisces would kick in that's a soldier to the CORE and "remedy" the situation once and for all because ain't nobody got time for that! But...EYE'd rather not go "that" route. Got REAL shit to do. And the RISE comes when you get OFF your knees; not just stay on them.

So rather than giving the devil "ammo" and tell every little (or major) disease or drama EYE got, EYE embrace the JOY of living EACH day...DRAMA-FREE (as much as EYE can make it)...and show the "blessing" of surviving and thriving (minus ALL the details of what's going on with me...because it's not like most people would actually DO anything about it ANYWAY. Like EYE said...just "fodder" for the haters, enemies and "frenemies."

And you reaaaally don't want to come at me when you "think" EYE'm down because we ALL should know a "wounded" animal is the MOST DEADLIEST of ALL animals...and my "govern" can be tricky and not available at times. ;-) But EYE digress....)

Life is GOoD...regardless. And a Queen is LIVING...and smiling...and thriving...regardless. Proving all the little "theories" right...or wrong...regardless. Just doing ME, maaaan....with or without the help or support...regardless. Your BIGGEST support comes from within, anyway; not without. Just remember to NEVER share those precious pearls with swine...especially at times like these when you're gonna NEED them for YOURSELF.

And the moral of the story is: Don't tell the devil ALL your business. He/She has ears and eyes too....and looooove drama as well as feeding off of YOUR misery! You think they are "for you" when really they are just being close enough to be nosy and figure out how they can take you out of your own game. As if, silly rabbit! LOL But no time for hunting "silly rabbits" these days. Karma will do that on its own. Hunting dollars, manifesting health and wealth, creating miracles and (k)NEW shit...and getting a kick out of watching all those devils and "frenemies" who EYE don't allow close enough to feed off my precious energy wonder, "What's going on with her?!" And "How did she DO that?!"

It's a WALK; not just a talk.  Not here for your attention.  Just sharing the testimony...and keeping a record for myself.

#keepwatchingandwondering   ;-)

If you ask me how EYE am doing
And EYE respond truthfully and say, "not well"
And you can't or won't do anything about it
Then why did you ask?

Empty cordiality?
Or fishing?

Nosiness is so unproductive...and telling.

Tiz why EYE limit my time, conversation and energy.
Tiz NEVER a selfish thing to feed YOU first.
It's the ONLY thing that makes sense
When it comes to saving YOUR life.

A true teacher will tell you that
A slavemaster or slave who wishes you to suffer more than him or her...

Never give others more than you have to offer.
Never give time and energy away that YOU preciously need.
Never be distracted from your destiny by another's pipe dream.
A true spirit would not ask more of you.
But an untrue one...will.

KNOW that...for a fact...forever.

P.S. People need solutions; not sermons. Teach them how to find fish, create fish and FISH. Not just wait on it and pay for the "waiting. The difference between a "savior" and a "sadducee."

Feel free to prove ANY of this wrong...and then SHOW it. 

GOD is in the walk; not just the talk.