The freshness of cold crisp air on my nature walk...and the reflection of my soror, Zora Neale Hurston, on her birthday speak to me on many levels today.  So many are "heralded" AFTER their lives.  So many speak of their "support" and "love." Yet while the person was living and speaking TRUTH and showing a GREATER "art," those same folks who later speak with love are the main ones who "shied" away...either out of fear, jealousy or just not understanding something or someONE different from THEM.  SomeONE who had a GREATER calling and legacy to leave.  EYE am soooo Zora in many ways.  No coincidence EYE found myself working in Ft. Pierce, FL (solidifying the spiritual connection and touching the "earth" she walked).  EYE am soooo Zora...in many ways....from those who fear and can't "take my truth."  EYE am soooo Zora...in many ways.  Different...from the rest; yet ONE with the BEST.  EYE am soooo Zora...in many ways.  Caring more for others than they obviously care for themselves...and thus proving why they are unable to really care about ME.  EYE am soooo ZORA...in many ways. Making it and speaking my mind...regardless. EYE am soooo Zora...known more intimately by the WORLD than those who "think" they see me every day (as if they EVER saw "me.")  EYE am soooo Zora...a sisterhood that goes BEYOND the sorority; it's an "art" thing...a "rebel spirit" thing...an audacity to BE who WE BE thing.

EYE AM SOOOO ZORA!!  And sooo honored and proud to be reminded of that today.  As always, the Universe is right on cue.

NOTE and know:  The people who "support me" are the ones you SEE (in ACTION; not just "talk") supporting me NOW.  They come from all over the world...and not just the grounds EYE currently walk.  They remind me to focus on the REAL  Not the "fake ones" who will come when EYE'm long passed and no longer there to call them out on their "lie."

But then again, does spirit EVER die?  And there be the journey...and the truth to come.  ;-)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SOROR!  Thanks for the gift.


When you focus on everyone else's dreams, YOUR dreams always come 2nd...and you find you don't have the energy or time to make YOUR destiny come into fruition. REALITY CHECK: What if the world is waiting on YOU...and not just the person you're helping?

And the moral of the story is: There's a difference between being "selfish" and "selfless and STUPID!"

Distractions can kill YOUR dreams. NEVER put YOUR gift or YOUR dreams or YOUR mission 2nd to someone else...because you can best believe "they" won't do the same. Proved...Proving...and NO NEED to see it proven again.

HAPPY "YOU" YEAR.  And YES...make YOUR vision FIRST priority!!  Energy (and money) flows where attention goes.