Sooo earlier in the week EYE had back to back dreams of me battling aliens in "middle earth"...or "alternative earth"...or SOMEWHERE that vaguely looked like earth. Woke up TIRED AF 2 nights in a row with aches and pains...and tiny scratches(?!).

THEN for 2 nights....nothing. Just...blackness. With maybe a vague memory of looking up at some stars. (Thought about it yesterday. Ohhh....waning moon and the "emptying.")

THEN LAST NIGHT...EYE had a dream about this neighborhood that EYE used to have a recurring dream about over the years. The house...the culdesac...the landscape is ALWAYS familiar. Except EYE have NEVER been there before other than in my dreams. But EYE clearly know it and the area when EYE see it. Hadn't dreamed (visited) that "place" for a year or more now...until last night/this morning. Is this "past" house? "Future" house? WHERE is this?! Hmmm...

PLOT TWIST: AND DOCTOR WHO WAS THERE! And there was a fair and a giant ferris wheel! And there was a police station nearby that we cut thru to get to the fair...or somewhere wherever the Doctor was taking me. And the police...were "shape-shifting" into Nazi Aliens!! And EYE'm just staring like...WTF?!

And then the Doctor says, "Come along now, Marylease. Let's go!"

And EYE said, "Marylease?! EYE thought my name was Maryanne?! (Wait...WHY did EYE think my name was "Maryanne?" ) But did YOU see what EYE just saw?! WTF?! This is ALL way too interesting!!"

And the Doctor, while pulling me and my attention toward the Tardis, says: "You've got to find a better word than 'interesting.' Now let's GO, Marylease! Things to do!" And he shot me that Peter Capaldi look that said...NOW.

And EYE woke up...going.....



#MustProcess #OnlyInORacleWorld #AstralTravels


People wonder why EYE talk so much about magic.  First off...NUNYA!!  Secondly, EYE have ALWAYS been about magic. Even as a child.  The books EYE was reading tho!!  And you could tell that whenever EYE would walk into a room, grab a mic and rock a crowd..naturally...even WITHOUT an entourage or band.  Just ME.

Brag?  Naaah.  Goddesses don't brag.  We just own up to the truth and WEAR that shit like a crown.

Let's face it...my words have more weight than Ft. Knox.  And should EYE so choose, EYE could bring a mountain down. Tiz why EYE had to be "pulled back" by the Parents.  To whom much is given....well, you know the line.  And with Lilith as my "dark side" AND being a "military brat?!"  Trust me...the things that make some of you cringe makes ME laugh.  That's why, if EYE walked away, it was more for YOUR benefit than mine.  

But let's get to the point.  Soooo many focused on Trump (unsuccessfully so, EYE might add.)  Losing your minds it seems.  Waited for "Jesus" to fix the election and it didn't happen it seems.  Still waiting and STILL caught up in the frenzy while the bad Reptilians feeding off your fear, it seems.  Whatever YOU are doing just doesn't seem to be working, it seems.

IJS...sometimes it takes a witch of the Pleiades to deal with the wizard of Wall Street.

You got YOUR role.  EYE got MINE.  And please believe EYE am a "master" at this game...and learning MORE every day.
To play...or not to play...is the question.  (*_*)

Naah.  Don't need your help (which is waaay too many times a trick and distraction for infiltrators who just want shine or to inject some shit in the mix) NOR do EYE want to join your "movements."  EYE  got this!

And THAT's why EYE looove watching shows about magic.  Not that fake shit.  The REAL thing.  It's like "class" for me.  Art class...because magic/alchemy IS an art.  And my art IS my activism. 

But EYE've said that before.  Some of you just failed to listen.
#IsisCode (the REAL one)


Save Barron?!  WHO said that?!  The devil IS a lie!!!  
Wait...translating the code.....
"Save the children."  
"Isn't Barron a child, Daughter?"  
Yeah, but.....  
"Your walk is NOT like before. Your past has served its purpose.  Your now is YOU.  And one of your greatest missions and legacies is teaching children. Loving the ones who need it most. Who else will do it if not you?!  The schools are corrupt.  The virus has spread too much among the people.  They don't see.  YOU do.  Do not follow the others or allow them to distract you from your walk this season.  You have the key.  Save the children.  All else and others are a lie.  And the children are waiting on YOU.  They have always been waiting...on YOU."

AND THAT'S WHAT YOU CALL A "CHANNELED MESSAGE," BOYS AND GIRLS!  Ugggh!!!  Must still be lucid dreaming.  The shit that goes on in ORacleWorld though.  And unlike most these other fakes on FB, EYE don't be fronting.  Tiz why EYE SHOW you the walk rather than just "talk."  IJS....   

You already KNOW that "resistance" went up immediately, right?!  And MOM just wiped it right away.  Poof be gone!!!  Damn.  ALL this...and no coffee today.  OR for the rest of the week per my "medical instructions" from the "Others."  CLEARLY EYE am still in "counsel" with the Divine elders right now.  Enjoy your day.  Logging OUT so EYE won't feel the "resistance" and public madness.  MUCH bigger things going on with ME right now.  MUCH...bigger......

WHY says Momo?!  Oh...just got the answer in the question.  Touché MOM.



Wow! MOST intense dreams ever. Back to back to back. And even now...lucid dreaming. Well, ask and you shall receive. Planets AND angels in my ear...and head...and visions. Astral traveled to Pleiades...something EYE haven't done in years! Family dropping code and showing me things....no doubt EYE should know. Prep info.

But dammit dammit DAMMIT. Some things gotta GO. Fast time. Symbolic of cutting out things that EYE might "like" but does not like ME. In fact, just the opposite. Foods/Folk/Follies...same thing. Gotta GO. Damaging to the body. Bleeding ulcers don't play.
Yup. The "others" woke me up to show me that. So it must be crucial like EYE am "crucial" to my own mission.

IJS....if EYE can get rid of coffee, just think what EYE can get rid of?! Coffee....spicy foods(EYE loooooove spicy foods!!)...nuts!! Believe me, THESE things mean a LOT more to me than a LOT of folks EYE know (or who "think" or maybe EYE should say "assume" they know ME).

And this challenge might mean nothing or laughable to you. But after last night/this morning...and maybe yesterday in general (Asked for 45; got 44; present delivered!), it would behoove me to LISTEN to my "guides" and my body.

You know those mornings when you wake up and you feel tired like your body's been somewhere you don't even KNOW about?! You have. Resting...and processing...after the "operation."

And no...this ISN'T just a "story." Or maybe it is. One of 144,000.

HAPPY MOONDAY. Message from MOM and DAD and the "Others" to YOU:

"What doesn't feel true and HEALING to YOUR system? Then YOU need to CUT it!!" (Okay, some of you don't take that "literally." EYE know how you are and YOU know what EYE meant. LOL)

DAMN EYE could use some coffee right now. But guess the Parents say it's time to step up the "awakening"...and caffeine ain't the way. Back to my Sebi shakes. Seamoss here EYE come.

Ocean healing. Figures. Homeopathy.

Oracle ❤️  #HealingHiatus


You ever have those times when everybody and their mama is pulling on you for something they don't deserve or never earned? It's not only Trump who wants "greatness" for nothing. Far too many are griping without checking the mirror first.

It's moments like these that you are thankful and grateful to have TRUE friends and mentors to pull you off the edge of insanity.

Ownership: EYE have spoiled waaaay too many with free pearls for YEEEEARS and they clearly do not understand how this year EYE am about the business of BUSINESS...MINE...and not saving them. For too long, EYE have put others' needs before my own....with NO reciprocity. And EYE did it willingly. No one put a gun to my head. Facts. BUT NO LONGER.

And EYE realize how it's hard for some to figure that out if they can't even figure themselves out. You can tell by the actions and attitudes that NEVER change. Hmmm.... Forgive them for they know not their own stupidity (and YES, we ALL have our STUPID moments. YOU are no exception!) or irrational and irresponsible ways. Taking ownership of my past errors and correcting them NOW as we speak. Others will eventually "get it" and leave you alone. Eventually. No air. No life.

Stewardship: You must TEACH people how to treat you. Never assume they know for if they KNEW better they'd DO better. But some CHOOSE not to do better because that's like...uhh...self-work. And if they are in denial about themselves, surely they will never see YOU as you really are nor value your worth. So you must effectively, yet kindly, "remind" them to be about their integrity and to develop better "math" skills or there is no relationship...business or personal. Period.

Responsibility: Everyone's NOT. CLEARLY. You see it now more than ever before. That is why it is soooo important at this juncture in our history to NOT take on another's responsibility nor let them make you feel guilty for not doing it. YOU BETTER LEARN TO SAVE YOURSELF!! In MY case, not only do EYE NOT feel guilty about what EYE just said, but the Lilith and military brat in me will be all up in your face about how insulting that is and show receipts to boot. Still.....people ARE as they ARE...and not how YOU always want them to be. And 2 things EYE know: You can't love a person more than they will love themselves and you can't help a person more than they will help themselves. Wait. 3 things: And you can NEVER expect someone who won't properly help themselves to EVER be able to help YOU. #Science

So take responsibility to under/innerstand that some folks will NEVER get it and NEVER be responsible. Some folks will always expect something for nothing and look to you, like Jeezus, for something they didn't earn. That's LIFE...and learning. Just because some don't get it doesn't meant YOU don't get it. Live..learn...laugh about it...and "Poof be GONE." Focus on your "happy" and what works for YOU rather than your pain & drain and what doesn't. Be about YOUR business...first. Everything else comes afterwards. EVERYTHING ELSE COMES...AFTERWARDS!!

Again, EYE soooo "apple-o-gize" as EYE sit here with stomach issues and my own set of unique problems that no one seems to care about. Nor do EYE expect anyone to. But some of ya caught me at the wrong time with your constantly "failed lesson plan." And EYE slipped into old behavior. OFF WITH THEIR HEADS (in true Shiva style). EYE "apple-o-gize" (Yes EYE looove that word! Thanks Alex Baldwin! LOL) if EYE spoiled some of you to thinking you'd be on my "Ark" without earning a pass in this season. Or that EYE would continue to open my treasure chest up like the community "grab bag." But that's just not how it works. Actually, that's not how it was EVER supposed to work. EYE just took a while to learn that lesson. And that's why EYE'm not "stressing" the Trump era.

But some of you? Got your own lessons to learn. And EYE am not sorry to say, EYE can't do that for you. But EYE wish you well though. Mama is focused on "Mama's house" and health this season. And if you're not in my bed, you gets no head and no back stage pass from ME.

Take that how you want to. (*_*)

LOVE YA THO....from a distance and away from my piggybank.

Still learning and growing and putting my "bigger girl pants" on. Thanks Barbara Armstrong White. If folks really KNEW how many are alive today because of YOU?! Ooooh!!! They really should be kissing YOUR feet. LOL You're the BEST Big Sis and mentor an ORacle could ever have. Indeed the "Maya" to my "Oprah." You have been a blessing from the FIRST day we met. Which goes to show...real is forever. 💕

Feels like....the "flu without the flu." Body aches.

Feeling like a "burn victim" on the mend.

100 volts of electricity constantly sizzling through the skin.

Everything old and useless being burned off from within...
And without.

The REAL Gods and Goddess know what EYE'm talking about.

Something about Cosmic Upload Weekend, combined with Emerald City. The past 2 Saturdays, EYE have awakened feeling SUPER physically drained, yet mentally charged. It's like everything...EVERY THING...and everyone...EVERY ONE...who doesn't need to be in my life...on my journey...are being washed away and the etheric body is being cleansed (or dare EYE say "baptized") in the now and what is to be.

That "resistance?" Doesn't matter...for it's much bigger than me. The Planets are talking a LOT louder than the people. And Source is coming clearly through every mechanical "advice" and "device" that surrounds me. The "computer" must delete old files to house the new upgrades. And the funny thing, EYE am not the one doing the deleting. And yet...EYE am, aren't EYE?

The past 2 Saturdays have felt like December 2015....when the first massive wave hit me. Knocked this "Go Go Gadget" person down off my people podium and said, "It's YOUR time to listen NOW, Little One. You've absorbed too much of the wrong energy. The dirty waters. Your alchemy is being poisoned from within and without. So, WE must purge and reboot you."

And EYE accepted. When you have a giant snake talking to you in smoke form, you can either listen to it and learn...or be afraid of it and have it eat you. But my Nature Walk journeys had been bringing me across snakes for the past 2 years prior. Interesting encounters. VERY interesting. EYE to eye encounters....where most would run. But EYE would sit...or stare...and understood there was some actual communication going on (unbeknownst to me clearly at the time of what it was. "Get ready, little one. Your eyes are about to see even more.)

Side note: Even as a child, EYE played with snakes. Check the receipts and do your research. How many remember when EYE took the baby water moccasin home from class....and would feed it flies to eat...before my Earthly "guardians" threw it away? Funny thing...it just came back the next year and brought the family. LOL

Even funnier. EYE have had FAR more problems with "walking snakes" than the crawling ones.

A child of Nature never forgets who Her REAL Parents are. We just get lost....in other folks stories. Until.... It's times like these that make you realize there is something soooo much more than meets the outside eye. That's why you must go IN. A journey many refuse to make.

AHHHH BUT THEY'RE GONNA HAVE TO DO IT NOW THOUGH! THE HUMOR OF IT ALL. DON'T TALK ABOUT IT. LIVE ABOUT IT. BE ABOUT IT. EPIPHANIES FOR EVERYONE. But can YOU handle the truth? And if you thought it was gonna be a fairy tale where you can just sit and watch popcorn and "play" with magic and not RESPECT the magic nor the water? Well....EYE've possibly already said too much.

Soooo, for the past 2 Saturdays, EYE've awakened with my body feeling like the "Others" have been doing some SEERIOUS (or is it "Sirius") surgery on me. And EYE hear these voices that just keep saying: "Drink more water. And rest. Cleanse...and REST."

Guess Saturday IS the Sabbath after all. At least, so far, it is for me. Rules of the Universe in effect in ORacleWorld.

And every time EYE close my eyes, EYE see these "lights." It starts out like a "black hole" with a faded white light shimmering around it. Then the light grows and grows as the hole becomes a part of the light...or the light becomes a part of the hole. Then the "spectrum of colors" show begins as the light goes from purple to gold to white. EYE open my eyes to see if any outside force or light is affecting this "vision." NONE. EYE close my eyes....and we start the journey again...as if to tell me, "No...this is not a trick. This is YOU. This...IS...YOU.

Did you get it?

We all have our stories. The Universe is constantly pointing me to MINE. And MY mission in this new season? To follow MY story and see it through. And in case EYE get lost? Well, we all have our "training manuals."

It's a NEW "matrix" now, boys and girls. The old doesn't apply. The past is gone. The future is today. And tomorrow is irrelevant. As EYE said before, the Planets are talking a LOT louder than the people. And MOM (Mother Earth) is giving me all EYE need to face each day fearlessly.

Yup. It's a NEW "matrix" alright. Stories change. Seasons change. People change. Or...they become extinct...like the Dinosaur.

Back...or maybe EYE should say, forward to MY story. EYE can already tell it's gonna be a WHOPPER (in my 11th Doctor voice).


Hmmm....think EYE just wrote the prologue to my next book. Sad that most can't even read these days. #DoubleEntendreIntended

True ORacle Stories.

My poetry, art & alchemy are for healing and enlightenment; NOT just must mere "parlor tricks" for entertainment and cheap thrills.

And that's why MOM and DAD recalled me back (or was it forward? it gets timey whimey at times) to the Garden rather than exist among those other "snakes."

So EYE teleported back/forward (wherever) to Pleiades to purify myself in myself again and commune with my Higher Self.

And as EYE walked the sands of time, MOM and Brother said, "Hey...WE got this cool foot-washing technique you can do that will wash away all that manure that's been sticking to the bottom of your sole/soul."


Since WE know words get "twisted," that's why WE always "pic" it. EYE'm not considered the EYE of RA for no reason.

It's GOoD to BE da ORacle! (*_*)

But that could just be another story......right?!



Happy 11 day. A "masterful" day indeed says the numbers. #DivineScience

Da ORacle's Morning Coffee:
Your labels...ALL OF THEM...are meaningless! Especially since you don't even KNOW who YOU are to begin with!  Real talk.

IJS....MOM and DAD could give a royal fukk about your "labels."  It's your ACTIONS theey are paying attention to.  And for some of you, EYE'd readjust your "pampers" if EYE were you.  IJS...

Sipping coffee.  And leaving a life tip.