Remembering the last time EYE saw Bobby Womack perform live. About 7-8 years ago...in Fayetteville NC of all places. We had him in concert. Sir Charles Jones had went waaaaay over his set (typical). And the promoter was needing to cut Bobby's set to not pay extra money to the Crown.

Of course...you knooooow Bobby wasn't having THAT!! 

So, when he went on to defiantly perform HIS show HIS way (maybe that's a Pisces thing...especially a legend who deserves the respect and one NOT to be short-changed by someone on the "come up"), the promoter asked ME to go and pull Bobby off stage.

And my response was: "PONCH!! EYE AIN'T GOING ON THAT STAGE AND PULL OFF BOBBY WOMACK!! THAT MAN IS A LEGEND!! PLUS...THAT MAN WILL CUSS ME OUT AND KEEP ON SINGING!! REAL TALK!!! And EYE'm not EVEN about to get embarrassed by Bobby Womack on stage!! NOPE!!"

And soooo....Calvin Pee (fellow broadcast co-worker) and EYE just looked and laughed from the side of the stage and enjoyed the show while Bobby did his glorious thang while Poncho (the promoter) steamed!! Just saying....Mama and Daddy didn't raise no fool. And when a legend is at work and on a mission, EYE know when to get out of the way and just let things BE.  

*Real Industry Stories From Da Oracle Val Jones...and the stuff you can't make up...and glad you don't have to.  EYE was THERE!"  


Waking up this morning with clarity
And it's cool
You got the folks in your corner...
And those who always play you the fool
And ironically, it's many EYE'm talking to
They want to act like they're not looking
But EYE know that it's true
Because they try to imitate
EVERY thing that EYE do
And it's cool
You have folks who see you struggle
And they cheer for your rise
While others look "sideways"
Out the corner of their eyes
In public and on Facebook
They perpetrate lies
Like they really are FOR you
But it's just a disguise
When you were THERE for their functions
Did they care about your support
Or did they assume you had nothing
To do with YOUR life but abort
All of your dreams, all of your money
All of your time just to say hi
Showing love and support
Just to be crucified
And when eyes finally open
And you see it's not wise
To walk among all the snakes
With the saintly disguise
You do what YOUR GOD says
Leave a kiss and goodbye
And you go about YOUR business
About YOUR walk and YOUR rise
And it's cool
Or is it?
Because this is when it gets a little funny
All the "haters" and "fake lovers"
Band together like gin rummy
Trying to stack, draw or discard
All the cards on the table
Here's a question?
Why couldn't they do it BEFORE if they were able?
Still they needed YOUR light
And YOUR seed to jump start
And you even gave them 
A little piece of your heart
But they are what they ARE
Which they ALWAYS were
You just never quite knew it
Til the "true them" occurred 
So....you sit from a distance
While they all scream support
Yet, even though YOU did
That's something they'll never report
And when it comes to supporting
You see, they're just too jealous
Because they can't do what YOU do
And, in the end
WHO'S it REALLY hurting
Me...or you?

It's Cool  
Clarity usually is.

How an Oracle wakes up.
Creatively Thinking.......
Coffee anyone?

P.S.  Yeah...EYE really AM a beast at this writing thing.  That way since 7.  ;-)


Morning Wake Up Call
Beautiful Night Fall 
Turned turbulent
Heaven and hell sent
Timely beckoning to embrace a predicament
And acknowledging it for what it is
A choice
Senses feeling itchy
"Money hand"...or maybe GOD's plan
Are YOU doing what you can
To prepare
Or are YOU allowing yourself pulled
To be where
Let the meditation begin
And yet...NOT settle
Code and cue meant just for YOU
Make it do what it DO
The way YOU are "divined" to 
The night seems stormy
But it will be alright in the morning
When you wake up
When you wake up
When YOU wake UP
To YOUR destiny
Say goodbye to the night
Welcome the light
And the dawning of a beautiful new day

And remember
If it doesn't feel for YOU,
It isn't

Exhaling and...
End of turbulence
And a decision that needed to be made.
Life no longer in the shade
Of another.
Behold the Sun
And the rays that are shining

Accepting the gift...and the morning wake up call.

That moment when you make the decision
That might not be what others' like
But it IS the right one for YOU
The beauty of having the courage
To stare into your own Sunshine 
And embrace it...without going blind



First off, let me start out by saying:  EXPECTO PATRONUM!!!  

Now that we've cleared the dementors out of the way.  Let's do some real talk:

There comes a time in every TRUE artist's life whose passion IS your profession and whose profession IS your passion that you have to pull away from those things that hinder your growth and welfare more than help.

People wonder why EYE don't "do for THEM" and "help put them on" or show the community love.  What they fail to realize is EYE DO "DO FOR THEM" by dropping FREE knowledge and classes EVERY weekend. 

EYE "DO FOR THEM" by dropping FREE pearls each and every day that you actually CAN take to the bank of life and cash in for a positive return!

EYE DO "HELP PUT THEM ON"...by turning them on to what GOOD music and poetry is SUPPOSED to sound like so they don't waste BOTH our times with their...errhh..."art." 

EYE "DO HELP PUT THEM ON" by encouraging them to DO BETTER and attempt to put them on a BETTER path of those with GOoD tastes and GOoD credit...but it just won't happen without the reciprocal action of respect and humility and the ability to LEARN.

And EYE DO "SHOW THE COMMUNITY LOVE" as EYE have for over 30 years, showing up at the events of others (until it wasn't feasible for MY car or MY pockets to do so) when these same ones would NEVER show up at an event for ME or pay me ONE CENT for MY craft...just because of their own insecurity and egocentricity.  Faking imitators who think they are greater just because hateration lives in their bones more than elevation. And wasn't EYE the actual ONE for OVER 30 YEARS actually giving a damn enough WITHOUT local reciprocity or support to put this show...MY CREATION...on the air week after week after week (even though EYE was going thru my OWN depression and challenges) and invite the "pond" into the much bigger ocean in hopes you might "get it" and wake da fukk UP?!!

And let's face it:  EYE have been the one actually DOING IT BEFORE all these so-called fakes say THEY are doing it.  YET...you PAY them and SUPPORT "them."  Okay....get THEM to "die, lie or cry" for YOU.

EYE can remember reaching out in a time of need (something EYE absolutely HATE to do).  Did the "GoFundMe" campaigns and ALL that.  And the very folk you THINK would have supported....the very ones EYE have supported for YEARS and for FREE gave me not one penny.  NOT...ONE...PENNY.  Some much for "local love."  All talk.  No substance.  They just "used" you for thrills and shields and wait til your blood chills to be a part of your public epitaph and claim that which was NEVER theirs to claim.

Images remain...and poignant points replaying in my head.  Ruby Dee in a poem said:

Revolutionaries don't get job security
They compete with rats for cheese
And with strays for shelter
After dey big bullets make feet out of their knees

In one of our wonderful and insightful conversations, Rev. Hosea Williams once said to me and my husband Baker:  I wish they had've told me THEY weren't serious. I was...and that's what hurts more than anything. I was the one SERIOUS...and seriously by his side. And they are the ones....who've made money from it and lie...and tell me I'm crazy.

Can relate.  Can sooooo relate.

And thinking, maybe "local" is not actually "local" or "home" for artists.  Maybe it's just a place to test boundaries.  After all, you can't bring the ocean to the fish bowl and expect the fish in the bowl to see that the water is any different.

Just saying....why EYE have learned to make different moves. Because some wars are "unwinnable"....while only a few revolutions and movements are worth fighting for. The first...being...your OWN evolution.

But, one thing for sure.  Local or otherwise, EYE am NOT gonna feed you food off MY plate and have you drink out of MY cup when you didn't deserve or earn the privilege or did NOTHING to help grow the crops or make the wine.  How presumptuous of you to think YOUR life and welfare comes before MINE!  WHERE DEY DO DAT AT?!

And THAT'S when EYE made Daddy and Mommy VERY happy because EYE learned MY lessson and realized when to grab a hold of MY blessing while letting the bullshit go. 

AND STILL EYE TEACH.....AND RISE!!  Can't help if YOU can't see thru your blind eyes.  That ceased to be my problem a while ago....when the REAL smiles appeared!  ;-)

What makes sense, makes cents.  And what doesn't...DOESN'T!!

And EYE am soooo over it.  OVER...it.  Better...not bitter. 

And the best is yet to come.



First off, EYE am NOT turned on by Erotica. 
EYE'm a Pisces. Do your research.
It's usually MY prey who gets hurt.
Catching feelings 'cuz EYE flow like butter
The ultimate "sensual" lover
Oshun in personification
Taking one to their highest elevation
Not easily fathomable or achieved
It's something EYE do with great ease
It is ME
Sex...is so overrated
And some are so bad at it, you hate it
Fantasies are all they can talk
But NEVER can they actually swim the swim
Or walk the walk
"Let me beat up that P." 
Oh...was THAT supposed to make me cum?!
The wordings of a skill-less child
That only makes me run
Not from fear
But from boredom in the play
Your awe and your death
Are not needed today
EYE only deal with "masters"
And that "chick" you're after
Is not me
YOU'D drown in MY bottomless sea
And fantasies can't even compare
With the realness EYE can share
With the ONE
Who's truly worthy
EYE don't think you heard me
Am NOT turned on by Erotica
Weak thoughts and weaker talks
Doesn't NOTHING for my Exotica
While you speak merely 
Of pussy and laying the pipe
EYE am teaching lessons
In tantric sex tonight
Kama Sutra in the candlelight
Soft kisses and barely touching
What's the hurry? No need for rushing
For there's more
Bliss like you've never felt before
Whores do it quick
With no style
Queens of the Sea
KNOW how to make a King smile
IF....HE...is worthy
And makes HER smile
Sweet caresses while undressing
Her mind with a romantic verse
Nag Champa burning
One with the Moon 
Teaching the RIGHT ONE
Not to come too soon
Because desperation and being too thirsty
Is soooo unattractive
That's why you will find
EYE am soooo not interactive 
With many
Because many are not needed
When it only takes the right 2
And the only thing EYE am telling you
Weak lyrics and mindfucks don't work on masters;
Only on tricks
And when it comes to word AND foreplay mastery
EYE am more than equip
The spirit of Oshun 
Who brings Kings to their knees
Watching them smile
And being so pleased
At experiencing the art of TRUE sensuality
A place....
Not meant for the weak
Did you hear me?
The "intelligent freak"
And we're skilled in the arts
In, out and between the sheets
Understand before you step
And learn some respect
And trust EYE am something
You have NOT experienced yet
And perhaps never will
You are extremely gifted
And uplifted
Can YOU hang with the mystic?
Go deeper...
Go deeper...
And you STILL have not touched the jewel
See, treasures are for kings
And not squandered on fools
Not saying you are
It's just that you're not that deep
If you think Erotica 
Is a turn on for me
EYE have little time to listen to fake fantasies
Because EYE am busy
Creating REAL ones

Open your mouth and your soul
And taste the wave....

Now...go smoke a cigarette
And take your ass to sleep.


You ever had something that's soooo pressing on your heart that you just HAD to get it off...and get it OUT?! Even though you knew that it probably would make NO difference...except to maybe 2% of those who understood? Even though you hear your "Mothers" saying, "Let it go, child...let it GO." But isn't this a part of "letting it go?" Or am EYE just firing blind out of my mind like Rambo in an open field where the bodies and minds are already dead...and EYE'm just trying to get somebody...anybody's attention to the atrocity that no one really seems to care about?

The anguish of a TRUE artist and activist.......

Mother's saying, "Let it go."
Father's saying, "EYE know, baby. EYE know."
Brother's saying, "U already know."

And the Sun...AND the rainbow are somewhere in the clouds....waiting for the cue of MY next move. It's Monday....and EYE've got some business to take care of.

But first....gotta meditate on some things. And afterwards, EYE really just don't care WHAT anyone thinks or says. Just got to get this off my chest and my heart. And THAT's how EYE'm gonna let it go.

The question is: Hmmm....how shall EYE word it? Meditating...and thinking...and writing. Sadly something MOST apparently do NOT do these days. Smoked all their minds away...and was left NOTHING but burnt ash...easily blown away by the soft breeze of change and common sense.

Not so HARD now, huh Nukkas?! (Color not specific)

The mind: "Can't save everybody."
The heart: "So much heart....and still beating. If they only knew."
The soul: "Save SELF. YOUR mission has always been THE mission. TEACH thru YOU and YOUR movement."

P.S. If the ONLY education you know is from the streets of ignorance, then that is as far as you will rise. And it is the only place you will live...and die. Your arrogance, your hype, your attitude, your "quick money," your homies will NOT be able to save you...for life, as variable as it can be, has SPECIFIC rules that apply to ALL. Those who get it, GET IT. And those who don't, FALL. Period...with NO exceptions. And NO substitutions. This is NOT a game, dawg!

And if YOU reeeeally don't care, then STOP asking those who DO care to CARE, support or remotely even give a fukk about YOU. It's a pointless and senseless position on every level of the equation...destined to stagnation and disintegration. Financial devastation combined and brought about by mental and spiritual deterioration. The illusion that fools can run a nation is only a delusion of a feeble mind choosing excuses over stepping up your game. Insanity may reign...for a moment. But NEVER for long. NEVER. And you'd be surprised just how fast that moment is over. No hope. No rope. Last toke....and puff. Gone with the wind. And buried under the ground.

And EYE've learned from the best (and even the worse) that the truly wise and talented DON'T...STEP...DOWN. The difference between REAL skill and a LOT of today's bullshit. Yeah...EYE'm talking to 90% of you. Sad. But what's sadder...is you..and the fact you don't even have a clue. Nor want one.

Exhaling. Flushing....like a morning bowel movement.

That is all...for now. 


Random Thought: They get mad at YOU because THEY can't do what YOU do...and get even madder when you DO what YOU do...WELL. And get insanely mad when you don't kiss their ass and bow to their inability for NOT being able to do what YOU do while expecting YOU to respect their "imagined self-imposed greatness" and express to the world that they, in fact, can not only hold a candle to you but can BETTER you in all you do...which is rather ridiculous because they can't even do what THEY do...well...more or less, attempt to do YOU...poorly. Or at best, STILL a 2nd-hand copy. Just mediocre musings for those who don't know better and can't take the REAL coffee.

And when you politely say, "You know what. We really 'could' all RISE here...maybe. Tell ya what: EYE'll teach you if you show a little respect and reciprocity," they call YOU the pompous asshole and treat YOU like shit while STILL expecting YOU to treat THEIR insecure asses like hot butter on a freshly griddled waffled instead of the stale penny cookie that they are.


Just random thinking and FREEEEEEstyling 

And the moral of the story is: NEVER test a Master...and not expect to be served "masterfully." The power of the pen runs DEEP in MY house!

Thank you Mother Poet Maya for bestowing your greatest gift to me on your ascension:  A reminder of who and what EYE am and my Divine Mission.  "Be PHENOMENAL, Child!  Don't bow your head nor hold back your wonderful sassiness! And don't speak on or focus on the bad things.  Only the good.  BE PHENOMENALLY...YOU."  

Indeed.  It's what MASTERS of the craft do.