GREAT MORNING BELOVEDS! First off...let's CLEAR the air, shall we?! Support is something EVERYBODY wanna holler. But to get people to support THEMSELVES or the ones who actually support THEM is indeed an on-going dilemma and age-old struggle.

TOOOOOO often I have seen folks support nonsense and "nothingness," ego-maniacal bullshit, POKEMON and whatever the "flava-of-the-month" is while turning a deaf ear, eye and pocket to something OR SOMEONE who would truly benefit the community, the WHOLE collective or awaken minds to a NEW and practical solution of doing things and living productively.

Sooooo...what have I learned from this?! A LOT OF FOLKS JUST FRONTIN' AND CHOOSE TO BE FUCKED UP "FUCKERS!!" AND THESE "FUCKED UP FUCKERS" GET MORE ACTIVE SUPPORT FROM OTHER "FUCKED UP FUCKERS" AND MISGUIDED SUCKERS THAN THE "TRUE ONES" EVER DO! (Eon-old dilemma that NEVER changes and continues to be played out time after time.) 

Hey...that "free will" thing works both ways. I suppose that's why the Divine Parents and the "Others" have pulled me out of the "main arena of fire" and got me throwing pearls from the sidelines instead until this bad movie script plays out and I see "who's WHO" once the smoke has cleared and the true evolution of the mind has taken place.

And THIS is the MEssage I'm sharing today: THIS WEEKEND/UPCOMING WEEK....WAIT UNTIL THE SMOKE CLEARS to see what's REALLY up...or down.

Take it from one who's been on the cross for others MORE times I can count: Some folks and some things are NOT worth the fight. 

But some things ARE. And the things and people who ARE? You'll never have to question it. You'll never have to regret it. You'll never have to scratch your heads or the bottom of your empty bank account wondering WHY you have return to that same place of "lack" and "no love" and NO reciprocity for all the energy and effort YOU put in.

But the MAIN person who's worth the fight? YOU!! Who's supporting YOU?! And WHY are you supporting people who have proven they will NEVER truly support YOU?! YOU BETTER LOVE YOURSELF...FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!
CLEAR AWAY THE SMOKE AND NEGATIVITY FROM YOUR OWN LIFE...AND YOUR OWN CIRCLE. And FEEL what it is like to breathe FRESH air and FEEL "real love" for a minute. You'll never go back to "mystery meat" again, my friend. 

LESSONS ARE BLESSINGS. And they come in ALL shapes, sizes AND colors. And if I was to be REALLY REAL about things, "color" is an illusion that's as "solid" as smoke. Yet it can choke your senses and cloud even the clearest of (r)evolutions when allowed to run rampant. 

It doesn't take a multitude to revolt or evolve. You don't need "permission" to change or do better by your OWN life. Truthfully, when it comes to a "real team" and a "real army," it only takes a choice FEW who are true and real who SHOW they got YOUR back like YOU got theirs. And no one's blocking anyone's "evolution" because when the ONE rises, everyone in the "orbital influence" rises as well.

SLAVERY, by any other name, is STILL slavery. Whether it's someone in constant denial and waiting on the "little white baby Jesus" to save you from the sins you CONSTANTLY keep re-committing to the hater who is standing in the way of your vision and movement simply because he or she is not the "focal point" and you make them feel sumkindaway about their own insecurities and ignorance to someone who is constantly putting financial, mental and physical chains on you to make them work for them...forever.

Either way, chains are meant to be broken; smoke is a sign of fire; and fire is a sign of a cleanse going on somewhere.

And then...comes the great balancer: WATER. You ARE noticing all these storms and rain, right?! MOM's busy. So is Daughter. ;-) #WaterAlchemy
Making way for BETTER and cleaner "air." Yup...YOU might not see it. But I'm definitely on MY job! Are YOU?

How YOU breathing?!   💕 

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GREAT FRIDAY BELOVEDS 💕   It's an interesting weekend indeed ahead of us. And a more interesting week ahead. WE are about to go through a portal of emotional, physical, psychological karma like there has NEVER been before! EVER!!!

Well...in THIS eon anyway. Oh CLEARLY this has happened before...on this very planet. Ain't nothing new.

What's NEW....is YOU. What YOU gonna DO?!

The blue pill? The red pill? The black pill? The white pill? NO pill? ALL the pills?
I'm not here to tell ya what to do. I'm just saying.....if you can't SEE a productive loving way in the cause and resulting effect, then what purpose is this?

Get OUT of your "books." Get OUT of your "labels." Get OUT of your "philosophies" and "fables.

Get OUT of your OWN heads for a sec. Consider something you haven't thought of yet. 

Step back. Make some space. 
Breathe some FRESH air. FEEL the breeze on your face.I
t's okay to be alone.....Even though you are not.
Do a 360.
Breeeeeeathe again.
Close your eyes.
Feel the Sun.
Feel the Earth.
Feel the Air.
Feel.......... 💕 

Now....look at all of this again and SEE for perhaps the very first time.
Do you see what I see?

There's MAGIC in your mind. 
Don't give up your sense/cents to buy a ticket to the circus.
And don't give up your worth nor your GO(l)D.

But is IS "your" choice...and YOUR consequence.  And that, my friends, are always personal lessons that cost every time.

Ahhhh, but that learning tho!! EVOLUTION.

Time to do something NEW. What YOU gonna DO?! )

Cheers from the House of Enki. 

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GREAT MORNIN' BELOVEDS!  Sooooo THIS is my "look" of "conflict resolution counsel" with DAD and MOM and the Galactic Federation. It's the look of..."REALLLY?! IS THIS A JOKE?!" (because, like me, along with a serious sense of honor, THEEy have an IMMENSE sense of humor....twisted humor)

See...."Lilith" showed up too. Of course! Shadow integration intact with an eye also on the "twisted view." Bantu knots released so my antennae can breeeeathe and BE...free. Getting all this intel and confirms of what IS and isn't to BE. And....

WE....are being told to do something we don't know if we really want to...(faces and places and choices different; embrace my OWN brilliance; resilience comes from within; let the new journey begin and FUKK THAT MADNESS THO)

As well, WE are also being told to NOT do something that we would normally do in the past. But pasts don't last unless you bring them into your future. (No wine to swine; no pearls to hogs. No giving priority to what is NOT your world. No dismissing that YOUR life and YOUR needs matter TOO. No more jumping on the cross. NO!!!) 

Trust...I/WE see the benefit of the wisdom and orders. And THEEy know THEEir daughter. We've been here before. We've ALL been here before. The difference.......and the similarities...are alarming...and yet not.
What happens when lessons go unlearned? #Revelations #BeautifulChaos #Evolution

Change is not always pretty. The biggest changes are indeed NOT. Lots of folks in denial about that but that's THEIR issue. Just having my OWN issues "not controlling" the destiny..and letting free will be free...and learning what it all means to ME. And knowing it will ALL be what it BE. #DestinyRegardless

"Non-violation" is the MAIN ORDER GIVEN FROM UP HIGH. Sometimes what IS is what's NEEDED to force the change to come through. Like manure does to crops. Some can't see the beauty...til it rises up out of all that shit it's under.

Back to me....because it IS my story (and maybe a few of yours too. But back to what I know is true...for me...) Sooooo THEEy are reminding me in my "timeout" that it's more like a "time in." "See those projects and gifts WE gave you...for YOU? GO WORK ON THOSE! (Side note: I do have a small tendency to "buck authority." But only when I'm given orders I don't innerstand completely. It's a Lilith thing. THEEy innerstand. I needed that "energy" to balance the BS on the journey of brilliance. But back to THEE Parents...)

And THEEy said about my new/old gifts: "Trust...it'll be different this time. This time....your soul family will bring gifts and gold and food for YOUR table as well. There will be no lack in YOUR Queendom. ALL will shine...and YOU....no less than them. Go to the light of love, little ONE. And release the rest.....to US."

Military Brats can be so "goddamn hands on!"  #HOOAH

BUT I GET IT!! (Do YOU?) Yes...a Daughter is sooooo LOVED. Soooo hard-headed too. (They call me Lilith. Do YO research, hoes! Or just experience the experience...depending on YOUR "experience.")

And this morning.....I am being a GOoD daughter and being...."obedient." Comic upload AND "Universal timeout" at the same damn time tho. I get it. But daaaaaaaamn. The things I COULD say and do.........

But does it EVER matter?!! (And there we have the moral and the MEssage for today.)

Never did like circuses though. So why stick around to clean up elephant shit? Gotta go. GREAT "fresh air and ink" coming up soon. Oh wait.... Upon reading back for errors, I realize THIS is the "fresh ink." Freestyled too. Well...BLAM!!!!!!!!  #BitchPudding

In between time, enjoy your day. Don't let the devil still or steal your joy. Tell that muthafucka to KICK ROCKS, MAGGOT. I got the "voodoo gun" charged up and I got JOY JOY JOY JOY DOWN IN MY HEART!! 😎 

Nah really......just saying and keeping it 100 to the "viruses:" YOU looking at ME while you NEED to be looking UP...and DOWN....and ALL around....and INSIDE YOURSELF.....where the biggest blessing or destruction will be felt.

But hey....this could just all be an elaborate story from the mind of an ole Piscean hippie broadcaster and writer. Guess you'll just have to figure that one out on your own. (Damn...that was soooo ORACLE right there! LOL)


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MEssage: I "DON'T" do this for the city...the entourages...the poets...the artists...the wannabes...the never gonnabes...the copy cats....the politicians...the religious fanatics....the "stuck on stupid" ones...the always wanna fight ones...the loud just to be loud ones....the "your clique better than mine" ones...or ANY of these folks who don't sign MY check or feed ME soup or nurture MY soul or help heal MY heart.

I do this for the person who works the hardest in my life --ME! And, in the process, I symbiotically do this for the remnant who KNOW that WE are "different" and don't fit in the constraints of mediocrity and societal "sameness." WE are NOT "you" (whoever YOU are...which IS the biggest question, isn't it?!) WE have NEVER been "you." And WE don't WANT to be YOU....although many of you soooo pretend to be US. Interesting.....and yet sooo not.

I do this for the ones who struggle with their sanity and heart EVERY day in an insane and heartless world. I do this for the one who actually DO the "right" thing...and still get constantly "wrong" and slighted and abused. I do this for the ART that is missing when artists think more about fame and getting their "fuck" on rather than building up their craft and respecting the very pioneers that opened the door for them to be as "ignorant" and "arrogant" as they wanna be. Freedom and free will. Sometimes an interesting dichotomy.

I do this for the ones of go it ALONE...no to very minimal support and NO sponsor or "fam" or anyone to fall back on. And YET, we somehow manage to make the "miracle" look EASY and still survive...perhaps to find this time, THIS moment, THIS SECOND to innerstand that EVERY thing you've ever gone thru has led you to RIGHT NOW....and a clarity like you've never had before AS WELL AS to the very ones you find "kinship" and "alignment" with. YOUR "soul tribe."

I DON'T DO THIS FOR OTHERS! I DO THIS FOR ME. Your life is like your heartbeat. It's personal. And when it stops, it doesn't matter what others do or don't do. THAT'S THE END OF YOUR BEAT. So I do this for ME...and MY "beat." Personal like MY story! Personal like MY walk (do you SEE anyone carrying ME?! And do you see me waiting for that to happen?! Queens just don't sit and wait. We MOVE.). Personal like the air I breathe. And if my breath just so happens to "resuscitate" someone else in the process that was in severe need of FRESH AIR and a clearer perspective, then I know MY "ultimate" mission to pass a little of me on to someone who deserves and appreciates it has been accomplished.

Oh yeah...I DO "do this" for the brilliant babies coming up so they can see themselves in a better future. Somebody got to while everybody else "stunting!" (Babies are smarter than most adults I know.)

Most "movement" are like the Hebrews walking around in the same circles for 40 years and STILL never getting to the "promised land." (Let that energy just "die out," said Daddy. Got it.)

Cities come and go. People come and go. Zipcodes are just numbers that mean absolutely NOTHING in the greater cosmos and planetary alignment. And people who can't raise themselves up will NEVER be able to raise YOU up. #SaveYourselfFirst

Freeing MY mind...MY heart...MY soul...and MY art...FIRST. And just unlocked someone else's chains at the same time.

NOW THAT'S HOW TO CELEBRATE INDEPENDENCE! Please don't ask me to unlock chains that I already have. Even Harriet Tubman said, "Ya know what? Not revisiting THIS BS anymore. Moving ON. Have fun waiting for your next savior.

Feeling soooo much better. I'm sure my "independence speech" will not resonated with many. But then again, ask me do I care? Or more importantly, ask me WHY should I care?! And there be the story and the MEssage for ALL.

If the truth shall set you free, then I supposed I just did another "Harriet Tubman." Ahhh, but the age-old dilemma. Could have free soooo many more...if they didn't choose to be slaves. And THAT, my friend, is NOT my problem, my passion nor my purpose. I'm just a "breath of freedom" passing through.

What or WHO do YOU need to free yourselves from to enjoy a better life for YOU?!