GOoD MORNIN' U-N-EYE-VERSE!!  About to get my "gym flow" on.  Just doing an "attitude check" to see who's REALLY serious about their business....or who's all "show" but no "dough." Ya know.....the "operative" word in the term "show business" is "BUSINESS."  You can be "creative" til the cows come home.  But marketing and promotions and branding and groundwork get your precious commodity and "creativity" PAID.

Are YOU in it just for the "show"...or are you in "show business?"  Time will always tell.  And it also shows the difference between the "hobbyist" and the "professional."  HOWEVER, A VERY IMPORTANT LESSON LEARNED:  EYE've learned from the elders who put ALL their "heart" in their "art," but their wealth was more felt by others than them.  They grew the grapes...stomped them into wine...served up the brilliant and wonderful tasting nectar...just to barely get a sip themselves of their own efforts and crops.

You learn...some things in life and in this business never change.  And some things do.  So when people ask you as a "qualified" and "professional" artist (EYE say "qualified" and "professional" because there are waaaaay too many who feel they are in the same boat...and they are NOT...even...close), "Is it about the money?"  Ask them, "How do YOU pay your rent...or gas...or buy groceries?  With LOVE?!"  Then drop the mic and walk away until they come back to you with respect, a sensible attitude and a serious demeanor about what you do.

And if they never come back, then YOU got the clue.  One less person to waste your time.  One less person to deal with who was more about BS than business.  Now...back to YOUR grind and the business of "Show Busine$$."  

To society:  Support REAL art; not bullshit.  Our children deserve MORE to fall back on.

GOoD MORNING U-N-EYE-VERSE!  Make it a GOoD one...for YOU.  <3


Now HERE is the irony and a very REAL testimony of Da Oracle Val Jones....and about BUSINESS, especially in the "Nam" -- a little place that could be ANYWHERE but let's just say it's somewhere that's irrelevant...AND relevant to the matter.

MANY that EYE have supported have NEVER supported back. EVER!!! Not even a PENNY!! Not ONE commercial have they had me do. Not ONE flyer have they commissioned me to do. No ONE OUNCE of REAL business have they shown MY way. The weed man" or the liquor store gets more love than ME; yet EYE'm expected to do 10 times for work. And for WHY?!! Because EYE am supposed to "give back" to the community?  EVEN when said "community" NEVER lives up to BEING a "community" nor gives back?!!  Instead, they choose to "climb YOUR back" to success off YOUR work, effort and time. Then, they will attempt to rob you blind of your credit, your money AND your precious time. Crab-in-a-barrel mentality that shows they stay in "Cain" mode ALWAYS trying to take out Abel AND the truly "abled"....yet professing to the "LAWD" of all they can (but can't) do.

THEN...they STILL expect...assume...require(?) the very person they DON'T support and stab in the back to give THEM "free" press...FREE support...FREE work...FREE EVERYTHING! Ask them in WHAT way have they even imagined that they've EARNED this reward?! They'll only say....because EYE'm doing this for "us." There was NEVER any "us"....ONLY "them." And there will NEVER be any "us"...because "Cain" never did know how to share or give credit where credit is DUE.

And all this does is drain YOU from doing what you should have been doing...FOR YOU...and others who PROVE they KNOW how to do REAL business with YOU. And when you DO this, the ones who NEVER contributed in ANY way other than lessons on who NOT to deal with and what NOT to do get upset and feel "sumkindaway." Why YOU mad?! Because EYE don't give you a chance to sip me DRY (with yo "thirsty ass!")?!!

Perhaps THAT'S why folks like Oprah and whoever don't look back to certain areas.  Perhaps YOU have only heard a one-sided story of WHY the person turned their back on their "community."  Perhaps...it was the "community" that turned its back FIRST...and the person found a REAL community to "commune" with elsewhere.  Nothing from nothing leaves nothing.  And sometimes...in order to have "something," you must leave "nothing" in the past and walk towards a BETTER future.

And THAT'S why you DON'T see me...and EYE do NOT support ignorance, disrespect, lack of reciprocity and basic bullshit "totally self-serving" behavior or "cliques" who gravitate from one place to another and NEVER do anything other than what they have always done....NOTHING significant!! Fool me once? EYE was just giving you a chance to show your class. Fool me twice?! Awwww naaaah, nukka. With THAT, you can kiss my....

Well...you already know. True story. No repeats. NO sequels. NEW chapter. You don't look back nor wallow in what never WAS. You gravitate and ELEVATE to what IS.

You RISE with the BEST and those you can grow with and gain from. And you let the "less" and those who drain you and just plain don't "get it" -- either by choice or their own failed growth and understanding -- fall by the wayside. You are NOT obligated to help "fuck ups" or those who will only fuck up YOUR business simply because they can't grow and DON'T want YOU to grow beyond them. That's a personal problem that folks like that should deal with "personally'...or with their psychoanalyst -- who by the way, gets PAID for their counseling services!!

Lessons in reality when it comes to doing business and choosing WHO to do business with. P.S. YES...even my PAGE is a "business." If you haven't contributed POSITIVELY and PRODUCTIVELY, don't expect or assume you own any "space" in this place. Your ignorance or denial of the fact has place in MY space or "home." EYE don't shit in YOUR toilet. Don't shit in MINE....unless you pay the toll. ‪#‎ITSABOUTBUSINESSBITCHES‬ 


TRUE STORY: So after much learning and discerning...experiencing and experimenting, the Divine Parents (especially MOM) said, "NO MORE ROOKIES AND ROOKIE BEHAVIOR IN THE FREAKIN' HOUSE! They're crass, disrespectful, think they know EVERYTHING yet constantly show they know NOTHING...and they want YOU to buy into their madness and PAY for THEIR mistakes!! They come in and eat up ALL the food and don't even bring a slice of bread. They drink up ALL the wine and don't even purchase or stomp a grape. They shit in OUR toilet and don't even flush. And THEY think that's 'classy!" WHAT THE HELL?! Seriously...what is that? HELL?! And YOU KNOW BETTER THAN THIS, DAUGHTER?! So WHO's the bigger fool?!" 

Yeah...the Parents talk REAL like that to me 'cuz THEEY know EYE can handle the truth and THEEY are very truthful with me 'cuz THEEY really DO (unlike so many) actually LOVE me. That's what happens when you get "spanked" by the Parents. And EYE got "spanked" for doing something that was ultimately MY fault: Entertaining crazy and letting crazy in the palace when EYE knew crazy was crazy. True indeed, you might have to deal with that shit in the streets...and ONLY as an exception; NOT the rule. But you NEEEEVER let them into YOUR house! As MOM would say, "What kind of new fool dines with roaches and rats and not expect shit droppings everywhere?!!")

Bows head...says...you're right. You're right. Just had to try. Or maybe EYE was bored. It's just WEIRD....looking at something so obvious...yet obviously not so obvious to some. And hearing DADDY go, "What part of 'fool' don't you understand?! Now, go play with your Mother. EYE see a LOT cooking on that stove that needs YOUR special touch. EYE got this. Trust me...EYE...GOT...THIS!" 

Hmmm.....true dat. True dat. Always did; always will.

Turns it over to GOD/GODDESS....carries on with MY mission. Sips my coffee and looks from a distance as EYE plan MY next strategy and steps for MY goals and what EYE got cooking next. IJS Some of that mess out there... CORRECTION: MOST of that mess out there?!



GOoD MORNIN' U-N-EYE-VERSE!  Amazing the challenges you can go thru...in the dreamstate and waking world (or is it reverse?  One is never really quite sure if you cater to the thinking of Don Miguel Ruiz).  In any event, dreams are said to be prophecies...messages...or just dreams.  On thing for sure, ANYTHING that comes at me 3 times is always a message.  And since a child, EYE had this uncanny "ability" or talent to dream in "episodes."  For a while, seemed like EYE lost my ability to dream.  Then it came back.  And now...so have the "episodes."

Long story short:  For the past 3 nights/mornings EYE have dreamed of (and excuse this for this is gonna get a little "gross") sneezing up snot while EYE sleep.  LOTS of brown "vomity" snot.  Like in just ONE sneeze, my pillow is totally covered in oodles and oodles of "vomity-looking" snot!!  Now the first night/morning EYE woke up from that dream, EYE was like "What the hell?!"  The second night/morning, EYE was like "Really, bitch?!  WHAT are you eating before you go to bed?!"  This morning EYE'm like..."Okay, okay...EYE get it now.  Message received."  

Perhaps it was a convo with my BMF last night.  Perhaps it was the 3rd time EYE have awakened in a "series" of time:  6:59am...7:00am...7:01am.  Coincidence?!  As if and NEVER.  NOTHING is THAT coincidental (as if there ARE such thing as "coincidences").  Perhaps it's the changing of the season...and the total acknowledging that EYE, in fact, am clearing my system and psyche of a lot of crazy, clogging, unproductive, "gunky shit" that's been keeping me from optimal physical, emotional, spiritual, creative and financial health.  Lord KNOWS that EYE have taken on a LOT of "toxins" over the years...some of my own and a lot of others.  EYE've consumed stuff that just wasn't beneficial at ALL to ME.  

AND it's also NO coincidence that as one starts to clear, "gunk" tries to find its way BACK in.  What didn't "destroy" comes back around for a 2nd shot.  It "misses" you..and the way you used to "house" it and "entertain" it.  It "tempts" you with nothingness and memories of the same ole same ole.  "Remember when?!"  Yeah...EYE remember ALL.  EVERYTHING....and nothing.  It wonders if it can find it's way back into your system.  But like a computer purging a virus, this time EYE'm upgrading the "virus protection team" and operating on a whole new system.  Old knowledge...NEW programs.  Timeless ANCIENT data....and a fail-safe like you wouldn't believe.

Oh yeah...did EYE mention had to do some "maintenance" on my computer this morning?  Screen went down.  So now EYE'm having to use an old standby model.  Emphasis on "old."  But the point is...EYE had a backup.  And the old STILL works for what EYE need it to do.  Will EYE stick with it?  Of course NOT!!  Just because you have a working Model T doesn't mean you continue to use it!!  THIS is called "making do" til EYE do better which EYE plan on being VERY soon.  But there is a message in ALL of this.  And EYE'm discerning and learning...and sharing.....in case somewhere down the line you fit in or see yourself in this...or maybe DON'T see yourself in this.  No more junk.  No more gunk.  Fresh and wonderful IN; brown gross unproductive snot OUT.  Season's changing.  And so am EYE.

EYE did say "long story short" a few paragraphs ago, right?!  Well, you know how writers are.  And since this is MY page, consider it my morning blog for Tuesday.

And to think...ALL of this was WITHOUT coffee.  Cranking the pot up...because today is a serious "work" day.  And just like my diligence to get my computer up and running before 8am on my own, EYE shall NOT be denied.  

What an Oracle can do!  And perhaps that's the biggest reminder and lesson to myself as well as to some of you.  ;-)


People ask me why EYE "don't" anymore.  Why EYE don't hang out in the same places around the same folks anymore.  Why EYE don't support events & things like EYE used to.  Why EYE don't come out in the "community" and give freely of my time & efforts as EYE once so often did.  Why EYE just don't bother to teach the "unteachable" and "unreachable" like EYE soooo tried to do.  Why EYE don't care!  

First off...EYE DO CARE.  However, dealing with a bunch of "don'ts" kept ME from caring and DOING what was necessary to feed MY soul and life.  Dealing with all the "don'ts" keep me from all the positive and successful things in life, like: Doing things that could continue MY mission of reaching those who ARE appreciative.  Doing business with those who understand business is BUSINESS and not bullshit.  Doing things that could make sure EYE don't become one of those "causes" that NONE of the "don'ts" would ever support but would love to talk about like it makes them feel better about themselves.  Doing things that could continue to affect the world...and not just little "Jalopia" down the street that don't give a shit anyway.

Dealing with "don'ts" never get you ANYWHERE, wastes your precious time and energy AND MONEY spinning and spinning in the same rut and keeps YOU from "doing."  "Don'ts" hang around other "don'ts" and "act" like they doing something; but in reality they are doing NOTHING...but stunting.  

And stunts are like tricks.  Temporary amusements with no real value other than distraction.  

And that's why EYE stopped dealing with all of the "don'ts"...and decided to deal with the "DOs" instead.  Because the "DOs" not only get it; they DO IT!  And because EYE've got some REAL SHIT to actually DO!!  It's called....LIVING!!

Any questions?


ORACLE'ISDOM: Traveling in the same circles for years and years and years will put a rut in your life...and will NEVER lead to growth. You just keep circling and recycling the same thing over and over again. The same thoughts, the same unfulfilled ideas, the same moves...and the same insanity of thinking something different is gonna come out of it this time.

AND you'll also find that there's always someone who's "pushing" the circle...or "stirring" the circle to keep it moving....while most of the rest of the circle are just following around and around like a merry-go-round horse. WHO has the courage to jump off the horse and make their own way?! WHO has the courage to stop "pushing" the circle and push YOURSELF on to something new?! WHO has the courage to dare to be different?!

And THAT'S why you don't see me in the same circles. NEW season. NEW moves. NEW results. NEW challenges. NEW world to be a part of. The world is changing. You'd better too. No 2nd chances when the ride breaks down and you realize the rut has put you in a hole you can't climb out of and your denial and empty prayer won't give you wings. Life ain't no Red Bull commercial, dawg!!








By Val Jones (9/11/2014)

They all sound like parlor tricks
Candidates stunting for position
While citizens remain in submission
To a government who puts innocent people in prison
While killers run free
And because I have the nerve to speak out against it
YOU got a problem with ME?
Yet every four years
You require my vote
And I'm wondering who is the bigger joke
YOU? Or me?
For believing in a "democracy"
That still OBVIOUSLY views color
As a litmus test
To determine an arrest
What's the charge?
Who's at large?
Do I fit your description, Sarge?
Or do all black people look alike?
Even when the assailant is white
And dressed in blue?
And doesn't that describe many of YOU?
And isn't it sad
Or just plain bad
That even when we are the President
You continue to treat us like a second-class resident
Forgetting the fact that THIS country
And THIS government
Owes a major debt to its freedom and technology
People who look just like ME!
And while we worry and fight
For another country's right
MY liberties are shattered
Walking in the day and especially at night
Booooogie man with a badge and a gun
Who's got innocent victims on the run
Wrong is right and right is wrong
And every 4 years I hear this same ole song
As you beg my apology
And say you promise to get it right this time
Well, excuse me if I say
Kiss my ass
And I'll just get mine,
And excuse me or not
As I take my votes AND my wealth
And put them to use on someone else
Who doesn't put MY freedom and needs
On a shelf
Or in a grave
See what happens
When slaves misbehave?!



ORACLE'ISDOM:  It is CRUCIAL in these days and times that, as you rise and climb, that you find YOUR people who best fit YOUR frequency.

Note:  EVERYone is NOT "your" people.  And EVERYbody is NOT your "friend."  Listen to folks' actions and you will SEE the pattern and the heart...or the lack there of.

Note:  Spiritual people really don't have time for "religious" folk 'cuz WE already KNOW there is so much MORE than what's in someone's version of the Shakespearean tales. People who are afraid to break thru the sod will stay in their "grave bed of dirt" and NEVER know the light....just what someone "told" them it would be.  And those who strive for the actual light will waste a lot of time trying to convince closed minds that there is a much "opened" Universe and a BETTER place.  A reminder of all those prophets who tried before and the results:  It's been done BEFORE...to show US what to NOW do.  Stop trying...and put your energies to where it's better served.  BEING the proof; not mere talking it or "faking" it. REAL "Rapture" time.  And leave the rest to their "fairy tales."  They are NOT of OUR "frequency" and higher vibration.  It IS what it IS...and it ain't what it ain't.  Period.

Note:  Generations are gonna be lost.  Nothing we can do about that.  WE didn't begin it.  WE can't end it.  All we can do is survive it ourselves.  The Tsunami is IN...and the tide is dragging the lost out to sea....many willingly.  Holding on or trying to save drowning victims who are fighting YOU is a double tragedy in the making.  If your boat's barely afloat, you don't need others' "bilge water" toppling it over.  Let go...and LET GOD...(and let's see who's REALLY serious about their "faith" in themselves).  Swim to YOUR happiness; sail to YOUR destination and give others the best gift that you can:  An example of how to swim and sail thru rough waters. YOU were NOT here to do it FOR them.  YOU are here to show them...AND YOURSELF that it can be done.

Note:  The very people that want YOU to be less are the ones who can't be more....and usually never put a PENNY into YOUR projects, efforts or works.  They scream support; but they don't support.  They shun your uniqueness and boldness; but they are the FIRST to attempt to copy in secret.  They're afraid when you speak out; but YOU are the FIRST they call on when something happens to them and they need a "face" and "voice" to put on "their" pain.  They are NEVER there for YOUR pain...in fact, many of them CAUSE your pain!  But they EXPECT you to ALWAYS be there for THEIR pain...like it's YOUR obligation to suffer on behalf of their welfare.  WTF?!  WHAT TYPE OF JEDI SLAVE SHIT IS THAT, GERALDO?!!  Beware and steer clear from the ones who are NOT the "ones" and ONLY want you to be LESS because they can't be MORE.  FUCK THEM!!!  And revisit the first note and return to now.

Note:  EYE may be many things.  But, at the end of the day, EYE am NOT "thirsty" nor "desperate" for cliques, tricks, status hounds or smorgasbords of insanity. EYE speak MY mind...and the mind of that with guides ME...and your approval is not my concern.  EYE've already got "top clearance."  Think EYE care about "lesser" clearance?!  Don't know me as well as ya thought, do ya?!  ;-)

And EYE'm merely a messenger.  Should you choose to believe or not is irrelevant.  It IS what it IS and EYE am what EYE am.

So be it.  


GOoD TUESDAY, U-N-EYE-VERSE!! Super Harvest Moon STILL in effect. Enjoying the harvest of seeds planted. And expelling dead crops that are of no use to make room for the new harvest.

And let's talk about friends...or people you want at your table: Choosing more selectively these days. With a purpose. EYE no longer just "allow" any and every ole body in my space and place nor share my jewels with those who haven't proven themselves worthy. It's not being an "elitest" (although some might call it that). It's being PICKY and SMART....as there is a LOT of mess out there! And WHO in their RIGHT mind wants THAT?!

If you were going to the market to get vegetables and fruits, would you pick the worst looking ones...or the best looking ones? And know that sometimes something that looks good tastes HORRIBLE! So, you'd want to research it first, test it, watch how it's prepared, ask others about it...BEFORE you throw it into YOUR soup.

That being said......on THIS journey, it's NOT about the "quantity" of friends. Well, actually...it's NEVER been about "quantity." ALWAYS "QUALITY." However, EYE saw folks as myself...treated them a little more special and with the benefit of the doubt before realizing that sometimes a stone is just a stone...and not a star in the making.

Some people add value to your life. Some people just wanna be close to make themselves important. Some get close to steal from you. Some just crazy! Some will pretend to be your friend, just to stab you in the back like Cain. And some....you should have never given a second of your time. These are the tests that we will always face in life! The GOoD thing is....with every test....and every bad choice...will be offered a BETTER choice. The test is will YOU discern and learn? Blue pill or red? Or will you make a brand NEW pill to YOUR specifications? 

EYE have NO need for "friends" who want to "change" me to be little "Stepford" versions of them because they are NOT where EYE already am and feel like slowing me down will help them "catch up." EYE have NO need for "friends" who feel all of a sudden EYE'm "popular" enough to hang out with. EYE've always been "popular" and "respected" by MY circle and people of greater statue. It's just new to YOU. And trust me, by your own actions....YOU wouldn't fit. That was MY lesson to learn as well. EYE have NO need to join "cliques" and "causes" that only drain from my pockets, time and effort. Been there; done that; NEVER works...for ME. Not stupid. NO repeats!!

And EYE am not concerned with "towns"...saving them or putting them on my back like a "pack mule." EYE'm a child of the UNIVERSE! My goal and my vision and MY purpose have ALWAYS been BIGGER. EYE can no longer afford more dead crops or stagnant water unfit to drink taking up space in my Mothership NOR any more bad fuel that keeps me "sputtering" rather than flowing to my destination. MOTHER said, "NO MORE OF THAT, CHILD!!" Yes ma'am!!! One thing about a "highly evolved" child. WE may be a little hardheaded and risky from time to time.....that's what makes us such great explorers and pioneers and "societal saviors" and activists! However, WE are ALWAYS obedient to the REAL "higher authority!!" WE know where OUR harvest comes from....WE/THEE...and know (and LEARN) to NEVER take OURSELVES out of the equation and sacrifice ourselves for nothing. GOoD Math is ESSENTIAL to optimum living!!!

IT'S HARVEST TIME! And some are thinking they will be sitting at MY table dining in a harvest they did NOT help prepare. Some are thinking..."well, you should give to the needy because that's the LAWD's way." But when EYE was needy, did YOU give to ME? FYI...My "LAWD" told me that's some "dumb shit, Geraldo!! EYE never said that mess. How stupid would that make ME?!" Now THAT'S the Big Brotha EYE know and trust. 

The harvest you reap depends on the seeds you sow. It you put bad seeds in your garden, you get what you get....nothing. If you don't put seeds in your garden, you get what you get...nothing. If you put GOoD seeds in your garden, you get a GOoD harvest.

The moral of the story is: Don't let ANYONE who hasn't planted in your garden or helped you til your field tell YOU how to farm or WHO to share your crops with. IT'S HARVEST TIME!! DINE WITH WHO'S PROVEN TO BE WORTHY!! What part of the "Rapture" did you not understand?!


CLASS IN SESSION. AN ORACLE'S OBSERVATION: You can give folks REAL hip hop....show the lineage of it...and play GOOD and REAL hip hop and music in general in ALL its forms. And they STILL think their music sounds just like it or (and this is the BIGGEST joke of all) even BETTER. But you can't get recognized outside of your street! Does today's weed make you DEAF and stupid too?! EYE'm just saying....

When you smoke tainted stuff, you just become....tainted...and wack. How NOT high is that?! P.S. EVERYbody is NOT a rapper and EVERY body who makes "Linus beats" is NOT a musician! IT'S A CRAFT....LIKE SURGERY! Not an average ability...like driving a car or riding a merry-go-round. THAT'S why folks outside of your market don't hear you. You're NOT SKILLED!!!! YOU'RE NOT TRAINED!! And contrary to YOUR belief...you DON'T have a natural ability!! And your mama & nem's opinions don't count. (How many record labels do THEY have?! How many record execs have THEY talked with?!)

And did EYE mention the fact that did you REALLY think you can sit toe-to-toe at a business table or dine with a "big wig" record exec or industry giant the way SOME of you act and talk?! In WHAT world?!!! Ratched is NOT the NEW "Universal" language or demand.

But YOUUUUU want me to LIE to you and tell you that you're ALL that and a bag of chips....just for some hustler "production company" to take ALL your money and give you a wack product that you can't sell past your own zipcode. You can't SEE nor HEAR the REAL love of someone who actually WANTS you to DO better. Instead, EYE am the "hater" for not rewarding your ignorance and arrogance and disrespect and lack of ability. EYE am the "hater" for keeping it REAL with you and telling you that you NEED to IMPROVE -- MENTALLY AND PROFESSIONALLY -- and really SEE, HEAR and TAKE NOTE how it's SUPPOSED to be done!

EYE am the "hater" because EYE have the nerve to still actually give a fuck when everybody wrote you off and ripped you off!! EYE don't know what EYE'm talking about. Then why the hell do YOU come to ME for help or approval...and get pissed off when you don't get it?! Like YOU trying to "shut ME out" is gonna make a difference!! YOU can't shut ME out from my own blessing!! WE are not even in the same league!!!

But EYE momentarily stepped away from MINE to show you how it should be done....and saw what the elders were trying to tell me....to just let it go...because some of you appear to be too far gone. AND YOU think because EYE do what EYE do...YOU can too. After all, if Val can do it...or this other industry professional (emphasis on "INDUSTRY PROFESSIONAL") can do it, "How hard can it be?" Like you just decided to do this yesterday while WE've been doing it ALL OUR LIVES!!!

Okay...fine. Let's play it YOUR way! It's not hard. 30-plus years in the biz...learned, earned AND DISCERNED...and surrounded myself with the BEST...on PURPOSE. Not to "dick ride"...but to LEARN. And GROW. And BE...the BEST at what EYE DO!! Took the lumps. Kicked down some walls. Forced open some doors. Dealt with a helluva lot of professional jealousy. And STILL....LEARNING every step of the way...until EYE got the attention of those who SAW the REAL talent and not just the attitude.They saw a "moneymaker." Law of attraction. The BEST attracts the BEST...just like the Ratchet attracts Ratchet!! Question: How many Ratchet folks own REAL labels?! But let's go back to YOUR point....

It's not hard at all! And the BEST just got ALL the time in the world to BS with arrogant BS mofos who never earned their rights to connect...NOR do they LISTEN to the wisdom that's been dropped on 'em. The BEST just sitting around twiddling their thumbs like they don't have anything to do but hate on some up and coming jackass who thinks he or she invented music or poetry YESTERDAY. Naaahh....it's not hard!! Hit that studio FULLY blunted. Make all those sounds you hear on terrestrial radio today and be the NEXT "Trinidad James. (Oh wait...didn't HE go broke?! Well, nevermind...that's just one....of MANY!!) Go 'head, dawg! Press that blunted beat and those non-distinguishable lyric ups. Spend your rent money and your weed money with that shady production company that's gonna make your shit sound muddy as fuck! Put that "Lee Press On" label on it. And go be a star!!!! The sky's the limit for YOU!! Go get 'em, Tiger!!!!

Is THAT what you want to hear?

Daaayum!! Why you STILL saying EYE'm "hating?!!" See?!! A Queen just can't win for losing with those who don't get it.

My absolute LAST convo on THIS subject to this degree because it makes NO SENSE (nor cents) for BOTH of us to be stuck in the "can't get right" zone. EYE've spent waaaay too much time caring waaaay too long for something that was never gonna be in MY best interest. Had to try. It's what EYE do. Tried it. Sometimes it worked. Sometimes it didn't. And NOW? It's a NEW season...and a KNEW season. Time to do something ELSE. Seasons...change.

FYI....if EYE have a high standard (and YES...EYE know EYE already do. Not a "local" standard...a UNIVERSAL standard), MY people and MY connects have a HIGH standard too. Remember that "law of attraction" thing? What you ARE, you attract?! Look around YOU right now. Don't look at what you say you "want" to be. LOOK AT WHAT YOU ARE ATTRACTING!!! How you feel about that?! That will pretty much tell the tale.

Oh well....live and learn. Or not. But that's none of MY business!!  Is it YOURS?!

#EnE  (Elevate and Evolve)