2.  EYE don't say "EYE'm different" and use that as an "excuse."  EYE'm DIFFERENT because EYE really AM "different" and think outside of the box.  Space aliens are real...believe it or not.  And for US, there is NO box...nor spoon.

3.  EYE work HARD for mine...my job, my career, my passion, my mission.  And EYE put that work into others when EYE take on a job.  HOWEVER, EYE have been known in the past to put more into others than they put into themselves...which kept ME from putting into the "main mission" - ME - and what EYE needed to put into myself.  Grew up!  Wiser now.  LIVE AND LEARN is my motto.  And if it or YOU don't make sense and show a pattern of it, EYE dash like Steve Nash.  Ain't NOBODY got time for nonsense...especially when you reach MY age.  "The Years Of Clarity."

4.  EYE'm a "badass"...when need be.  When you're an only child military brat and a women of decent honor paving your way thru the entertainment industry, YOU'D BETTER BE!  In this game of pimps and hos, EYE am NOT the "ho."  So that, many times in too many minds, makes me the "bitch.  But EYE got yo "BITCH!"  Being In Total Control of HERSELF!  Embrace it...or let it go and get ghost. (she says with a smile and a kiss.  ;-)  )

5.  EYE'm one of the sweetest persons you'll EVER know...IF you really ever get to KNOW me.  Ask any of my REAL friends.  And EYE'm the REALEST person you'll ever get to know.  Ask my REAL friends and REAL family.  EYE will NOT blow smoke up your ass just because we're "cool."  EYE will keep it as real with YOU as EYE want YOU to keep it real with ME. Telling you the truth if you're looking crazy is just keeping it real and a sign of love.  Going along with the okie doke and looking stupid with you if that's your choice is just plain RATCHET!!!  And Homie don't play that!!

6.  If EYE am being truthful with you, EYE still care.  If EYE'm not, EYE don't give a shit any more...and probably not around you anyway.  WHY be around people who can't handle the truth...or try to keep YOU from advancing just because THEY can't?!  Never found that entertaining, fun NOR productive. Please tell me WHERE is the love in that?!  Why running water keeps flowing....because ditch water just evaporates.

6.  EYE could get a shit about labels....except in foods.  And coffee.  It seems to be the ONLY time when labels ARE fairly accurate.  

7.  EYE am NOT "religious" because religions and churches were made by man.  Spirit was made by GOD and cannot be confined merely in the walls of limited texts, buildings or labels.  That's why GOD put Spirit in the body and gave you the opportunity and ability to move and explore and LIVE AND LEARN....so you could take Spirit with you wherever you go.  Some folks don't get that understanding even after spending all their years and money in seminaries.  EYE got that "innerstanding" at age 7.  #chosen

8.  EYE am an ever-evolving creature.  EYE hate stagnation and the same ole shit all the time.  If EYE hear you sing the SAME song or do the SAME poem the SAME damn way more than 10 times with NO variation, EYE'm bolting to the nearest exit.  Not enough drink or weed to make me sit thru that shit!!  Sorry...it's a military brat thing.  We bore easily!  It happens when you've seen and been around the BEST.

9.  You might not like what EYE say, but it's GUARANTEED to come into fruition and be proven to be true after a period of time.  Prophecy and Proof.  Who's living "Faith" NOW?!  P.S.  Did EYE mention my middle name was "Faith?"  Parents must've known all along.  Of course, THEEY did!  ;-)

10. EYE'm a one-woman show who can do MANY things MYSELF!  Versatile.  Strong.  Brilliant.  Persistent.  Bold.  Pioneering.  Unique.  ALWAYS learning.  Very REAL in ALL things EYE do...and there would be the problem in a few.  But that's none of MY business!  ;-)

*Bonus:  EYE am blessed to be surrounded by some of the most BRILLIANT and caring people in the entire U-N-EYE-VERSE who have PROVEN their worth.  So glad EYE can see that now...instead of focusing on all the pain of the past and that trifling unnecessary bullshit as before.  Seasons change.  Welcome to MY season.

And MY Matrix.  :-)