An Oracle Story:  NO SHADE ON MY SHINE!

There used to be a time that I would "hold on" to things and people far past the time EYE needed to let them all go....thinking they would "come around" or "change" or show the very thing they're always asking or "expecting" me to do.....be supportive.

....til EYE realized some folks just be fickled, fukked up, fake and jealous for NO reason.  And the fact that they act "pissy" because I don't kiss their butts, entertain their "madness," go along with a "group" that serves ME no good in NO fashion or make their agendas more important than MY own mission, life or chosen profession has so much more to do with themselves and their own insecurities and issues than me.

And that's when I became ONE with my own teaching, realizing lessons are personal...and growth is not always a "group sport."   Still, ALL can (somehow, someway) learn from EVERY experience.  And people can only "wrong" you as much as YOU "allow" it.

Thus, the affirmation of the realization and revelation that you can't pick up YOUR blessings holding a hand full of shit.  And you can't rise to YOUR greatness carrying a whole bunch of baggage...YOURS nor anyone else's.

AND this is something EVERY person who has ever made an EPIC impact on the world has found out...unfortunately in nearly the SAME manner -- the hard way.  Just different faces and places.  Perhaps that's why experience is and shall ALWAYS be the greatest teacher of all.

So, in order to truly move FORWARD and RISE, I "let it go, let it go, let it go" (in my Erykah Badu voice) and washed my hands of the haters, the fakers, the drainers and the "never-gonna-BEs" and ALL the things that brought nothing good to MY pot.  And now I make them pay the "Universal cost" for not realizing the "present" they had in the first place.

And if they don't, it's STILL okay...because you can't miss what you never had.  And you can't go into spiritual and financial debt when you don't deal with drain in the first place.

And either way, folks PAY for what they learn...or don't.  ;-)

And the moral of THIS story is:  Don't keep pouring support into an empty pot with an obvious had a hole in it and planting in barren fields that NEVER yield a harvest.  There's only so much that alchemy one can do.  And while a great prophet supposedly changed water to wine, I have NEVER heard a story about ANYONE changing "piss" into Pinot.  IJS....

Don't hold on to waste, regret and non-productivity.  RELEASE IT!  There's a much bigger world...a much bigger mission...and a much bigger blessing and audience waiting just for YOU.

Proved...Proven...AND Proving!  NO SHADE ON MY SHINE!  I'll bounce it out of my atmosphere like a Serena Williams backhand.  :-D


Got SOUL?!  


"Morning coffee" with Mom. The weather so changeable these days!

And I laugh...to think...I'm just like Mom. Hot and cool at the same time.  I mean, who ELSE can go from 58 to 88 degrees in an unbelievably short time?!  I got a tank top under my turtleneck just because.  #alwaysready

So Nature be changing...just like me.  Fickle? NEVER. Variable? Always.

Ever evolving...and being the ONE constant through all sums.

And always wondering....will mankind learn in time?

With all this talk about CERN and the economic and global destruction that lies ahead, has anyone thought of any other solution other than one that involves "drought" or "dead?!"

I have.  It's called...."FOCUS ON YOUR HAPPY."  Heaven is a place as much as a concept...and a concept as much as a place.  On Earth...as is in Heaven.  It's a walk; not just a talk.  

And if you're going through some hell right now, maybe you're focused on the wrong thing...or the wrong people...or both.  Reassess your math and add a dose of common sense for balance.

But I'm not a paid counselor...yet.  So enjoy the free lesson.  Most life lessons cost.

Anyway, back to MY peace. All's GOoD in my world. Staying focused. New Creation time. Building MY "Ark." And connected to MY "Source." 

Harvest time.

Message.  Drops seed and connects back to Nature.




Going to dance and play in the rain.  Mom's "cleansing" from all this "matter" some folks trying to "frack."  The moment of disCERNment last night when I summed it up so simply and brilliantly in my thoughts.....

OMG!  THEY'RE TRYING TO "SMASH/FUCK" MOM WITH A JACKHAMMER!  Nothing good will come from that!!  And then again....

Karma is an amazing teacher, isn't she?!  Chanting and staying in MY vibrational pflow....'cuz EYE ain't trying to go where they "think" they wanna go.  Tsk Tsk Tsk  The more you know......

That one time too many when you "poke" Mom the wrong way.  Consequences WILL be felt. UNIVERSALLY.  Listening to Daddy say, "Come in the house now, child.  Your Mother and EYE got some business to handle with some crazy folks.  And we want YOU out of the fray and the way."

And you know what?!  NO PROBLEMO!  Obeying without question.  For once, EYE'm just NOT overly curious or interested in watching.  These arrogant assholes don't even KNOW what's coming. "SMASHING MOM?!!"  SERIOUSLY, DUDES?!!!!

#sillyrabbits  #YOUwillNEVERbeGOD/DESS

Sippin' on my coffee and saying...."EYE told ya so."  NEVER fcuk Mother Nature.  She ALWAYS wins...especially when He is always at her side.

A warning from THEEir child.....


That look of "youthful maturity"...ancient and new at the same time. Day gives way to night. Still, the lights and stars shine....and darkness is no longer so dark. The ability to see...and be seen...an encouraging and fulfilling experience.

And it's become more and more obvious (the one thing I've slightly ignored all my life) that I am a "kid magnet." Maybe it's a brat thing. Maybe it's a ME thing. Maybe it's a spiritual thing. But children always see me as a "playmate" and "friend" first...and an authority figure second.

Maybe because I too see what they see: Joyful playful bliss...and the wonders of all things. Some people grow out of that vision. I never did. And children always seem to "connect the dots" with me and sense a "similar spirit." ALWAYS.

Children are a LOT smarter and more perceptive that adults give them to be. Truly they are.

Think the Universe is telling me something...REPEATEDLY SO. It happened this Saturday. AND it happened today at the park. The hugs of random children who seem to always see me as something no one else can see. And once again...and again...AND AGAIN, the confirmation where to focus a lot of my talents on this next journey. Evolution time again. No heaviness or weight on my back. No cities or "movements" to carry. No "other people's problems." This journey is ALL about me. And I'm gonna PLAY like a child. And like a child, I'm gonna sing LOUD and dance in the rain and play in the Sunshine AND enjoy MY "toys." And occasionally, if it makes ME smile too, I'm gonna share my joy AND my stories with my "wee ones" that seem to appreciate my company. They're needing someone to keep it 100 with 'em as well as feel their need to play at the same time. They're looking for someone to play with them AND teach them. And they always seem to look at....ME. Baker always noticed it. And yes, beloved...I heard you whisper this evening, "See?!" Yes...I do.

Looks like.....it's time for "Mama O" to join the "Rappin' Griot" and Da Oracle. Funny...never wanted children. But I always love them dearly (when they act like they've got good sense and a bit of home training). And I always want the best for them. I know....what this world would LIKE to do to them.

But THE MOST HIGH was makes sure there is a balance. ALWAYS. ;-)

P.S. The most innocent and REALEST audience on the planet: a child. Indeed. Many can't entertain the babies...because you can't "fake the funk" with them.

Hmmm....no wonder why they smile when they see me.
Yup. Up for the challenge...and the new journey. ;-)


P.S.S. Oh DON'T think I'm turning into some "fake Pollyana!" The beauty of being an "artist" and versatile is knowing when to "turn it on and off." I know how to talk to kids of ALL ages. I know how to talk to ALL genres. And I'm multi-lingual. I can speak "Rudy Huxtable" or "Rudy Ray Moore" depending on the situation. It's a BE-YOU-TO-FULL thing to naturally "pflow" with any situation. It's a gift. And a blessing. Time to embrace it...for myself. #HavingFunROCKS

That moment when you're really GLAD the folks who are OUT of your life are OUT of your life....so you can actually pay attention to the folks who are SUPPOSED to be in your life without a lot of "cloudiness" blocking YOUR shine or unnecessary distractions that throw you off your path and game.

You know I had this bad habit of trying to save the WORLD...until I had to save MYSELF....BY MYSELF!  Those damn lessons will make you stronger and wiser...OR kill ya!  And I have had too many GREAT influences, teachers and role  models in my corner to allow the latter to happen.  

So the Soldier Girl "rebooted" and reassess and "reviewed" the situation.  THEN, I ACTED according, making the necessary corrections and changes....and just allowed Nature to take its course.  After all, there is NOTHING more natural than NATURE.  And just being YOU.

It's true.  Just stay focused on YOUR grind...and things just work themselves out to your good.  No regrets.  No do-overs.  NO drama!  Life's GREAT!  Not bragging (well, maybe sorta).  Just sharing the lessons...and perhaps showing a few how to "fish" for themselves.

And I'm just warming up.  Keep watching. P.S.  The Law Of Attraction...it WORKS!  But it starts with YOU!  What and who are YOU attracting with YOUR actions and energy?!

And that's when it get REALLY interesting.......  #trueSELFawarenessANDresponsibility

Back/Forward to ME again and dancing to my own beat...and loving every moment of it!  MY path, that is.  After all, why would I walk someone else's when MY path is "MY" path?!

Yep...it's a WALK; not just a talk.  How YOU walking...or dancing?  Are you following YOUR path...or someone else?  And how will you ever get to YOUR destination if you're walking another's path?  

Remember, TWO things a true pioneer and trailblazer must have:  SKILLS and COURAGE.  The bait for your "fish."  ;-)

GOoD Nite, CEOs (Conscious Evolution Originals).  Keep marching forward...and Shine ON, Stars!  <3


GOOD MORN CEOs (Conscious Evolution Originals). Yesterday I briefed you on the importance of "focused marketing" and the importance of KNOWING and TARGETING the "right audience/clientele" for your business and narrowing your FOCUS for optimal success.

Now....let's talk about your "friends." When you are an entrepreneur and in business for yourself, you don't have the luxury to just be hanging out with every Tom, Dick and LaQuesha and doing all the things "they" do. You don't wake up in the morning on go to an office that's guaranteed to pay your job whether you show up late or not. And sitting all day smoking, drinking and/or just constantly "postulating" over things get NOTHING done.

FACT: Without ACTION, an idea is and will forever be just an "idea."

FACT: Some people have great ideas, but no "follow-through." And NO follow-through means NO growth or success...for YOU.

FACT: YOU ARE "YOUR JOB." AND EVERY DAY YOU AUTOMATICALLY WAKE UP IN THE OFFICE. So treat yourself like YOU are your BEST employee (because you ARE) and let's do some "reassessing the books" right now.

If the people you always hang around are constantly draining from you, wanting YOU to always do something for them while they never do anything for YOU other than talk, you're not around "friends." You're around "hanger-ons" and "liabilities." Most of what they do is usually wait for YOU to get things physically and/or conceptually rolling while they "lay around" and "lie" about what they're gonna do. 99% of the time, these types expect you (almost as if you're "obligated" when you're NOT) to use YOUR ability to make stuff happen for THEM....OR distract you from what you are doing by being a part of THEIR "audience" or "entourage" or "movement" which has NO bearing on YOUR business or YOUR "power moves" whatsoever.


Taking charge of YOUR business means taking charge of YOUR life. Make YOUR success and YOUR happiness the #1 priority in YOUR life...or you will ALWAYS be a slave to someone else's whims.

Stepping up as the #1 priority in YOUR life and business is a MUST for anyone who is a CEO. Every step you make, in your business as well as your life, should be a positive and productive one. Even if you "misstep," there should be a lesson of what to do and NOT to do to build upon so you don't make the same mistakes again.

THEN CORRECT THOSE EQUATIONS! DO BETTER MATH. AND CHOOSE GAIN OVER DRAIN. That's NOT being "selfish." That's "saving SELF." And when it comes to being an entrepreneur, NO ONE will save you more than YOU. NO ONE SHOULD SAVE YOU MORE THAN YOU. If YOU don't take you seriou$, why should anyone else?!

Empty tables can't feed NO ONE, including yourself. So, upon realizing that preparing YOUR table FIRST and "saving yourself" is actually the MAIN GOAL of your business and the FIRST step in your service of others, surround yourself with those you can actually learn FROM. Successful mentors. Proven builders. Those who are doing as well, if not better than YOU.

And always be in a position of gratitude and appreciation when they share their pearls....because they don't have to do anything but just BE. But reciprocal energy and appreciation keep the movement of success flowing. And as long as there is forward movement, there are future destinations to travel and opportunities to build upon.

FACT: Oceans have more water to give than "ponds." So get OUT of the "ditch" and surround yourself with those you can learn from and quite possibly build with. But KNOW....REAL builders expect results; not just talk. So if your talk is not corresponding to your actions, prepare to be "dropping" from the "winning vibration" and take a "moment of silience" to reassess YOUR role (or lack there of) in your process of growth. Are you "working" or just "waiting?" ...and be about the business of YOUR business by making the necessary changes that you enable your GAIN and not constantly facilitate a drain on your time, grind and shine.

AS A CEO, CHANGE IS THE ONE THING THAT IS A CERTAINTY. You must continue to EVOLVE and be "relevant" to whatever you are trying to do. But it doesn't start with your "audience." It first starts with YOU.

YOU MUST BE about the business of YOUR business by making the necessary changes that you enable your GAIN and not constantly facilitate a drain on your time, grind and shine. IT'S A MUST TO CHOOSE GAIN OVER DRAIN FOR OPTIMAL SUCCESS IN LIFE AND BUSINESS! Working for McDonalds or someone else isn't for EVERY body. Definitely not for "Alphas." If it's not for YOU, choose wisely and make productive powerful PERSONAL moves FORWARD toward YOUR goals and happiness.

IJS....you can't reach new destinations traveling the same dusty back roads to nowhere. Be BETTER....and surround yourself with BETTER. And watch your smiles, your finances, the quality of your relationships (personal and professional) AND your success grow.

That's not something I "think." That is something I KNOW...and LIVE.

For speaking engagements and to find out about Da Oracle's "Super 7 Rules For Succe$$," book me at bookvaljones@iamvaljones.com or go to my website.


GOOD DAY CEOs (Conscious Evolution Originals).  Let's talk "focused marketing."  

Always a winning strategy, focused marketing targets your best assets and your best audience for those assets.  Note:  Everyone is not privy nor productive for your assets.  Only fools who plan to lose want EVERYBODY.

But that's a journey some NEVER learn OR must learn...the hard way.  Learned mine.  Evolved now.  And knowing, EVERY body is not for YOU nor your journey.  Know when to hold 'em; know when to fold 'em; know when to walk away.

All this is to say, FOCUS ON YOUR PRODUCT AND PRODUCTIVITY.  When it's a win/win, it's a "WIN-WIN."  But if it's a drain, gotta go gotta GO.

Not my lane; not my market; not my audience.  #unbothered 

Nothing personal.  It's "focused marketing."  AKA the V.I.P. strategy (Vibrational Intelligence Perception). And it works EVERY time.  

Don't believe me?  Watch and learn......

That's your morning briefing from Da Oracle.  Sip on that and have a wONEderFULL day, CEOs.