EYE tried to know them.  But they didn't try to know ME.  They wanted to change me.  Use me.  Abuse me.  Steal me.  Kill me.  Lie on me.  LIE...ON...me.  Hmmmm... (This sad game of "pimps and hos" just sooo...whateva, yo)

REAL'ISDOM:  There is a human flaw in "subhumans" (and please believe there are "subhumans"...proven) which doesn't allow them to grow and the ONLY thing they "know" is to disturb, dissemble or destroy anything greater than them.  Something they cannot figure out in their limited thinking nor fit in "their" limited image.  They think they know...but they prove to have NO idea.  

And, no matter how much you love them, YOU can't "save" them.  But they WILL try to "KILL" you in the process...because they are hardwired for bullshit.  A program you can't change.  Thus...YOU change YOURS...and eliminate those "viruses" from your life and your "upgrade."

So, finally, with the confirmative, affirmative and informative help and love of REAL family and the Divine Parents once again, EYE realized EYE no longer needed to be "in this"...or "of this."  Shit, EYE don't love this.  THIS IS CRAY CRAY...and unproductive in EVERY way!  Works for YOU?  Cool.  But it doesn't for me!  Period.  And THAT is the point and the joint and the issue for the tissue that requires to dismiss you.

EYE realized..."they" are NOT for me...period. MY Parents always taught me...told me...STILL tell me...to BE all that EYE can BE.  Don't settle.  Don't allow myself to be crucified.  Don't have so much heart that it makes no sense...or cents.

Yeah...some stories...and journeys that a little time...especially when the unnecessary mass madness just blows your mind.   But when it's time...IT'S TIME!  And that's when EYE made a conscious decision to NOT love and embrace anything else that goes against MY better interest...because...without love, there is no life.


Don't know what YOUR "preacher" is preaching.  But THIS is a REAL testimony.  If it inspires you to do what YOU need to do, you're welcomed.  If it doesn't, who did it hurt...other than the devil (as truth always does)?!  And that's when you'll KNOW.  ;-)

Yup.  It's what EYE do. REVEAL. Consider this a free sermon.  But under/innerstand, even Oracles and Prophets have to eat.  Tiz why we keep it moving.


GOoD SATURDAY U-N-EYE-VERSE!  Vibing on some great wisdom from my frat brother, Les Brown...and paying it forward in my own "Oracle" style.  Let's talk about "pluses" and "minuses" in your life...because there may be some just like me who need to be reminded of this.

Note: There are some things...and some people...EYE just DON'T DO anymore. PERIOD!  If it was never beneficial before...and EYE gave it ENOUGH opps to be beneficial...seeded enough into barren soil...and nothing to MY pleasure came out of it, the lesson was for ME...TO MOVE ON!

NOTE: Some folks LIKE "swill." Or act like they do. But if YOU don't, move ON.

NOTE: Some folks LIKE stagnation. Or act like they do...simply because, no matter what they SAY, their actions PROVE they can't grow. Ever tried watering weeds and hoping it will grow into beautiful flowers? DOESN'T HAPPEN!!  So stop waiting for a miracle that is will nor should EVER happen because it's not physically, spiritually, financially nor scientifically sound!  LEARN "YOUR" LESSON. And if YOU don't like the stagnation and being around folks who apparently do, MOVE ON.

NOTE: Some folks will want YOU to co-sign THEM and support their "nightmares" and delusions; but they will NEVER support your vision and REAL movement. EVER. They are just hardwired to be jealous insecure "crabs-in-a-barrel." And, rather than moving positively forward and upward and UPGRADING, they live to DEGRADE, constantly moving backwards and hating and knocking ANY thing that is not THEIR idea or what they can't control. AND they are VERY aware of who YOU are because YOU represent everything they are NOT. They know WHO you are (even if they won't admit it to others). They KNOW what YOU do (even if they don't admit it to others). They will "poo poo" and hate on EVERY thing you do...and then try to copy it behind your back, never realizing they are missing that one KEY element for success...YOU. These folks will NEVER "add" to your equation. They are petty and permanent "subtraction" factors whose only purpose at this point is to serve as "points of reference" in this thing we call life. And unless you're in the "loss business" (and WHO in their right mind and on their RIGHT grind IS?!), recognize these folks are the ones to NEGATE out your life. In fact, stay focused on YOUR path and just ignore their very existence for they seriously and really just don't matter in YOUR much bigger equation...and MOVE ON.

NOTE: It's NOT about what YOU should keep doing for others...especially if you are not doing it for yourself FIRST. Do NOT fall prey to "slave mentality."  WE are in the 21st century!!  The same old tricks should NOT be working right now!!  But, apparently since they are, here's some advice from Harriet T:  BETTER SAVE YOURSELF, YOUNG WOMAN AND YOUNG MAN...because you find out in very real terms that 90% of the folks you've helped in the past will NOT help you in the present or future. It's just the weird dynamics of human behavior and a growing culture of "selfishness" and "arrogance."  Or maybe it's just more obvious these days...because this energy has been around even since the days of Cain and Abel. And THERE is a story for you to mull over. EVERY Abel has a Cain. Which are YOU?  And if you're "Abel," WHO is your "Cain?"  Because trust...YOU have one....or two...or three.  But EYE digress...

It is NOT about waiting for what these others will do for you NOR allowing them to convince you that if you keep giving your precious time, energy and resources to THEIR causes/events, this will turn around and produce positive results and growth in your life. The ONLY thing these actions will produce are more lessons on who YOU should NOT be dealing with. Understand that, no matter how much these types say "WE," it merely and solely and has consistently proven to be purely and selfishly about THEM. YOU are "their team." They are NOT "your team." And somewhere they've gotten it twisted in their little minds that YOU are "obligated" to help them and YOUR hard work, connections and "rise" should be utilized to fuel THEM rather than fuel YOURSELF, thus killing TWO birds at one stone: They stop YOU from succeeding beyond them AND they get your energy and resources AND MONEY DUE YOU to do the "foul and selfish deed" to pushing them ahead of YOU...on YOUR strength. EYE can't tell you on how many levels how STUUUUUUPID this is!  Live and learn.  Or you'd better!!  The consequences for NOT learning are brutal at best; fatal at worse. 

Perhaps the only good thing about the above types EYE have mentioned is they are quite transparent in their actions. No matter their words, YOU will KNOW these folks when you run in to them...and LISTEN intently to them...and deal with them, observing their "walk." Their "MO" never changes!! EVER!  And if you stumble across these "examples," this is a lesson for YOU in choosing pearls over swine...and NOT giving YOUR pearls to these swine. MOVE ON...unapologetically and without hesitation. You owe them NOTHING. No explanation. No second chances. No reasons. TRUST...it wouldn't matter. It NEVER matters. Tested the theory countless times.  Proved it to be true EVERY time!  These types are ONLY concerned with what YOU can do for them rather than changing their own lives themselves to do better.  They don't want to "build together."  They want YOU to build THEIR house for FREE...and then not give a pass to enter it once it's built.  They do not WANT nor do they ever want to make things "fair" between the two of you. "Fairness" is NOT in their mind. Running a "game," stealing your "claim," and co-opting your "fame" is their sole purpose.  Don't get distracted by the smile so much that you don't see the knife that's about to go into your back.  Cain is always waiting to attack Abel...and claim his or her crops.  Age old tale of jealousy that lives on to this day.  Now that you know what it is and what will always happen if YOU don't react differently, MOVE ON!  REEMPHASIZING....MOVE ON...without warning or using any energy that will slow your exit out the door.

Under and innerstand that some folks are not and will NEVER be worth ANY of your energy or time or dime.  They are not even worthy of your arguments.  Changes nothing.  And believe me, EYE am still a "work in progress" and every day is a challenge to follow and PROVE my own wonderful advice. Tiz why EYE "show" it to you...because many TALK the "talk;" but only the few REAL ones walk the walk. Learning to say "Eat a dick, mothafucka" more so in my mind" these days  instead of out loud...and letting my absence speak for itself. The Dark Phoenix is on "focused" and "friendly fire" setting. Locked and loaded...but hands off the glock. #WinTheBiggerWarNotJustEveryMinorBattle ;-)

The added irony: These sad and notably disturbed and negative folks who won't look themselves squarely in the mirror (because even their own actions are disturbing to their self-conscious, which is why they need "entourages" to distract them from themselves) will ALWAYS tell "others" they don't know what happen. Trust...they DO. But the point is...while YOU have gone on to SUCCEED and be around a much more conducive and positive energy that fits YOUR purpose and goal, they will continue to do the very same thing they have always done.....

Which is......?????

Point proven and case closed. (in my Annalise voice) ;-)


EYE have to admit it. The world is FULL of "cliques." Even when you roll "solo," you roll into "cliques." Even Jesus and his disciples were considered a "clique" by those who didn't understand or couldn't fit in. Cliques are apparently a part of human behavior. Like minds who can roll separately yet together at the same time. No wait...THAT'S "MY" version of what EYE have determined to be MY "clique." 

In any event, EYE'm finding out just which is MINE...and EYE LIKE IT!!! Military brats...yeah, we're a clique. Conscious folks with attitudes (so others say)...yeah, we're a clique. Radio people...poets...artists...people with HIGH standards."  Yup!  A different breed indeed and definitely a clique...even among OTHER cliques.  Churchy folks...most definitely a clique!  Bullshitters...yeah, THEY have their cliques too. Insecure mofos. Folks who hold folks down 'cuz THEY can't step up. Yeah...they're a "clique" as well. But, let's move on...a point made in more ways than one.

Just saying...Cliques are apparently a part of human behavior...and represent that need to belong to someone other than yourself. Then you have those like me...who could really give a "fuck" about a clique in it's "literal" sense. Only children don't grow up LONELY children just because we're only children and love to roam "solo."  Trust me, EYE've felt more alone in a room full of people than being totally by myself.  But in a REAL world, cliques have their purpose.  And it's imperative to know YOUR "clique." YOUR "family."  YOUR "troops." YOUR "team." YOUR folks that YOU relate to best. The folks you can laugh, cry, joke and grow with as well as grow old with...and do it with no real drama. You know...how "families" are SUPPOSED to be in its truest form. It would be something else if EYE never had that. But being that EYE was blessed with a REAL family in EVERY sense of the word from the beginning, EYE give thanks for that wonderful reference point my parents gave me as well as the teaching of what a REAL "family clique" is supposed to be.

Under and INNERstand: The ones who truly appreciate you will let you know. The ones who truly support you will let you know...no matter whether the public is watching or not. The ones who want the BEST for you will let you know. The ones who want you to NOT outdo THEM will let you know. The ones who just do things for public attention will let you know. The ones who just want you to do something for THEM will let you know. And the ones waiting on the fence trying to decide which way the wind will blow stronger will let you know (not loyal worth a DAMN!). 

IJS...Clarity will ALWAYS let you know what is what. Give thanks for clarity. And ACT upon that wisdom...or suffer the consequences for not acting. Glad MY folks waited on "Dorothy" while she took her little trip thru "Oz" and waded my little footsies thru a TON of manure until EYE finally "cliqued" my heels, threw some water on those b'ishes, said goodbye to those flying monkeys and fake wizards...and found my way back home. OZ...an interesting place indeed...and yet not. Over it now. Sooooo OVER it. (double entendre intended) Let's get back to business...and what WE do. 

P.S. How is YOUR "clique" working for YOU? And is it actually working for YOU at all? Or are you just "convenient outsider?" Have you LEARNED anything from the "meal" EYE just laid on your plate? Or will you walk away still hungry for food you'll never find unless you look inside yourself and be totally honest?!

When you get my age, life and time are both TOO PRECIOUS to question and not know. It is what it IS. It ain't what it ain't. EVERY thing can be a lesson to learn. And denial will NEVER be a "super power." And if YOU haven't figured any of that out...hate it for ya. EYE have. 



So EYE don't have "Bill Cosby" stories...and glad of that 'cuz EYE actually grew up laughing and loving his comedy albums and respecting the dude.  Would have been sad for headlines to read, "Female Radio Announcer Punches Out Legend."  But EYE digress to progess that EYE do have "industry" stories.  No naming names (which is ironic that those who feel EYE'm such a "bitch" are never worried that EYE could be even MORE brutally honest and drop THEIR names and issues.  But why make the desperate famous thru "infamy?!"  Digressing to progress...again...)  

EYE have been told on more than one occasion that EYE would have gotten so much further in this business and my career if EYE just "played the game."  My work was not enough.  My results were not enough.  The quality and money EYE brought to the table (LOTS OF MONEY) were NOT enough.  It was merely about the "control" and the wanting to "fukk me" one way or the other and make me "submit" to something that went against my grain and my morals...just to be "accepted" or given MY DUE in work.

To which MY response was to either punch 'em in the stomach and/or tell 'em to "EAT A DICK" followed by a vigorous "FUCK YOU!!"  
So NOW you know "some" of the reason why the 5'3" military brat rolls solo doing her OWN thing and supposedly has an "attitude."

IJS....wouldn't YOU?!  #truestories  #WHOwouldwannamakeTHISSHITup

EYE have been "shunned"..."unsupported"..."blocked"...and a bad attempt at being "artistically raped."  EYE have been imitated but NEVER duplicated. EYE have rolled SOLO and started from scratch with NOTHING but myself from all those EYE helped.  EYE have been to hell and back and dried my own tears.  And EYE have defied the bullshit, even while dealing with the depression of a murdered husband and countless "backstabbers" and leeches...and those who merely are mad because they CAN'T "fuck you" in some form or the other.  EYE've learned and paid attention to it ALL.  And EYE have stood alone in my fight, my mission, my pain AND MY EARNED GLORY!



REAL'ISDOM: You can't have a "global" vision and continue to think and operate with a limited "local" mentality. The goal has ALWAYS been to UPGRADE; not "degrade." And when you are a "military brat" born OUT of the box from the jump....well, let's just say that you eventually learn (if you're lucky and resilient enough to make it through "OZ" in one piece) that all "grades" don't fit. That's why they don't give kindergartners college diplomas.

Some will ONLY want the "neighborhood watering hole" energy. Karaoke nights and seeing the same 10 faces will ALWAYS be the "highlight" of their lives. And that's okay...if that's all THEY want. But to assume that's all EVERYONE wants or will settle for...especially for those who have actually EXPERIENCED MORE is a flaw, error and fallacy of limited local vision and a lack of understanding that there really IS a much bigger world...and you canNOT expect to fit an "ocean" into a "fishbowl" and expect deep sea fish to be satisfied with something that doesn't even wet not ONE fin properly. Awww...the problems of small towns who want to be "big" for press and publicly and yet show they don't in reality.

To expect people who require MORE to pay for LESS is absurd and insulting at best! And to be blamed for others' lack of growth and vision and just to "accept" this "non-reality" like a Stepford wife is the MOST OBVIOUS reason for the "disconnect." NOT the same vibration; nor will it EVER be.

Some things just don't work...EVER. Some things just don't mix well...NEVER. One will NEVER confuse Mayberry for New York. Nor "smalltown USA" for "Germantown." Not even in one's wildest dreams or nightmares. There's an energy...a growth...a progression of mindset and spirit...a particular "artistry" and vibration....a CHANGE that comes with a "vibrant place to live." If this is not happening, neither is the place...PERIOD! And there is not enough alcohol you can drink or enough weed you can smoke that will make this feel any different.

Ask someone who knows.

When energy is NOT there; it's just not THERE. When it's not YOUR energy, should you be made to feel "sumkindaway" because YOU choose not to "dumb down" YOUR vibration? The irony is that it doesn't have in ALL places. Just the ones WITHOUT the true energy who expect YOU to "lessen" YOUR energy because they can't keep up and do MORE.  WTF?!  


In any event, whatever real energy that WAS there now goes cold...dormant...stagnant...or NEVER materializes because it's not properly fed by those who KNOW...and can NEVER be fed to fulfillment by those who merely "stunt for show." It's why many places and scenes NEVER grow beyond what they are. It's why some areas even "close their gates" and make their own scene within their own boundaries...which are, ironically, MUCH MORE global and happening within those growing "gates" than the "shrinking area" which is located just outside the gates' perimeter. Sounds familiar? Keep watching.... ;-)

Growth...is a process...that actually has to go and BE about the process...of growth in order for it to be considered "growth." And though everything may start from "ground" zero, some grow up to be trees...while others remain a bush. And sad to say, some don't even make it out of the manure. It is what is IS. The point is: What are YOU?! Your growth (or the lack there of) will show the answer. It always does.





People will shun you...ignore you...block you...steal from you...lie on you...attempt to BE you...give you NO credit...blame THEIR inefficiency on YOUR efficiency...want YOU to do more for them than they will EVER do for YOU, or themselves for that matter...and will say the most horrific things behind your back.  They will see you starve...and never offer a morsel, even though you fed them.  They will see you in pain...and will laugh.  They will be Judas and Peter EVERY time.  And they will watch you die.

But the SECOND they see you have somehow managed a "miracle" of, not only surviving but, THRIVING...and they see you breathing in the air YOU created and eating from the food YOU grew and put on YOUR table as they continue to watch you (as they ALWAYS have from a safe and rock throwing distance) and see all the cameras now on YOU and YOUR "return" to YOUR very earned "limelight," these SAME folks from above will be the FIRST who will bust their way thru the crowd and thru those who truly supported you just to get a "taste" of the shine and say they were your biggest friends and supporters and were with you ALL along. 

W...T...F?!!!  Sorry...these are the moments EYE get a little..."stuck."  ("Mustn't bitch slap anymore...Mustn't bitchslap anymore...Mustn't bitchslap anymore.....") But working on it...with the help of some GREAT friends in "haters rehab."

Or maybe it just happens to me.  And THAT'S why EYE choose "separation."  Because a "county orange" suit is NOT the fashion accessory EYE choose to have in my closet when the cameras are rolling. 



EYE often find it ironic and INSULTING that the FIRST people who want to say "Go back to YOUR country" or talk about "OUR" country like it's merely "their" country have NEVER nor have EVER had a member of their family serve NOT ONE DAY in the military."

PLUS, EVERYBODY...unless you were of the Native Americans or Olmec (Black African Descent Native Middle Americans) who were ALREADY HERE, ALL the rest of you are mere "immigrants" whose forefathers migrated over to THESE shores from somewhere else. Your so-called "manifest destiny" does NOT change REAL history or the facts.

So please remember that when you celebrate on days like today that THIS country is FAR MORE than for, by and about "White America." REMEMBER THAT when you notice that nearly 75% of the military are of color of some sort...and are here protecting YOUR rights to be "idiots" as well as MY right to tell YOU the truth! REMEMBER THAT when YOU get it "twisted" whose country this REALLY is.

And if you didn't know before, now you know. Perhaps it's time to stop "faking" intelligence and ACT like you REALLY know!! And this goes to ALL the "closet-wearing KKK" who now find themselves with badges and uniforms of blue. Your colors, your hoods...and your ignorance is showing far too much these days. No wonder other countries look at this like, "WTF?!"

Greatness doesn't come through mere words or lies...or a tainted past denied. And either way, karma comes through...REGARDLESS!

HAPPY "THANK YOU FOR FIGHTING FOR EVERYONE'S FREEDOM AND THE COUNTRY'S GREED" DAY to all those who signed a contract to do THEIR duty...whether THIS country upheld its end of the contract or not.

Just keeping it REAL...because that's what REAL soldiers DO!!


GOoD MORNIN' U-N-EYE-VERSE!! Today's "Wake Up Coffee Call" Reality Check from Da Oracle:

Okay...so the convo went like THIS: Someone was telling me, that even in my greatest hour of need, EYE was supposed to keep "giving and giving" and it would all come back in the end. This response came after EYE had said that EYE was DONE with some folks...and the fact that, even though some people EYE had "given and given" to more than once...more than twice...more than thrice (hell...at a certain point you just stop counting because it doesn't make sense NOR cents anymore), EYE have now come to MY senses and "cut off off the dead draining weight" realizing that the person who needed the help MOST and the MUCH BETTER investment was ME!

Still, THIS person was trying to tell ME that EYE was supposed to keep "giving and giving" to my "frenemies" and "enemies" and EVERYONE who needed me...even though they drained me and stabbed me in my back...those who NEVER supported ME and MY efforts, yet for some reason just "assume" EYE was obligated by their own sheer audacity to support all of their projects and efforts and life at the expense of my own. Those SAME people that it can be PROVEN that EYE literally did more for "them" than THEY ever did for ME...or even THEMSELVES for that matter!!

EYE was suppose to keep "giving and giving" and turn the other cheek at the countless stabs and sacrifices?! And be "satisfied" with getting my "dues" in the "great beyond?!"

And this "person" said, "YES!"

To which MY response was: You all are REEEEALLY on some "DUMB FUKK SHIT" around here, huh?!! EYE'll pass on that. That's just "illogical, Jim!!" (in my Spock voice)

And the moral of the story is: THAT'S HOW SLAVES ARE MADE!!! ALL DAY EVERY DAY!! EVEN TO THIS DAY!!

Today's Message From Da Oracle: NEVER be afraid to FREE YOURSELF from "plantation follies" and those who only expect YOU to benefit THEM and not yourself. WHY do you think folks like Harriet Tubman said NO?!! Not only DOESN'T it make sense; it doesn't EVER make cents...for YOU.‪#‎PhysicsBitch‬

Sip wonderfully...and taste the brilliant flava and message. GOoD MORNIN' AND GOoD MOONDAY U-N-EYE-VERSE!! Make it a GOoD one for YOU!! 


GOoD MORNIN' U-N-EYE-VERSE!  Waking up with some very clear observations and revelations.  First off...it "amuses" me how people who NEVER support YOU nor acknowledge your relevance or accomplishments or knowledge/wisdom are soooo quick to want YOU to acknowledge THEM and someone THEY feel is important.  Reality check #1:  If EYE am not what YOU consider "important" or an "acknowledged factor" in the "game," then WHY are you "jocking" ME and wanting me to pay attention to what YOU are doing?!  Reality check #2:  Yes EYE do "promote" and speak of people EYE know and admire...across the world.  It really IS "Universally KNOWN" by many who KNOW.  If, however, YOU think YOU are of the same caliber just because EYE was "nice" and we "spoke" to each other...maybe once or twice and EYE offered some advice you obviously didn't take, you are sadly mistaken to assume YOU are a part of MY "family" and circle...OR the same caliber of talent. AS IF AND HARDLY!!  YOU GOTS TO DO BETTER...MUCH BETTER...AND ACTUALLY LEARN FROM THOSE WHO'VE BEEN AROUND AND DONE AND STILL DOING BETTER!!!  "New" people are soooo "new" sometimes. And that arrogance tho!!  Ugh Bur.  #passing

NO APOLOGIES that MY standards have ALWAYS been HIGH. It's the class and caliber from which EYE came and was groomed from and by.  EYE don't "dumb down" and EYE don't promote the less over the best.  True...we ALL have to start from "somewhere."  But too many have FUKKED UP the art, the industry, the game like THEY are the standard...when they HAVE no standards.  Ever try building a house without a solid foundation?  Ever try building a house with a bunch of "babies" who can read instruction manuals and using "play tools?!"  MESSAGE.

Now, let's flip the script...and this is to those who feel EYE have not given "them" a fair shot or made myself known to THEM on who EYE am (code for, EYE refuse to be pimped by "little pimps" who don't know NUTTIN' about "big pimpin'):   If EYE am not "worthy" of "notice" by YOUR standards, my darling....why would the opposite be true?!  Notice...EYE am NOT coming to YOU.  YOU are coming to ME.  But EYE am supposed to be soooo desperate to "belong" to ANYTHING, that EYE'm supposed to jump on the "going no where entourage train?!"  You seeeeeriously got ME twisted and OBVIOUSLY didn't do YOUR research.  READING...AND KNOWLEDGE ARE FUNDAMENTAL!  And quite frankly, at this stage of the game, why waste time with that which is just NOT IMPRESSIVE by MY standards?!

EVERY WEEK on my show, SOUL SCHOOL CAFE, EYE show you the caliber of talent EYE am used to.  EVERY WEEK EYE spotlight people and music and poets who are of UNIVERSAL caliber.  EYE seriously don't CARE what you do "locally."  Been there; done that.  MY goal is to get people OUT of the box and make the WORLD realize there is MORE than what's being promoted on "terrestrial radio"...as well as get that REAL talent noticed...you know the ones EYE'm taking about.  The ones who ARE "Universal"...whether they are considered "local" or not.  The ones who HAVE learned...and SHOWN.  The ones who are SERIOUS about their grind and not just in it for the fad and fame.  The ONES who seems to make every little insecure "peon" tremble when they hit the stage so they are shut OUT of the "local reindeer games" even though they get national and international love.

You know what?  Fukk these "trivial little games."  Bigger things on the menu.  And EYE can't afford to "play" or "babysit bullshit" any longer.

THANK YOU EVIE!!  Your ultimate "demise" has been a confirmation and affirmation and IN MY FACE REVELATION of my "error" in paying too much attention to irrelevance and making too many bad investments of what was NEVER gonna be "reciprocal value."  EYE don't blame NO ONE but MYSELF for paying too much attention to the wrong things and the wrong folk...and hoping they would eventually "get it."  After you've delivered the "message" more that once...and they still "ignore," it's a choice on THEIR part...and a lesson for ME to keep it moving.  So now, a little "late" in the game, but STILL IN THE GAME, EYE'm keeping it moving....forward and upward.  Now THIS is where it kinda gets "funny." Those same folks who proved to be irrelevant...and made YOU feel "irrelevant"...even though YOU were VERY RELEVANT...now want to be soooo "relevant" in YOUR world...even though you are still somewhat "irrelevant" in theirs.  WTF?!!  And their "arrogance" and "ignorance" are STILL with so much stupid audacity that all you can do is laugh and just walk away.  And/or maybe blog the "bitchslap" that you WANT to do out your system.  HEY...EYE'M A MILITARY BRAT!  The "fire" is gonna come!  EYE'm just more focused and "creative" these days.  Less "Dark Phoenix;" more "Rising Phoenix."  

All of this is to say, some folks got "some nerve."  But hey....that's ALL they got. Seriously...it really IS.  Sooo....how can you stay mad or waste energy and focus putting too much attention, concern or care about the obvious?!  Some people learn.  MANY DO NOT!  And like Kermit the Frog:  That's NONE of MY business!

Later "hater."  The AUDACITY to think EYE would help YOU be "ME" and you NEVER give me any acknowledgement, respect or PAY is utterly LUDICROUS.  (Oh wait...let me spell it in a way YOU'D understand:  "Ludicris."  No offense, Luda...U know WE always cool.  Just using your name for "new people" spelling purposes.  LOL)

Back to the "haters" and "frenemies"...fake lovers and REAL enemies...don't wanna admit that YOU are so "into me" it's almost like EYE got to get an enema to flush you OUT.  But back to the point (and excuse my "bluntness."  Military brat, ya know.  It's just how WE roll.  TRUTHFULLY!):  In case YOU missed the "obvious:"  WE are not the same...and YOU are not a part of MY plans OR game.  When YOU acknowledge and remember MY name and stop being so lame, then maybe you "might" be worthy of my time.  But MY time and resources and life and love are PRECIOUS; not meant for the arrogant ignorant swine.  Not falling for the same insincere lines.  You got "yours;" and EYE got "mine."  And THESE days, EYE'm back "home" to where the REAL stars where, regardless, all we DO is SHINE. (Note:  "Home" is a state of mind.  And believe me when EYE say, Da Oracle's BACK/FORWARD on her Universal path again.  Check the pics, my friend.  SEE the difference?!  ;-)  )

Get a camera, take a picture and watch the view.  Either way, you know EYE'll show you.  And whether you watch or learn or not?  NOT my concern...because NONE of this is about YOU and whatever it is that YOU do.  And there would be the point.  Consider this a friendly fire warning to back away from the perimeter. 

To whoever deserved this.  Wear the boot well!  (double entendre intended)

Hey...just an ole storyteller sharing a morning story.  Or is it JUST a story?! Time will tell.    ;-)

(Closes the book.  Starts another one....)


It's like Evie's "last breath" was the exhale of taking on too many problems not meant for me to have...trying to save too many people not worth saving while negating to save ME first.  Spending too much energy & resources with folks EYE should have cut off long ago. It's like....when she was "going" over the past year, she was forcing me to separate, keeping me close to "home" and cutting me off from the waste and drama which brought me no gain, ONLY drain. She allowed me the peace to hit the track, hit the gym, hit the park, hit Starbucks...and maintain MY sanity and renew MY thoughts again without interference. SHE was a representation of me...DEFYING THE ODDS...and giving and giving and giving til you can't give anymore. But she was there for me...constantly reminding me...things MUST change...for the better. Things MUST be different THIS time around. Things AND people were to be looked at MUCH MORE "selectively." No more waiting. NO MORE "free rides" unearned. And no more giving more than EYE had to give. Time to put ME and MY needs first and damn the rest of the world which didn't matter to MY immediate "relevance."

Sidenote (and yet not so "side"): Funny thing (or not) about tombstones and funerals: 90% of the people who cry at them or holla how much they loooove you don't do a damn thing for you while you're living in all actuality. True DAT!

So, on her last breath, EYE wasn't angry...EYE wasn't upset...EYE wasn't sad. EYE was "thankful"...for everything she's been to me and given me. EYE had already seen it coming.  And EYE knew THIS was the beginning of a final page that had to play out...and the beginning of a NEW chapter with NEW characters to see and places to go...and NEW transportation to get me there. IJS  People say the "love you."  But, no matter what, EYE have YET to see all this "love" turn into a car. And it's not like some couldn't have helped.  But they chose not to...while in the same breath asking for favors from ME.  Hmm....you live and learn the "quirkiness" of human nature...and how to cut some people off at the pass from the start!

All through my trials and tribulations, my jobs woes, my community woes, my husband's murder, etc, it's been me and Evie with all the love we could give each other. She was there...when the bank account was low and non-existent...going on ONE MORE TIME for her Queen. My "ride-or-die." But ALL things have an ending. And it's time....for a NEW car...a NEW attitude...a NEW way to get where EYE'm supposed to be.

...Because let's face it. Where EYE'm going, "ducktaped bumpers" are not really gonna be the "in" thing. And SHE probably knew that more than EYE was actually ready to admit. It was GOoD while it lasted. But time to move on. Let's see what happens next. EYE am so "resigned" to her "passing on" and OPEN to the possibilities of betterment. And her "demise" represents the "death" of those things not to go back to. Under/innerstood...and smiling for the wonderful memories. LOVE YOU EVIE!!!!

What IS IT about THIS season?!!! Anyway...

"Carless"...but not hopeless. Let's see what miracle an Oracle can manifest next. Focused and ready for the challenge to go BEYOND!! ;-)