Apologies in advance for the length.  But before EYE move forward…just an observation:

And this is not to knock anyone's personal protest.  Do what's sincerely in your heart...emphasis on "sincerely." EYE just want to address a few things EYE see publicly that confuse me…or not.

As a child of GOD who was born initially loving all things and praying for all people until actions and reactions called for a little more "discernment," I have grown to realize what a convenient "propaganda-type" some things can become for "some" who want to show the world how "compassionate" they are about the rest of the world.  YET, some of these same people are the very ones who won't lift a finger to support locally those who have supported them time and time AND TIME again.  

And even sadder when the true supporters realize that the ones who ended up needing support the MOST and getting it the LEAST is themselves….because nothing from nothing leaves nothing. Lost lambs always "crucify" the shepherd that really cares.  And planting in barren field lead to no crops at worst; seedless crops at best.

IJS….if you don't see me on a "world protest" or public "symbolic gesture" of peace, it is just that this is something EYE have been doing ALL my life, in some form or fashion.  Check the records, roll the tape, peruse the pics…and the proof is in the pudding for those not "mindblind" or "ego-sensitive."  YET, again the observation that some care soooo much for folks they don't know who have NEVER done ANYTHING for them more than the ones in front of their faces who have tried to do EVERYTHING for them leaves an Oracle a bit…."miffed and amused" at the same time.

Observation:  Some would rather feign "showing" than actually "doing"….like that's gonna make a real difference.  That's like expecting to buy real diamonds with fake money.  Or trying to fool GOD (in whatever form you choose to worship).

That's why I'm just gonna drop my "peace" and put it ALL on the table:  EYE  can't do fakes nor do EYE do "bandwagon causes!"  EYE won't pretend…and don't feel the need to take on the world's problems when no one is taking on mine but me.  REAL TALK!

So, EYE protest in private (sort of), putting my activism into my art on a daily basis as opposed to when it's trendy or "media-induced"…and EYE publicly "pray" for myself EVERY day…because if "EYE" live long and prosper...or at least live one more day, that will inspire, not only ME, but at least ONE soul who's been following my steps, watching my walk, listening to my words and SEEING my struggle and "triumph" and inspired by MY journey and actions.

And that ONE sincere person who will actually DO at least ONE sincere thing in their life is worth more to me than a million fake souls who will be "all over" whatever is the "flava cause of the day" in less than a week and on to the next "trendy" thing....

....because the masses are primarily followers; not fighters.  Just think if everyone fought so hard to make their OWN lives "right."  What a BE-YOU-TO-FULL thing that would be.  But that's just common sense in "OracleWorld."  Apparently it's something else in "Bizarro World."  

LIFE…is not a "trend."  It is meant to be lived out loud and enjoyed by all.  ALL LIVES MATTER.  And that includes mine as well.  So excuse me (or not) if EYE pass on certain protests and so-called "movements" as EYE have something more precedent knocking on my door.  It's called "personal evolution."  And I'm trying to elevate MY condition from the inside out.  Yes, it takes more work…more sincerity…more discipline…more determination…and gets less recognition and respect than a hobo with a sign saying "The World Is Coming To An End."

But in the bigger scheme of things, it's the MOST important thing you can do in your entire existence:  To actually practice what you preach on a DAILY basis.

Now go and tell your ministers to drop THAT in the morning sermon!  

P.S.  EYE just gave you that extra shot of coffee and wake up call for FREE.  And yet, you'll pay "Minister Moneybags" your "tithes" for "selling souls" while still trashing my opinion and denying that EYE was there (emphasis on "was"….journeys are meant to keep moving, not drown in stagnation and drain) and blaming ME because you don't understand (or say you don't understand) my walk.

Hmmm….who's looking and sounding more like "Jesus" now?  IJS….



GOoD MORNING U-N-EYE-VERSE! It's a BE-YOU-TO-FULL thing to have the Sun shine inside AND outside your soul. Nothing like having pieces fall together in place exactly how you would like 'em to be....and you didn't even have to "force" it; it just happens NATURALLY.

Ahhh...but YOU helped tho! See...it's YOUR "natural" energy that creates your "heaven" or your "hell." And the attracted "energies" that you choose to embrace can either infuse or diffuse your state of BEing.


Hmmm....some of you "sideline haters" tho. And for ALL I/EYE have been through...even MY attempts to help YOU?! Wow. Awakening moment...and realization. Lessons AND Blessings...and ALL a part of the much bigger picture and greater plan. AND EYE GET IT!!!!! Of course EYE do. EYE'M DA "ORACLE!" Plus, it all helps me to find and connect with even deeper layers of myself and gives me such wonderful fuel to write about. #TheSoulJahGiveThanks

P.S. "GOD" is something you gotta LIVE, not just "preach" about. But EYE guess it takes one to KNOW "ONE." #DoubleEntendreIntended

It's a BE-YOU-TO-FULL day...should YOU choose to "accept" the mission. Go make a hater mad and do something "WONDERFULLY IMPOSSIBLE" and enjoy YOUR life! <3



Addressing "shared mediocrity" and why I/EYE don't subscribe:

Some folks say we ALL put our pants on the same way. But we don't. Some folks don't have pants. Some folks don't have legs. Some folks see other folks with the pants on and don't know where the pants came from, how much those pants cost OR how difficult it it to maneuver depending on your personal circumstance and condition.

IJS.....Some folks don't know squat. NOR CAN "SQUAT!" And feel "unfounded comparisons" gives them an excuse to lessen others' journeys and put their "mediocrity" on the same playing field with those who strive to do their best and shine regardless.

But query??? If we all don't look alike and think alike, if we don't have the same knowledge or operate in the same fashion or frequency, I'd hardly think we put our pants on the same way. Metaphorically speaking.

Or maybe I'm just different. #doubleentendreintended.



Depression.  It's such an insidious beast.  It creeps up on you when you least expected it.  It stays with you like an unbudging "squatter" that has claimed your soul and your spirit as its own.  And it discriminates NOT.  Doesn't matter how rich or how poor...how happy or how sad...how smart or how ignorant.  Depression trumps ALL situations and conditions.  And the ONLY thing to trump IT is to face it head on.

THAT, my friends, is something I didn't do for YEARS.  Decades even.  When Daddy died in '74, I didn't cry.  When Mom died in '84, I didn't cry. HOW does an "only child" who loved her Parents immensely NOT do that?!  Ask any military brat.  It's something in the DNA and training.

However, when Baker died (murdered) on Nov. 2, 2007, I cried so much that I thought I wouldn't STOP crying.  Of course, NOT in public.  Soldiers/Souljahs just don't DO that if we can help it.  But maaaaaaan....did I cry!  Like I was making up for lost time and hidden emotions.  In fact, I think I only STOPPED crying maybe a year ago.  That Process Tho!

FIRST...I had to finally admit that I HAD "depression."  Don't get it twisted.  It's as big of a killer and just as deadly as cancer.  Ask someone who REALLY knows!  THEN I had to STOP feeling guilty for something I didn't do nor had any control over...which is a hard to nearly impossible thing for a "control freak."  

THEN, I had to take a CLEAR assessment of my life and the "energies" surrounding me.  Was I surrounding myself with energies I could heal and grow from...or "like-minded" energies who were suffering like I was?  Where these energies "benefiting" ME...or just draining me due to my compassion and empathy?  While I was busy trying to deal with others' pains and struggles, WHO was really dealing with MINE?!  Was I even dealing with mine?!

Strong in public...broken down in private...did anyone REALLY care what I was going through?!  Or was the easy-to-say-but-not-to-do words of "You'll get over it in time" supposed to be the right penny in my gumball machine of pain to help me start blowing bubbles again?!

Guess what?!  Those who don't KNOW will NEVER know til it hits THEM.  THAT is how personal "depression" is.  And indescribable!  And all the praying in the world will NEVER remove it until and unless YOU are ready to make some changes in your own life.  That has far more to do with YOU than anything outside of you (and why you've got so many so-called "Christians" still putting on massive airs like they're happy when they are some of the most miserable lying sons-of-bitches on the planet...because they're waiting on the "Lawd" to do something THEY need to do....DEAL WITH IT!)

All that said and done, I've been "super busy" over the last few days.  But I've also been struggling with my energy.  WHY am I not sleeping?  WHY am I so tired?  WHY do I feel like I'm spinning in my tracks?  Why am I dancing ONE minute...then drained the next?!  After such a banner couple of weeks...months...Summer...WHY do I feel like a Maserati being constantly driven in 2nd gear for the past 5 days?!!

Then it hit me.....what I had almost made myself forget.  But then again, your subconscious ALWAYS remembers....whether YOU choose to outwardly admit it or not.   Damn.  I've been kissing Bake's picture with joy and a laughing about the positive changes going on in my life for the last several days every time I wake up in the morn.

Repeating (to myself for clarity to acknowledge the subconscious jedi-mindtrick):  I've been kissing Bake's picture with joy and a laughing about the positive changes going on in my life for the last several days every time I wake up in the morn.  Damn.  #gotme

Depression is an insidious beast.  It can mask as something else. But at the end of the day, it's still depression.  And it's an ongoing fight to keep it at check.  Luckily, I become a better warrior and an even better "liver of life."

So, if I don't see you...engage in YOUR problems or issues...don't appear like I'm trying to save the world or the music industry...or just don't give a f*kk about things that don't pertain personally to MY and MY growth and happiness and spend more time sipping my coffee in private peace rather than "turning up" with crazy crowds with issues, don't take it personal.  It's just that I've got "bigger fish to fry" in my own life.  And this depression thing is like a big "catfish from hell."  Even when it's frying, it's not dying.

But that doesn't mean I have to eat it though.  ;-)