Sooooo over ignorance and illusions
Undeserved egos and confusions
Wack ass talent and delusions
And it's ME you'd like to be using
To get you
You obviously don't even care
About me OR yourself
Sail the best down the river
Then put your greatest wealth
On the shelf
For someone else to admire
And because others desire ME
And EYE choose to be free
And aspire 
YOU want me to retire
And bow to a nothingness 
That YOU call a movement
More like loose bowels
And it just wouldn't be prudent
To stink up my fresh air
With the stale smell of ole dutch
It's not MY fault 
YOU don't give a fuck
And that's why EYE didn't give in
And EYE didn't give up
EYE just left

....because it's not my shit

Freestyling on a Friday while being inspired by a better groove




09/23/2016 2:26pm

That was so nice! Probably, one of the bests work from you! I really want to see more of this sort of work from you in the near future!


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