Photography...EYE do for fun.  Want to hire me to take pics?  EYE'm a great "amateur/professional."  Was raised around cameras and worked in a couple of upscale photo labs; so there's a LITTLE method to the magic; not just random luck.

HOWEVER, promotions, commercials, poetry/speaking engagements?  THAT'S my PROFE$$ION!!  MY JOB!!  EYE get PAID to do those!  30-plus year veteran!!  Yeah...gave out a little too much "crack" to those who don't understand the biz of BIZ.  But understand THIS, pay ME like you pay your weed man or your preacher who's just fleecing your pockets, but when your bills go under ALL he/she gonna do is "pray" 'cuz tithings don't go UP...they go IN...the preacher's bank.

Just saying....invest in your career and the professionals who can SERIOUSLY make you better and boost and promote your skills than the ones just blowing smoke up your ass and stroking your ego.  You get what you pay for.  

And you DON'T what you DON'T.  Free advice.  The next one WILL cost per consultation rate.  EYE am a "business!"  Not a charitable foundation for folks on a "come up."  

The irony is...MY rates are lower than MOST of my peers.  However, since EYE have obviously try to "favorite" a particular audience to no avail, getting ready to raise those rates to where they SHOULD be and change my clientele to those who PAY and RESPECT the craft.  All that said, better catch me while the catching's good and lock in some paid contracts NOW.  This "sale" ends in May!!  ;-)




08/07/2014 9:27am

It might also help to remind yourself that people who are rude or resort to insults are often insecure or feel threatened in some way.

08/25/2014 5:39pm

The very reason why EYE CHOOSE to be much more selective in who EYE deal with these days. No time for folks who show the have no knowledge or true acumen to doing REAL business. Too often, people will attempt to make YOU the "rude" one when you call them on their bullshit. But EYE've learned not to make that MY problem or priority. The bottom line is: You can't do business with everyone. But it's the "bad" ones who ironically make the "good" ones stand out. And for those who "get it," EYE give thanks. Never lower your standard just because someone else can step up.


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02/25/2017 2:36am

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