My parents were big readers. And they encouraged me to read....EVERYTHING! EYE was reading Abraham Chapman's "Black Voices" by age 7. EYE was reading my Mom's medical journals by age 9. EYE was reading about Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism and the Rosicrucians by age 12. EYE was reading Dick Gregory's "No More Lies" by age 15. When EYE would ask my Parents "hard questions"...about the contradictions of religion, the strange doings of politics and society, about anything they couldn't give a reasonable, rational and intelligent answer to, they NEVER said, "Just because WE say so!" THEEy said, "You research and read and find out. Then come back and tell us what you found and let's talk about it."

Gotta love the brilliance that promotes brilliance...without fear or insecurity. IJS Reading has ALWAYS been fundamental with ME and my family. Perhaps that's why EYE "scare" folks.  EYE been told on many an occasion, EYE'm "too smart.'  What the hell does THAT mean?  Or is it, it's just hard to "control" someone who's more than aware of what's happening. And perhaps THAT's why my Parents encouraged it so. They didn't give birth to a "slave"...and wanted to make sure that, even when gone, EYE would remember WHO and WHAT EYE am...and not be anything less.

Anywho....back to the point. Broke out an ole book in my library...and at the most perfect time. Re-learning the wisdom and treasures in my own vaults. Once you stop paying attention to lack, labels and irrelevance from the outside, you'd be amazed what wonderful substance and sustenance you might find on the inside. Upgrading and moving back/forward to the ole/new ME. (Toltec spirit rising again...right on time.)

And THIS book right here?!!! BE ON OF THE BEST!! Gotta looove Don Miguel Ruiz...one of my favorite authors!! A MUST READ AND DISCERNMENT! 



06/17/2016 7:07am

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01/24/2017 4:59am

I read this book in the summer season and it's really good I suggest this book to the student. Because it tells the love relation, the parents how many love his kids and care him. This book all chapter has meaningful words.

07/18/2017 10:02pm

Don Miguel Ruiz is known for his greatness in writing, that's why I was not surprised when I heard that you had a very great time reading his book. The Mastery of Love is said to be one of his greatest books. Fortunately, I was able to read the book and I can truly say that it was a good read. Love can't be hurried, you just let it happen in front of you.


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