GOoD MORNIN' U-N-EYE-VERSE! It's Memorial Day Weekend. And this weekend, EYE'm spending in quiet reflection and upgrade mode as a tribute and memoriam to the 2 people who gave me life and always reminded how to live it: To the BEST and the fullest, without boundaries or limitations. My Divine Parents never "controlled" me; they guided me. They nourished me. They encouraged me. They LOVED me. They STILL do those things...because THEEy were just THAT special...and different. Of course! Who else could have given birth to ME. 

This weekend, EYE'm going to show them that "EYE GOT IT!!" All the lessons and blessings up to this point: EYE GOT IT! All the teachings and discernment up to this point: EYE GOT IT!! All the messages in the wind, the air, the trees, the birds, my soul and my heart: EYE GOT IT!

And THIS weekend....no need for me to be pulled in a thousand directions, smiling when EYE don't feel like smiling....pretending that EYE'm enjoying myself when EYE'm not....trying to make something "pop off" for someone else when it's draining me and NOT "popping" off in MY world. No drama, no negativity, no downgrading. NOT this weekend!! And perhaps the REAL tribute is NEVER AGAIN. 

Note: If the people who loved/love me the MOST and provided for me the BEST never "controlled" me, WHY OH WHY would you think EYE would allow lesser irrelevant people to do otherwise? Do THESE people look like they raised someone "stupid and weak?!" To do and be such would sooooo dishonor them. And even in their "transcendent/ascended state," they are STILL guiding me and watching if EYE am being true to ME. Think MORE; BE MORE...and always follow YOUR heart.

The lesson: When there is nothing more to learn...or to be taught...and when the love is no longer there, it's time to move on....because there is ALWAYS "more"....somewhere. Don't try to find it where it's not...and don't force it where it can't be received. Small bottles don't hold oceans of wealth and limited minds can't think nor move beyond. Sometimes it IS what it IS and it ain't what it ain't. And it's just that sometimes we reach a "glass ceiling" where we are. And at that time, it's time to break that ceiling and fly away to the next level...the next big thing...the newly opened path of destiny for YOU. MY Parents always taught me NEVER to cater to another's "glass ceiling"....because MY skies were "unlimited." And when it's time to be a soldier? "Handle your business, baby!! WE will always have your back!" Indeed.

From their biggest proof.....ME - Valerie Faith Jones. And giving thanks to my biggest blessings....Robert and Frances Ruth Jones.   




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