REAL'ISDOM:  Self-love is not "selfish."  "Selfish" is thinking everyone else will fulfill your needs...or should.  They won't...because many don't even know how to fulfill their OWN needs, more or less YOURS.  "Self-love" is knowing all your needs start and end with YOU...and never allowing someone else to misuse, abuse or co-opt your process and flow of filling yourself up with all the love and prosperity you can muster and enjoy.  

Anyone who blocks your flow of love and prosperity does not deserve to be in your world.  Leave them to theirs....and continue to build YOURS with love and prosperity and those who show they deserve to be a part of your process of happiness and growth.  It's YOUR choice.  YOUR world.  Make it better...not bitter...and love yourself enough to discard anything that makes you focus on THEM more than yourself.

Self-love is the beginning of ALL love and life and your greatest power and gift to self. It's a solo and very personal inner journey to a much bigger outer connection.  It's the light and life from which all things flow.  It's the magic that creates the miracle.  When you truly learn to love yourself and treat yourself as such without sacrifice or concern to another's thoughts or labels, the Universe will open doors and allow you to find others who will love you for just being YOU.  A win-win all the way around.  Proved...Proven...and Proving.


Broadcaster, Writer, Poet, Liver of Life



03/01/2015 11:55am

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03/13/2017 12:20pm

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06/19/2017 10:13pm

Thank you for this very inspirational post. It's never wrong to prioritize and love yourself first. I believe in the idea that you cannot give what you do not have. That's why you cannot love genuinely someone if you do not love yourself. Being selfish is totally different from self-love. Selfish is a thinking that everything should be about you, and you want all things to be in your favor.


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