It was at that moment of realization and total awareness...that we live in a society that would rather watch a train wreck than help an ole lady across the street.  A society that would rather watch Honey Boo Boo and Worldstar than read a book or occasionally view world news to actually pay attention to what's REALLY going on.  A society that will talk about how crazy our children are but will promote and praise a pedophile over someone who could really help them see the light.  A society that feels those with the biggest hearts and compassion should ignore and continue to help feed the beast "just because."  

EYE realized that either my situation wasn't "tragic enough" or EYE was expecting far too much from the folks EYE have helped in the past.  Note:  Help does NOT always come as reciprocity from those who should be most expected to return or offer the favor.  What DOES come is jealousy...insecurity...an overwhelming awareness that because some can't they hate because YOU can.  And the true fact of the matter, more than likely reciprocity and respect will RARELY come from those in close proximity to you who are too used to using you to their advantage. (Hometown hatred from those who choose to stay in the "Stepford box" while YOU choose to do MORE.  YET, they expect YOU to repay the hatred with love and the prosperity you NEVER got from giving all your pearls away to proven unworthy swine.  Ahhh....the endless ageless lesson and parable that STILL teaches and preaches truth to this very day.)

Ironic how people ALWAYS expect more of those who always give it...even when there's nothing left to give.  And they expect you then to buy into the "pie in the sky 'heaben' philosophy" that your real blessings will come on the "other side."

Note:  EYE've gone to that "other side."  But it's not the "side" some speak of.  It's the side of AWARENESS and REALITY that some would rather see you starve and die and blame it on you treating yourself and your sorrow to a GOOD dose of coffee rather than the reality of the money and support they owe you.  Tiz today's society....a tragic and hypocritical paradox....IF you allow it.

That's why those who KNOW go beyond those boundaries and environments and miraculous pull from that powerful essence within that you don't necessarily recognize until these critical times.  Times like this...when it's either do or die.  And failure is NOT the option.  And neither is Worldstar.

Just saying....there really IS a BETTER world and Universe to explore.  It's just that many don't have the courage or confidence or skills to make that flight.  It's a lmited field indeed.  That's why the skies are wide open the higher you ascend.  Many "talk" it; but few can walk the walk to the higher elevation of consciousness, success and the ultimate awareness that saving self comes from within...and true self love with bring pro$perity even in the midst of the biggest drought.  

The "drought" was the lesson.  Only moving away from it and everything connected to that drought will YOU achieve YOUR ble$$ing. It's okay to say NO to the world and those who drain and pain you.  It's okay to want to feel GOoD and do those things that put a sincere smile on YOUR face.  It's okay to get PAID for the brilliance that you share.  How else will you pay YOUR bills and make YOUR living?   "Some" may choose; but true Kings and Queens know WE will NEVER be used to being abused.  Slaves are NOT "us!"  It's okay to leave all those in the past who have proven to be nothing more than lessons in the present...and the true present for YOU is the gift of recognizing folks for who they are and who they are not...and acting accordingly.  

My motto these days:  It IS what it IS.  It AIN'T what it AIN'T.  And that's why EYE DO what EYE DO.  And if folks can't accept that, they can enjoy the view (or not)...from a distance.  

With the few remaining pearls EYE have manage to keep, EYE'm planting in fertile soil so that a GOoD crop will bloom from it.  And please know that EYE will be the FIRST one to eat off of it.  Lessons learned from the past of what happens when you share all your food: unworthy folks will eat it all, throw the scraps down on your carpet, shit in your toilet without flushing...and expect to get invited back again to your house.  

And THAT'S the moment you know you need to move you "house" to a better neighborhood.  It feels GOoD to laugh as such foolishness knowing that will NEVER be repeated again.  #buhbyebadneighbor

Thanks to those who have truly supported me...and are still in my corner.  The only thing YOU wanted from me was for me to be the best EYE could be, while others only wanted to feed and offer nothing to the meal or the pot.  My "true ones" saw that if EYE was okay and rising, ALL in my world would be okay and rising as well.  After all, we ALL need real examples to learn from....even if that example is YOU.  EYE'm glad EYE woke up in just the nick of time. Or else...it would have been one of those tragic "Behind the Music VH1" stories.

And if you're like me, ain't nobody got time for that!!  Got some living to do...money to make...haters to make mad....lovers to make glad....and a new Matrix to build.  It ain't for everybody.  And THAT'S the point.

And through it all, EYE found ME again.  ME!!  Not someone's "version" of me; but ME.  The "ME" my Parents always knew EYE could be.  The "ME" the ancients, the elders, and the "futures" have been waiting for me to become.  "ME"....reloaded and refocused.

Sometimes endings are just beginnings for something better.  If you know how to work it.  EYE do....because EYE was born for the role.  And now, EYE'm fully living and enjoying it.  Without meaningless distraction. Faith....in action and clear view.





01/09/2015 7:05am

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