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Been there...done that....sometimes the only thing you can do is let it all go and let it all fall. You can love someone til the cows come home...but when they're in the "midst of the madness," they don't recognize friend from foe. They don't even recognize themselves any more. It's like trying to save a crack addict: Until the crack addict acknowledges he/she is a crack addict and there IS a very real problem...and that problem STARTS and can END with THEM, there is not a DAMN thing you can do. EVER. And isn't it funny how the one usually in the right is the one who's painted to be in the wrong and thought of as the one that's wrong by those dumb and dumb to the fact? Those damn trouble-making saviors!!! Crucified EVERY time. The society and "beast-mind" that never changes....only the times and faces.

Just saying......take it from someone who KNOWS!!! Let it go...let it go...let it GO. That's the only thing YOU can really do and have a valid say and action in. Whatever's gonna gonna happen...because that other person CHOOSES the circumstance for it to happen. Save the only person you really can save.....YOU. And when and if they make it out with their mind intact, they'll remember...who was REALLY the one that was the "true" friend. Either way, don't hold your breath...don't expend any more energy. Live YOUR life. Spend more energy on YOUR peace. Love from a distance. And stay clear of daggers that may come too close because of the madness that's just not yours to suffer. That mess is not your path or destiny to have. Destiny....ironic, isn't it how some words can come back full circle?  

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