Waking up this morning with clarity
And it's cool
You got the folks in your corner...
And those who always play you the fool
And ironically, it's many EYE'm talking to
They want to act like they're not looking
But EYE know that it's true
Because they try to imitate
EVERY thing that EYE do
And it's cool
You have folks who see you struggle
And they cheer for your rise
While others look "sideways"
Out the corner of their eyes
In public and on Facebook
They perpetrate lies
Like they really are FOR you
But it's just a disguise
When you were THERE for their functions
Did they care about your support
Or did they assume you had nothing
To do with YOUR life but abort
All of your dreams, all of your money
All of your time just to say hi
Showing love and support
Just to be crucified
And when eyes finally open
And you see it's not wise
To walk among all the snakes
With the saintly disguise
You do what YOUR GOD says
Leave a kiss and goodbye
And you go about YOUR business
About YOUR walk and YOUR rise
And it's cool
Or is it?
Because this is when it gets a little funny
All the "haters" and "fake lovers"
Band together like gin rummy
Trying to stack, draw or discard
All the cards on the table
Here's a question?
Why couldn't they do it BEFORE if they were able?
Still they needed YOUR light
And YOUR seed to jump start
And you even gave them 
A little piece of your heart
But they are what they ARE
Which they ALWAYS were
You just never quite knew it
Til the "true them" occurred 
So....you sit from a distance
While they all scream support
Yet, even though YOU did
That's something they'll never report
And when it comes to supporting
You see, they're just too jealous
Because they can't do what YOU do
And, in the end
WHO'S it REALLY hurting
Me...or you?

It's Cool  
Clarity usually is.

How an Oracle wakes up.
Creatively Thinking.......
Coffee anyone?

P.S.  Yeah...EYE really AM a beast at this writing thing.  That way since 7.  ;-)




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