Random Thought: They get mad at YOU because THEY can't do what YOU do...and get even madder when you DO what YOU do...WELL. And get insanely mad when you don't kiss their ass and bow to their inability for NOT being able to do what YOU do while expecting YOU to respect their "imagined self-imposed greatness" and express to the world that they, in fact, can not only hold a candle to you but can BETTER you in all you do...which is rather ridiculous because they can't even do what THEY do...well...more or less, attempt to do YOU...poorly. Or at best, STILL a 2nd-hand copy. Just mediocre musings for those who don't know better and can't take the REAL coffee.

And when you politely say, "You know what. We really 'could' all RISE here...maybe. Tell ya what: EYE'll teach you if you show a little respect and reciprocity," they call YOU the pompous asshole and treat YOU like shit while STILL expecting YOU to treat THEIR insecure asses like hot butter on a freshly griddled waffled instead of the stale penny cookie that they are.


Just random thinking and FREEEEEEstyling 

And the moral of the story is: NEVER test a Master...and not expect to be served "masterfully." The power of the pen runs DEEP in MY house!

Thank you Mother Poet Maya for bestowing your greatest gift to me on your ascension:  A reminder of who and what EYE am and my Divine Mission.  "Be PHENOMENAL, Child!  Don't bow your head nor hold back your wonderful sassiness! And don't speak on or focus on the bad things.  Only the good.  BE PHENOMENALLY...YOU."  

Indeed.  It's what MASTERS of the craft do.




01/23/2017 2:47am

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07/20/2017 10:49pm

Well, let's just admit the fact that there are people who were born with insecurities. We cannot do something about that because it's their personal choice to be that kind of person. What we cam do is to leave them alone and just don't step down on their level. Instead of acting the same way, let's just pray for them to be guided with the right attitude and outlook in life.


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