BUSINESS SENSE 101:  REAListically speaking, EYE don't do business with those who don't do business with me.  It just makes no sense...and definitely NO sense at this stage of the game.

See....been there; done that.  Supported those who never supported back.  Found absolutely NO value or benefit in the constant support or giving to others just to get.....what?!  And there we have it.  A LOT of drama....NO dollars.  A LOT of excuses...but no income.  A LOT of BS...but no business. A lot of "fake camaraderie" but very few real friends.  And there was the lesson for me.  A lot of folks just don't KNOW how to do business...or just don't care...or BOTH.

But what did THAT have to do with ME?!

Here's a fact:  People will want to share in your gain; but never in your pain.  They'll want to be included in your blessing; but never share the lesson.  They'll want to share your glory and story; but never YOUR struggle.  And at some point, YOU have got to make smarter decisions for YOU without giving a damn about those who have proven time and time again that they clearly just don't give a damn about YOU....only what YOU can do for THEM.

Now....SELF-CHECK!!  Are YOUR business skills on point?!  Are YOU doing all YOU need to do for YOU?!  Are you professionally promoting your business and promoting YOU....or are you too busy looking at what other folks are doing and spinning your wheels in the same mud you were in last year?!  Here's a tip:  Come closer....closer...CLOSER.  Okay....here we go.....IF IT AIN'T WORKING, IT AIN'T WORKING!!  PERIOD!!  SWITCH UP YOUR SHIT!!  And stop waiting for someone else or a miracle out the sky to come down and fix everything!  

Please believe!  EYE am a "faith walker."  A "miracle child."  A "manifester" against all odds!  But EYE never took MYSELF out of the equation of the miracle manifestation.  GOD...the MOST HIGH...the UNIVERSAL POWER...the whatever YOU want to call it will do NOTHING without YOU.  YOU are the key.  YOU are the vehicle for which the fuel is poured into.  YOU can either make the vehicle GO.  Or it can sit and stall and do nothing!  YOU GOTTA MAKE SENSE!!  Faith without works is DEAD.  And without common sense, it's just plain stupid.  

There's a VALID reason why the Sun comes up in the day and the Moon comes up at night.  There's a valid reason why flowers and plants bloom they way they do.  There's a valid reason for the storms and Mother Earth to be RAGING right now ('cuz mankind has done some FUCKED UP SHIT and NO ONE wins over Mother Nature...not even arrogant mankind).  There are valid reasons for EVERYTHING.  For EVERY effect, there's a cause.  And for EVERY cause, there is an effect.

WHAT are YOU causing...and what are YOU effecting?!

Which brings me back to the point:  EYE refuse to continually pour my time, money and effort into something EYE get NO value from whatsoever.  EYE am an artist; an entrepreneur; a messenger/teacher....and ALL of that is MY JOB!!  EYE have bills!!  My last name is NOT "Trump"  nor "Goodwill" nor "Greyhound."  And even buses don't ride folks for free!!  EYE don't need YOUR exposure; EYE GIVE EXPOSURE.  CLEARLY many of you KNOW that since you have tried to use MY page like it's CNN Central.  It's sad when EYE have to shut my page on private and make it harder for my REAL friends to promote on my page...or keep it clear enough where EYE can promote MY OWN SHIT when all the BS mofos wanna drop THEIR shit on my page and THEY don't patronize ME...my friends...or anyone EYE really care about.

Some of you wish to be speakers and professional "poets."  Yet your skills are sorely lacking!  And instead of seriously taking classes or training from those who KNOW, you'd rather shut them out and let your ego take control.  And you wonder why the truly BEST never pay you any mind?!  P.S.  EVERYBODY IS NOT A PROFESSIONAL SPEAKER OR SPOKEN WORD ARTIST OR RAPPER!!  EYE could "train you."  But know...you'd rather me "co-sign" the madness and waste MY time and money doing it.  And what do EYE get out of this "venture?"  Another reason why EYE choose to do my own thing and offer classes to those who are SERIOUS.  IJS  You are what you hang around.  And if you're always hanging around "wack and limited," "growth and expansion" just doesn't take place.  #lawofattraction

EYE DO COMMERCIALS!!!  And some of you have some of the WORST commercials EYE have EVER heard in my life!!  WACK and classless.  NO appeal to the audience you "say" you want.  And here EYE sit...A THIRTY-PLUS YEAR PROFESSIONAL WHO HAS DONE COMMERCIALS FOR EVERY FORMAT AND WORLDWIDE who can't even get a "local" bite.  Even when EYE offer amazing discounts, YOU want to NOT do business with ME...or NOT pay me what you OWE (Some of you RIGHT NOW owe me money!!  Be glad EYE don't name names...YET!)...or expect ME to do it for "free" as a show of support.  SUPPORTING WHO?!  BAD BUSINESS?!!  RECIPROCITY NEVER RETURNED?!  And then when your businesses fold or don't do well, you want to come back to me...and STILL want me to "save you" for FREE...or FOOD!!  

WTF?!  Darlings....Food and coffee EYE can give MYSELF.  And your "sex" EYE damn sho don't want.  Not from YOU!  Please...desperation does NOT live in MY household.  EYE'll take my "nothing" and make it "something"...and THEN multiply it into "something GREATER."  But if you want to jump on the "bandwagon" after never building the band or the wagon?  Naaah, dawg!!  That ain't gonna happen.  That's nonsense and non-cents ALL THE WAY 'ROUND!

If you're not talking DOLLARS...REAL DOLLARS...then you're not talking business.  How you gonna be a "BALLA" and got no business acumen?!  Oh...excuse me...went "thesaurus" on ya.  How you gonna be a "BALLA" and got NO "business skills or savvy?!"  And no matter WHAT you SAY...actions tell ALL.  Always!

For the record:  EYE am NOT interested in ANYONE'S dreams or schemes or "fake teams" that don't understand reciprocity.  Pick up a book.  Take a business course.  Learn how shit works.  And get back to me....with dollars in the bank...FIRST.  Because THESE day, EYE ONLY BUILD WITH REAL "BUILDERS!"  Paid dues; earned the privilege.  And NO ONE eats off the crops EYE make FIRST but ME!!  Makes sense AND cents.

So, until some of YOU are ready to do PROPER business and come to an understanding of what REAL business and "support" is, BYPASS!!  Because EYE most definitely will.  Until then, consider this a lesson of love because some of you who CLEARLY should know better apparently don't.  And SOMEONE's got to tell ya.  Never let it said you weren't told.  

P.S.  Are you using your social media for promotion as well as for fun?!  You're busy saying hey to "Bae Bae" and "Jo Jo" and talking about how much you "turn up."  But are you turning UP your "business promotion" as well?!  And some of you are "too busy" (so you say) to use social media, YET you expect the world to know what YOU are doing.  

HOW?!!  EVERYBODY AIN'T A PSYCHIC!!!!  And if you take a minute to notice, nearly EVERY business is on Twitter.  So there MUST be "something" to it.  But you go ahead and keep telling your "inner circle" about how much of a star you are when the much bigger world doesn't even have a CLUE who you are!  REAL TALK!!

And that's another thing:  The WORLD is a BIG place.  And EYE'm specifically talking to the "small-town" mentality.  If, even for a second, YOU think you're gonna trap the OCEAN into your little "fishbowl," you got another "think" coming.  The much bigger world does NOT care about your "local" anthem or how they do things in the 'ville.  If you plan on STAYING in da 'ville for the rest of your life, go ahead then.  But if you're planning on doing something BIGGER, YOU'D BETTER THINK BIGGER!!!   Law of attraction says small shit does NOT attract BIG change!  THINK MORE.  BE MORE!!!

In summing things up.....

EYE learned the hard way thru experience that you canNOT support everyone nor expect everyone you support to support you back.  When YOU are an entrepreneur and rely totally on what YOU bring in from YOUR craft....not your "bosses' job," you better learn to wise up QUICK!  Lest you find yourself homeless and alone...and all those folks you supported now gone.  First rule of GOOD business:  learn to support SELF...FIRST!!!

It's hard...and it's not fair.  But it is what it IS!!  Business...REAL business...takes a mentality...an understanding...a courage...an undying patience...and an investment.  

AND it takes a REALISTIC approach to the ebb and flow of continuous business.  You want somebody to do business with YOU, do business with THEM. You want somebody to support YOU?  Support THEM.  For many of you, EYE already "gave at the office."  Been there; done that; didn't work; got the lesson and moved ON.  So don't ask me to give not a second of my time or dime until YOU give back.  It's REAL like that!   And EYE won't be mad if you don't ever support me.  It's your prerogative...like it's MY prerogative to make you "nonexistent" in MY world and success.  Ain't nobody got time to waste on crying over spilled milk.  You just keep it moving and find those who you CAN do business with and who appreciates what you do.

And you'll find, end the end...IF you survive the lesson of better business, it's ALL GOoD.

IJS.... It's amazing (or maybe not) how it's when you stop paying attention to those who cause you lack that you find yourself back on YOUR track and the path you were meant to be on anyway.  NOW...don't look back.  Just keep moving forward.  Do better business...learn from your mistakes AND your successes.  

And RISE!!

THIS was the FREE class.  The next will will cost ya!  Hey...that's BUSINE$$!




Michelle Lee Harvey
07/25/2014 9:47am

L.ive O.n V.ictory E.veryday...L.O.V.E. Val, you're Amazing!!! Thanx! ;-)

04/19/2017 10:51pm

Just like you I am also tired of giving people what they want and not getting anything in return, but drama so I decided to stay away from the people who are just using me. I will work on my business on my own benefit and not for someone else, this is what I always think of in order to avoid being used. I study how my business is doing if the strategy I am currently using is not working then I will try another one. If some ever approach about my business, then I will make sure the he or she wants to do business with me and not just to use me. Moving on, did you really spelled it as "EYE" instead of "I"?

11/01/2016 1:24pm

Omg I love your blog, it's been a while since you last posted, what's wrong girl where have you been? Don't you know your army of followers await everyday to hear from you? Don't just abandon us like that okay, I really get worried, anyways, loved today's work, post something again soon, looking forward to that!

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