Waking up this morning...noting transitions of ALL kinds are going on and at an all-time high. It's like a time of ALL FULL MOONS where the tides are extreme and trying to find that balance is an art...a gift...and that key to helping you make it thru the "storm(?)"....
....whatever it is, it is NOT to be denied...even though far too many are doing just that. Too many things going on....WAY TOO MANY at the same time. The best...AND the most bizarre. The brilliant...AND the most ratched! The OBVIOUS. The vibrations are being determined...even if YOU don't want to determined where YOU want to stand. 

It is IN our control...and OUT of it at the same time. There is a "flow"...a "rhythm"...a "vibration" that only demands what will sanely fit. Anything less will NOT do. It's a rhythm that EVERY one can't dance to. And those who CAN are realizing they can ONLY dance to this higher vibration. It is NOT one of "limitation" but rather one of Universal Inclusion and Elevation. NO traps! Pure FREEDOM! Pure WEALTH in sound and thought. Pure RESPECT and TRUTH and SINCERITY. Sign on the door says NO FAKES OR TRICKS ALLOWED IN THIS CLUB. It is EXCLUSIVE....and yet open to those who deserve to be there. It's a club that's partying all over the world. And it's named....THE RAPTURE! 

Please take your "religious semantics" out of the "term." THAT type of limited thinking is NOT a part of the club and awakening. It's shut down too many REAL movements and prophets and proven to be what one of the greatest of ALL teachers called "a den of arrogant insecure Pharisees and Sadducee aka Thieves in the Temple." Oops...YOU have been called out AGAIN. Guess EYE better make my plans to keep it moving because the story is ALWAYS the same for those who REALLY tell the truth and pull the covers off the lie. And "ASCENSION" is the name of MY game these days; NOT crucifixion. AIN'T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT!

But EYE digress to progress....

Too many are ignoring the change...the times...the moon...or the earth that's moving faster....those moments where you are seeing extreme madness...and gladness...the best and worst of times at the same time. Being an empath makes me realize WHY my body is being constantly pulled apart...and how EYE must focus on the center...the key...the ultimate essence and power that will pull me thru. It's is NOT just a "HE" nor a "SHE".....it is WE....a force and connection undetermined and unnamed by ANY religion or limited mindset. It is a vibration older than time and nameless no matter theological "masters(?)" labels. Note: If those "masters" truly KNEW what to call "IT," do you REALLY think they would tell YOU...especially since the main goal of any and EVERY "wayward master" is control: of the mind and wallet?!

These are the things EYE am waking up and being urged to pass on to you. Spilling out divination like a bucket with a big hole in it. Not control of the flow; just letting it go....because something much greater is telling me so.

We are NOT here to "help others" at the risk of sacrificing ourselves no more. WE do NOT "die" for the cause. WE LIVE FOR A MUCH BIGGER CAUSE! Get that weight...that salt...that dirt...that drama...that lie...that life(?) that's not meant for YOU to have off your wings...off your back...OUT of your Spirit...and RISE!

And remember...it's a PERSONAL flight paid for by the ticket YOU purchased. But there will be MANY on the plane. AND OOOHHHH WHAT A PARTY IT WILL BE! FIRST CLASS NEXT LEVEL STATUS ALL THE WAY!! Just telling ya what EYE see...and KNOW. OracleVision.

And with that, a Queen's gonna rest. Awakenings and Evolutions ain't no joke!! That's why many can't do it. But those who know....KNOW. Soooo....the body is forcing me to call an "off" day (or maybe EYE should say an "off weekend.") And isn't it soooo ironic? It WOULD be today. And funny...even though EYE'm "off," EYE'm still ON! (double entendre intended) 

When you're in line and in the zone and in the proper vibration, it IS what it IS.

SHABAT SHALOM. (Again....take the "semantics" OUT of the term and just enjoy the spirit of what means and all about. PEACE AND CEASE...THE MADNESS! We are ALL either ONE...or we're NOT. PERIOD! 

Look to your left. Look to your right. Look ahead...and know your back is already covered by who's to your left, your right and in front of you. Or at least...it SHOULD BE! If not....then STOP. CEASE THE MADNESS. AND FOCUS ON "YOUR" PEACE. And remember, it doesn't start with "Him" or "Her." It starts with YOU.

Got balls?!!

Salute to those who "get it." Sorry for those who don't. And Hi FIVE to those who can discern who's WHO. Yup...it's REALLY "REAL' now. 

Peace, Power and MIND. 





11/13/2016 1:31pm

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09/03/2017 10:32pm

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