REAL'ISDOM:  In order to be truly successful, you must be purpose-driven and focus.  If your purpose is SOLELY about money, you'll never achieve true happiness...for the wealthy have problems you can't imagine.

However, if your purpose is totally lacking of money and finances, you have no foundation to build mission on.  And poverty and success will NEVER be good bedfellows.  

YOU MUST FOCUS on YOUR dream and YOUR vision.  Too often, we get pulled off our own vision to help facilitate another's.  If their vision is something that is beneficial to our vision and helps us to grow and move successfully forward, then that is a BE-YOU-TO-FULL thing.  

HOWEVER...you can't be ALL things to ALL people.  And you should never be ALL "anything" to ANY ONE unless it's to GOD's greatest gift to you....YOU.  And if you find yourself drained and strained by a relationship with another, perhaps they are not a good fit for YOUR growth and vision.  Learn to discern.  And earn YOUR blessings; don't just throw them away or push them to the side because someone else is having a hard time learning THEIR lesson.  

THEIR failure to learn is not YOUR reason to fail. Alert!  Alert!  Communication failure!!  Drop line and connect to another one with a clearer connection.

Experience, wisdom, faith, courage, the ability to whether the storm alone as well as the humility of always being in a state of gratitude and learning will lead to some interesting stories of trial, tribulation and triumph.

And EYE don't know YOURS.  But EYE can only tell you and live MINE.  
P.S.  True storytellers aren't made.  WE are born.    We just get much better along the way at telling our tales of life.  The more you live; the more you learn.  Maybe.





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