Why is it soooo difficult for some to believe that GOD is NOT just a "He."  It's the ULTIMATE unit and union of HE and SHE...and MORE.  Just like the Sun AND the Earth and the Universe that surrounds the two.  Try to exist without either!  It's not rocket science, people.  And yet...for some...maybe it is.  That's why EYE never NOT give thanks to MOM while EYE'm thanking DAD as well.  EYE know where my blessings flow from.

And it's a complete source.  Giving thanks!  <3 <3  <3

FYI...just because some have not come into total under/overstanding of the entire manifestation of what is known as GOD or the MOST HIGH does not mean EYE should act like EYE don't know what time it is and ignore MY truth and awareness.  Just like in school, some are ahead of the class.  But never let it be said that EYE stop you from embracing the truth you know.  We all have our own personal journeys to make.  And it's STILL all GOoD....WITHOUT "gender" or labeling.  

So instead of trying to make the ULTIMATE SOURCE fit into our little boxes of understanding, why not allow ourselves to flow into the much bigger source of under/overstanding and realizing we can ALL be GODS and GODDESSES of our own existence if we truly realize the SOURCE from when we came and flow into and with.  If EYE am in THEE's image, it is clearly not the image of a man!  So WHO am EYE in the image of?!  Perhaps....BOTH?!  Think.  Release the slavemaster's shackles on your minds and THINK!  FEEL!  BECOME AWARE!  AND KNOW....THERE IS SOOOO MUCH MORE THAT YOU HAVE YET TO KNOW...AND DO.

Complete prayers and works do not come from incomplete sources.  Think MORE....BE MORE.  Embrace COMPLETE power and let it embrace YOU.  You'd be surprise the miracles YOU can make....yourself...without all the "middle men."

The path is waiting as are the blessings....for those who are truly courageous enough to walk it and keep it really REAL. Just proving what EYE know and what has proven time and time to work for ME.  Always has....always will.  Divine Common Sense and Spiritual Awareness.  It's NOT "religion."  It's sooooo much MORE.  YES....it WORKS!  #truthALWAYSdoes

But alas....EYE am just the messenger.  Many will not receive or understand the message.  Many will want further guidance...but guidance comes through YOU walking YOUR journey yourself.  IJS  EYE just drops the "seeds."  EYE don't do "follow thru" or nurture the crops.  EYE've seen what happens to all of those who do.  And EYE've learn to keep it moving....as per MY direction.

Walking the Faith; not just talking it.



01/07/2017 10:08am

Basically this iamvaljones blog has been sharing and giving us a lot of wonderful methods and concepts .Thanks for updating about god so much more than my blessings flow from,keep doing in the same way.


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