Needless to say, my Dad (the original King) and Baker (my Prince Husband) "spoiled" or "groomed" me for any other man that would dare to take court with Da Oracle Queen.  Just saying......during a "grief" period after losing Bake, EYE lost my mind and "kissed a few frogs;" but that was then.  And this is NOW.  And, not ONE, but TWO kings showed me how Kings are SUPPOSED to be with their Queens.  They were not perfect.  But they were far from "ordinary" men.  They did NOT expect ME to take care of THEM...but rather, THEY were there for ME....AND wanted me to fly, excel and BE THE BEST EYE COULD BE!  They did not put me "beneath" them, but raised me up with them and even above them during those times needed.  

And trust me, my very own Queen Mother taught me as well how to be a resilient lady AND soldier at the same time.  EYE don't falter over broken nails and flat tires and no one to share the bed with.  EYE like MY bed to myself.  More room for ME!  And EYE loooove being the FIRST to eat from the food EYE prepare.  MY Father and Mother and the King EYE married would ALL agree that's a GOoD thing.   Luckily EYE figured it out in time before EYE shared so much of my treasured wealth that there was none left to share or live on.  Ahhh, the harsh lessons life can teach one so fair.  No, my sweets....life is NOT always fair.  But it is indeed a learning experience and an adventurous journey.   ;-) 

EYE am a LEADER; not a follower. EYE didn't "choose" to be a leader. EYE was born into the role....to explore, to seek, to manifest, to create, to go beyond. EYE was born with the name FAITH. So EYE just don't "speak" it; EYE live it and PROVE it. EYE walk it daily. And EYE don't walk in another's footsteps. EYE walk in my OWN! And if there is someone who wishes to walk WITH me....cool. EYE don't expect you not to walk YOUR path, just like you shouldn't expect me not to walk MINE. But if we're walking in the same direction and can skip down the road, holding hands and sharing some laughs and adventures, that's a wonderful thing!! Who knows where it might lead?!
But if you're pulling me off MY path to facilitate YOURS at the risk of me not facilitating my own, KNOW that EYE will "drop hands" in a heartbeat and stay on MY path....because that's MY mission and MY ordination and destination.  And just because YOU eat doesn't mean EYE automatically shit unless that food is going directly down my throat.

Here is ONE thing EYE know!  People come and go.  And if YOU are not prepared at some point in your life to have your OWN and BE ALONE, you're gonna have an interesting reality check to come your way.  And that lesson will be YOURS and YOURS alone to learn.....as spirituality and lessons are ALWAYS "personal"...whether we choose to accept or not.

Thanks to the original King and Queen AND the Prince who would be King for infusing me with the same message:  BE YOUR OWN.  HAVE YOUR OWN.  WE'LL ALWAYS BE HERE AND YOU'LL NEVER BE ALONE.

True...true.  It may not be EVERYone's story.  But it IS mine.  Living...learning...and even loving.  HOWEVER, love is precious like water.  And EYE don't believe in wasting it on barren fields and illusions.  Plant a seed in sand and what do ya get?  ;-)

IJS......EYE don't do "frogs," wait on "fairytales" and anything less than a PROVEN King shall NOT be a part of MY castle.  EYE can build alone by myself utilizing my own wealth of resources and be GREAT without having someone siphoning my energy and resources just to merely offer "time" and "companionship."  Time is precious....especially at this stage of life.  And "companionship" EYE can find anywhere.  EYE don't like being bored and NOT desperate nor so lonely that EYE will accept just any old thing.  EYE never bore me.  And EYE am REAL GOoD at being alone and creating alone until something is worthy of MY interest and time.  EYE am NOT looking for someone to take care of.  QUITE the reverse!!  EYE have LOTS on things on MY priority list to take care of...and at the top of the list is someone named "Valerie Faith."  Under/innerstand the gift....or don't unwrapped the package! 

As my Queen Mother would say, "If it doesn't make sense, it doesn't make cents...and vice versa!" 

And don't get it twisted.  You STILL have to get past the KING and the Prince.  And they are very much in the mix!  #alwaysaroundme   ;-)

Now...."armor UP" or bow OUT.  Da Oracle Queen has work to do.   IJS

(The "Anti-Media" Media)



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