This is gonna come off as a "brag" instead of "fact."  But it IS FACT.  Excuse the "military brat" flava of how we say things.  We do it with the utmost respect...but come off with 100% REAL "attitude" because it's all we know and were taught to do.  Be TOP gun about your shit!!  That being said:

EYE have gotten to know a LOT of folks in my lifetime...and have had the earned pleasure of meeting and knowing some of the BEST in the best in entire entertainment industry and the world.  But let me digress for a moment:  EYE am a military brat.  WE are USED to the best.  We have seen things, HAD things, experienced things, been a part of things, know things and been places where many could only HOPE to go.  We didn't do it with a big "entourage" or "hyped" media flair with cameras and fake friends around ALL stunting for some "spotlight" of their own and waiting to step on YOUR back in a sec to do it.  WE DON'T DO IT WITH "CLIQUES"...because ALL brats are basically "solo" folks...unless we're around other brats...because WE know THEY understand.  It ain't easy being breezy...and yet it IS...for us.  #naturalbornsoldiersWE have a "standard."  A HIGH STANDARD...that's passed down from our Soldier parents and environment.  And even when our situation becomes low and it seems like we're "bottoming out" (well...you rarely see THAT from a brat 'cuz we're gonna hold our head up and make it look glorious regardless), we STILL have HIGH STANDARDS.  Perhaps our biggest downfall in trying to be understood and liked...is that we will share our world and our blessings too freely.  And in the end, we will STILL be disliked and dismissed by those who think WE think we are the shit!  Well, frankly my dears...WE ARE THE SHIT!!  And we tried to share it with you.  BUT....your jealousy of who we ARE and what you're NOT proved too much for any type of REAL "working" relationship.  Too many don't want to learn to earn.  They just "assume" the privilege that they are on the same level with the same toys (even though most of those "toys" are YOURS).  Yet another reason why you can't share everything with everybody.  And everybody doesn't belong at the same party.  

Now...digressing again to progress:  EYE know a LOT of truly talented folks.  BRILLIANT folks!  REAL STARS!!  And EYE know a lot of "wannabes."  Now EYE'm not knocking your grind.  Keep grinding...HARD.  A REAL STAR KNOWS it doesn't happen over night and doesn't matter how many groupies you have or what your "clique" thinks.  The industry is a "clique" all to itself. Been here longer than you.  Will be here AFTER you.  And you don't bring "IT" to YOU.  YOU rise to IT!!  But some of you are bringing you "C" and "D" game and comparing to those who always bring their "A" game...at the worst a "B+" game on a bad day.  And YOU want to put yourself on the same pedestal without earning the privilege or skill respect.  NOW WHERE DEY DO DAT AT?!

But to the point.  EYE know a LOT of truly talented folks.  But under/innerstand that EVERY body EYE know is NOT on the same level.  Your music...your poetry...your hip hop may be good for YOUR immediate surroundings.  But that doesn't make it good for the world.  Just because it sounds good to YOU doesn't mean it will sound good Universally.  And there are TWO different "Universes" that have formed.  One is NOT the same as the other.  And the sound and vibration does NOT cross over to BOTH even though it can cross over to one.  ONE has HIGH standards...and the vibrations are ALWAYS as such, even though the style may vary.  The other....just doesn't give a fuck about style or talent as long as a buck as made.  And depending on your mindset and action will determine which Universe you are mainly a part of.

With that being said:  There are "Universal Soldiers"...."floaters"...who can maneuver thru BOTH Universes  Our rolls are NOT to stay in one as we are primarily of the other...the HIGHER realm.  We are just "experiencing" and "teaching" and giving people a chance to hear and see more.  We are "in it" but not "of it."  WE are here to "light" things up.  WE ARE FEW!!  Don't get it twisted that there are a LOT of us.  There are NOT.  And if you're truly honest with yourself and open your eyes and minds, you will clearly see that and discern who is WHO.

STILL...there are those "deceivers" in the "underworld Universe" who thrive on chaos and slavery of the mind and spirit.  They pretend to be "Higher Realm Soldiers" when their "high" is always on the low.  They want followers.  They want slaves.  They want people to be the same and NEVER grow.  They want people stalled so they can't go.  They ALWAYS try to hold the REAL back.  And they have the nerve to "compare talents and experiences" with the true "Higher Realm Universal Soldiers" when, in fact, their only talent and experience they have is from the "underworld."  They have NEVER gone BEYOND that world nor "crossed-over"...because they can't.  (NOTE:  Be careful and understand the term "crossed over" because WE don't mean the same thing as "them."  The one and ONLY thing "they" are good at is "twisting minds and words"...just like a chain.  See the connection...."slave?")


Again....digressing to progress:  And there we have it in a nutshell.  Sometimes you HAVE to digress to progress and LEARN from the past...bring it to the present...and make it work for you in the future.  Learn what you didn't/don't know.  Learn from those who paved the path before you.  DON'T expect them to repave it for YOU.  They've earned their time of enjoyment and passed the wisdom down to YOU.  It's YOUR fault if you choose not to nourish the seed and see a viable crop grow.  THIS is how you work the present...and plan for the future.  YOU LEARN FROM THE PAST...BRING IT TO THE PRESENT...MAKE IT WORK FOR YOU IN THE FUTURE...AND GIVE THANKS AND APPRECIATION IN ORDER TO GAIN MORE BLESSINGS.  It's not an either or.  It's an ALL OF THE ABOVE.  And if you don't do it, you stay in the "underworld Universe"...full of yourself...full of arrogance...full of incomplete teachings and understands...full of NOTHING.

EYE've seen the "underworld Universe."  Or seen enough of it that EYE was willing to experience. HATED IT!!  Well...hate is such a strong word.  Let's just say, EYE didn't like it.  Couldn't feel it. It's drained me far more than anything EYE have ever known.  NO PURPOSE.  NO SOUL.  So EYE chose to RISE.  Dropped a few seeds AND unnecessary baggage to lighten my already heavy load and headed back/forward/upward to friendly skies.  Before insecure, lying, greedy eyes, EYE did it with NO disguise and NO "backing" from ANYONE except for the Most High Universe.  EYE didn't just "talk the talk."  EYE "walked the walk."  STILL "walking the walk"...in clear view in front of ALL of you.  And this isn't about what THEY do.  It's about what EYE did and STILL DO....and MY STORY, MY EXAMPLE, MY LESSON PAID FORWARD EARNED FROM MY DUES.  And leaving THIS message to you which is ALL that EYE am Divinely "required" to do:   

Beware the "underworld Universe."  It's a trick...a lie.  There IS no "bye-n-bye."  Just bye....to EVERY thing YOU hold/held dear.  Unless your dream is phoniness and fear.  And ain't NO money can wash all that away.  

EYE'm just saying.....EYE know some of the most BRILLIANT talents in the Universe!! Hell...EYE AM ONE OF THE MOST BRILLIANT TALENTS IN THE U-N-EYE-VERSE!!  PROVED...PROVING AND PROVING!!  And though there are many on their "grind," comparing yourself to some of these brilliant folks EYE know or to ME is, not only an insult to THEM, but an insult to ME.  


EYE have SHOWN you EYE have HIGH STANDARDS.  Brats only like the BEST!!  EYE gave the less a few clues (hell...a LOT of clues) and a "minute" to straighten it out.  Instead, they "twisted out" MY name, MY mission, MY words, MY dreams as well as MY success and MY path.AND EYE TAKE FULL RESPONSIBILITY BECAUSE EYE ALLOWED IT...EVEN WHEN EYE KNEW BETTER.  You live and learn...and you DON'T make the same mistakes on the next journey.  NEXT JOURNEY/LEVEL STATUS!!!

Bottom line:  You just can't give EVERY one access to your pearls and wisdom.  No casting pearls to swine, said Big Brotha.  Got it!!

IF you truly wish to be on that HIGHER level as the "brilliant," many of you MUST STEP UP YOUR GAME AND YOUR GRIND!!  In the REAL Universe, "mediocre" will NEVER be considered "brilliant."  Just ain't happening, dawg!  You gotta work at that shit if you're serious about getting on that REAL "next level."  And EYE am NOT here to help you do that.  You missed that blessing.  But EYE didn't miss mine...nor will EYE choose to take my hands off of it just to go back in time.  

There was a time when even Harriet Tubman says, "This is my last trip." Now all EYE can do is leave a chemtrail.  Those who get it, GOOD.  Those who don't, not my fault.  Seriously!!  EYE am NOT here to "spotlight" everyone from "Podunk town, USA."  EYE am first and foremost here to spotlight ME...and that which makes ME shine and feel GOoD!!  My standards, MY tastes, MY talents, MY vibrations AND MY friends are UNIVERSAL.  HIGH LEVEL UNIVERSAL.  To focus on less would be a horrendous disservice to MYSELF and the BEST.  Law of Attraction states EYE have "attracted" the BEST because EYE AM THE BEST AT WHAT EYE DO!  EYE have no more time...LITERALLY...to focus on anything other than MY Divine mission and path...and MY Ascension.  EYE have been given HIGHER ORDERS in no uncertain terms that, unless EYE TOO want to die on a cross that wasn't meant for me to carry, EYE need...EYE must...EYE HAVE TO "let that bullshit go....and focus on YOUR REAL and productive and evolutionary shit!!"  Yup!!  That's exactly how MY Divine Parents would say it...because they were and ARE SOLDIERS...FOR THE GOoD!  And they taught me to KEEP IT REAL!

And this time, the "hardheaded" military brat who always has to SEE and felt she had to save the "lost souls" is listening and saving SELF from a hell EYE am NOT from...by going back/forward/upward toward home....because the air is fresher and cleaner and much more beneficial for ME.  And the GOoD vibrations?!  MAAAAN...can't even describe.  If you're worthy and truly work toward it, you'll see it and feel it for yourself.  Yup...THIS one is a personal journey.  No "puff puff passing."  Smoke THIS one all to yourself and enjoy a REAL high for a change.  ;-)

And if you find that this serious heartfelt story, lesson and wakeup call to MANY of you is "hate," then happy falling....'cuz in the words of Kermit the Frog:

"But That's None of MY Business!"   #getREAL




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We are both astonished that these remedies are working so fast and we'll definitely stick to it until my dad's floaters are completely gone.
In case you're wondering, this website contains some of the remedies that have helped my dad:

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