REAL'ISDOM:  If EYE have never killed you (illegally) or stole from you, EYE don't have shit to apologize for.  Especially when it come to living MY life on MY terms.  EYE wasn't born to be your nursemaid, whore, janitor, personal psychiatrist, free facilitator, savior or your fat calf to feed off of.

EYE was born to BE...ME...and the BEST and most interesting EYE can BE.
And somewhere along the journey, EYE ran into people along the way that EYE could never please.

But the lesson was NOT about pleasing THEM.  It was finding out WHAT pleases ME.

And when EYE figured out what that was, EYE WENT FOR IT....like anyone else.

And folks got mad.

And now they wanna, but they can't.  Because they should've, but they didn't.  Because talk is cheap.  And "temporary public stunting" is as accountable as our Congress.  Because these people, after all is said and done, are STILL the "same" people with the same energy EYE ignored initially....a "Cain" spirit.  One of control, "ego-importance," jealousy, fear, close-mindedness and insecurity.  And they are either in denial about it or expect ME to be.  P.S.  YOUR GOD IS NOT MY GOD!!  AND YOUR WAYS ARE NOT 'MY' WAYS!  #recognizeandaccept

EXCLAMATION FOR EMPHASIS:  If EYE have never killed you (illegally) or stole from you, EYE don't have shit to apologize for. And WON'T.  EYE don't take beatings for another's misbehavior or failed lessons learned.  EYE am BEing ME!  And when it comes/came to YOU, it's clear to see and prove that EYE never lied nor didn't TRY.



How EYE get over the hump.  Take a morning dump...then keep moving!  :-)




We should keep moving in our life to the new destinations because life is the name of entertainment. It was good to have your blog as I find so many interesting things in it and now I am waiting for the next.

08/16/2017 3:20am

I think it's natural for people to always seek help to others. The fact that they made a move and ask a help from you doesn't mean they need something bigger than that from you. Give humanity a chance. We don't know what future holds for all of us, so we would rather choose to be a good person all the time. I believe that being a good person is like living a blessed life. Always choose to do good and be good.

03/01/2017 7:09am

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