GOOOOOOOOOOOD MORNING U-N-EYE-VERSE!!!  This morning's 1st message from Da Oracle:

DEAR WHITE PEOPLE (especially and particularly the ignorant ones):  YOU DO NOT WANT A "RACE WAR!"  Contrary to popular belief and your undeniable arrogant error in your "supposed" superiority, YOU WILL NOT WIN!!  Seriously....you will NOT win.  Betta tell your "cousins" to back 'er down before they fuck it up for ALL of you.  WE are NOT "yesterday's 'negroes.'" WE don't believe in marching and humming slave dirges, nor long for holding hands and singing, "Kumbaya" or "We Shall Overcome" with our proven enemy.  WE don't pray for your "forgiveness."  WE plan for your next bad move.  And WE could give a FUKK about your opinions, your approval, your arrogance, your twisting of EVERY story and chapter of OUR lives, your "supposed" superiority which is really hidden inferiority that is destroying YOU as much as you "think" you are destroying US or your gotdamn fake-ass friendship!!  Now, of course, this is not to EVERY white person.  But if the boot fits, ram that bitch up your ass....REAL HARD!!  Til the shit you're so full of comes flowing out in the RIGHT direction!!  Consider it an "Oracle Enema," baby!!!

DEAR BLACK PEOPLE (especially those who choose to remain sleep and on their knees waiting for their white savior to "deliver" them and ALSO make yourselves such easy targets):  WAKE DA FUKK UP!!!  THIS IS NOT NEW!!  People get killed EVERY DAY!  JUST LIKE THIS!  It's just media has taken THIS particular story and playing it out on EVERY outlet...and all these so-called leaders who haven't been "relevant" in a while (IF they EVER were) are now stunting for relevance again.  (Watch them in a minute start a brand NEW agenda and ask for your support...AND MONEY!!  But try to get these media hoes to YOUR town without the cameras rolling!!  Good luck with THAT.  Been there; SEEN IT!!)

And NOW, ALL of you are focused on THIS (something which happens EVERY DAY in "Hypocritical Town, USA) when there is some even MORE diabolical stuff happening behind the scenes that will not only affect Michael Brown's friends and family but will affect YOU!!! ALL OF YOU!!!  



ACCESS THE SITUATION AS A WHOLE...and stop being mislead by your emotions and THINK with your mind on what is REALLY going on here and WHAT is the MUCH BIGGER problem!

EDUCATE YOURSELF!  Learn YOUR Constitutional Rights and how they apply to YOU...and DON'T be afraid to USE them.  Don't wait til YOU need a lawyer.  Start being YOUR lawyer (or get to know some REAL lawyers with PURPOSE) and start "policing"your own communities again. (Hell...THEY DO!)  WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH IN "OUR" COMMUNITIES?!!

TAKE CONTROL (and stop letting others control YOU...your finances, your thoughts, your actions, your children, your behavior, your education (or should EYE say MISeducation, your rise...AND your decline)

LEARN WHY THIS KEEPS HAPPENING!  WHY...DOES THIS KEEP HAPPENING?!  ALL THESE BLACK PREACHERS...AND ALL THESE BLACK POLITICIANS...AND ALL THESE BLACK MILLIONAIRES...AND THIS STILL KEEPS HAPPENING?!  And don't blame ALL of them when YOU walking around sounding and acting like Waka Flocka and Trinidad James or the "Ho of The Week" with bat wings for lashes and hair in EVERY color but your own and YOU think "ratchedness" is your climb UP the ladder and YOU won't listen to what people who REALLY KNOW are trying to tell you!  TAKE RESPONSIBILITY THAT SOME OF YOU MAKE YOURSELVES EASY STATISTICS!!!  How about turn that education UP and turn some of that bullshit DOOOOOWN!!!  #sillyrabbits

GET YOUR "BANK" UP...AND STOP SPENDING MONEY ON STUPID SHIT THAT ADDS NO VALUE TO YOUR LIFE!!  (Honestly....you scream "Revolution" yet you're still funding "massa" and not making a penny to put in your OWN pot in the process!  Some of y'all some fickle, phony DUMB futhamuckers!!)

KNOW THIS:  EVERY "BROTHA" OR "SISTA" AIN'T "YOUR BROTHA OR SISTA."  EYE have learned the HARD way to look more at spirit these days rather than just color.  SEE the "actions!!"  WATCH the "patterns!!"  This will CLEARLY tell you what and who YOU are dealing with.  And if you choose to deny and get your ass trapped and crapped on, well...it's your own damn fault.  NEVER let it be said that someone didn't try to warn you.  Harriet Tubman didn't spend her final years on the damn plantation trying to free stupid slaves who chose to be slaves.  DJango OUT, beeeeyotches!!!

STOP MAKING THE SAME MISTAKES AND DOING THE SAME THING THAT NEVER SEEMS TO LEAD TO ANY JUSTICE...except an apology, a handshake, a pat on the head and a cookie.  Damn, Fido!!!  REALLY?!

There is a FAR bigger enemy than "them."  It is US.  And when WE figure out WHO and WHAT "WE" are and STOP listening to those who continue to make you into something less and take control of our OWN destinies instead of ALWAYS buying into the "tricks,"  THEN...AND ONLY THEN...WILL THINGS CHANGE!!!  It never has and never WILL start with "them."  IT STARTS WITH YOU!!

And the sad thing is...."they" know it more than "us."  Remember...JUSTICE really does means sometimes, "JUST US."  This ain't new.  And will NEVER be new.  It's just new to YOU.  

P.S.  And if you want someone to take you SERIOUS, act...look...and speak like you're SERIOUS!!!  CONFIDENCE doesn't NEED a gun!  CONFIDENCE HAS GUTS!  FEAR takes cheap shots and uses guns!  But note:  You better THINK TWICE about those bullshit "gun buy back" programs too.  Ask yourself, WHY are they always in YOUR neighborhood and never in "theirs?!"

HOWEVER, FOOLS OF ANY COLOR shouldn't be allowed to even TOUCH a weapon.  Celie finger on ALL YOU BITCHES!!  EVERY SINGLE ONE.  May your fingers AND your hands rot off just like your brains...and it just keeps going til you are DUST...DUST...DUST!!  (says the vooooodoooo queen oracle)

MEANTIME...the REST of you?  Please get a clue!!  This is getting soooo very old and tiresome.  Jeezus!!!  (Oh, by the way, "he" told me to tell you that HE came...and left.  YOU missed him.  Why is that NOT a surprise?!)

Now...EYE'm sure the hate will come.  The "truth tellers" are ALWAYS the enemy because STILL too many of you...MOST of you CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH!!!  

And frankly, again...don't give a fuck anymore!!  Said what EYE had to say.  MEANT EVERY WORD.  Unapologetic for the language OR the passion of MY thoughts on MY page.  YOU got a problem with it?  That's YOUR issue.  Correct THAT!!!  

But know this.....if you hate what EYE'm saying....THEN STOP ASKING ME TO SUPPORT YOUR SHIT!!!  It doesn't go BOTH ways!!  You canNOT deal with or build with folks who "hate" you and think something positive and real is ever gonna grow from a fake relationship with a false foundation.

And THERE we have it ALL in a nutshell.  The shot heard all over the world!!  BOOM!!!




03/17/2015 8:53am

Peace is not an easy feat to achieve. A person has to sacrifice a lot for achieving this goal. Ego being one of the main sacrifices but education teaches a person to hold benefits of others above all.

07/12/2015 12:41pm

Thanks for posting this. I wish it was able to be translated, but for some reason Google toolbar isn't working. I copy pasted it into another application and read the post.

10/05/2015 1:02pm

This will clearly tell you what and who you are dealing with. And if you choose to deny and get your ass trapped and crapped on, well...it's your own damn fault.

10/31/2015 6:47pm

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11/06/2015 12:39pm

Are you sure they would listen to you sista?

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03/01/2017 7:23am

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