REAL'ISDOM: Never allow those who DON'T take your focus off of those who DO. Jealousy, insecurity and multiple failures to launch are NOT your concern unless it's YOU. If so, take a long look in the mirror...and correct THAT view FIRST!

If it's NOT you...but you find yourself dealing with it too much, YOU are in the WRONG place and space. Complaining about it...and trying to convince the crazy they're crazy is a waste and mistake. Yes, we "desire" a "family" of sorts. But you MUST be particular with whom you build "forts." People need "cliques" for a sense of belonging. But is it worth risking YOUR OWN GROWTH and sanity and blessing just to belong to something that is "stagnant" and "non-productive?" Is YOUR philosophy that a "bad marriage" is better than NO marriage at all?!

Then EYE guess we SEE the difference between pioneers...and followers. SOMEONE has to say "The Emperor has no clothes" and "This marriage is bad" and "This behavior is STUPID" and "This makes NO damn sense nor cents" and "This kool-aid tastes like poison" and "This weed AIN'T real weed!!"

Oh wait...kinda got off on a tangent (or maybe not....) 

Anyway, salute to those who know and have the courage to make REAL "power moves" and under/innerstand a movement is about MOVING FORWARD and is NOT fueled by denial. LOVE is an "action word;" not one merely spoken for public display when it's convenient. And it's NOT about what "they" do or don't do. It's about what YOU do and whether YOU have the faith and courage to do it ALONE when the time comes and it's needed!

MANY "speak" it. FEW actually "BE" it. And if you truly open ALL of your eyes, you can clearly distinguish between the lies and those who are truly walking the WALK instead of talking the talk. Or maybe...it's just obvious to ME. Sight since birth...awareness since 3. Called on at age 7. Perhaps...it's an Oracle thing...and why it makes some nervous. Truth always has. But back to the point.....

When YOU walk the path that was destined for YOU and YOU alone, you might find a REAL home of folks with like minds and shines, ALL on their higher evolutionary grind...who, TOO, had to leave the crosses that were not theirs to carry behind. Like a thief in the night. They took their lantern and light....and left. And "raptured" their way back/forward to "heaven." ON EARTH as.....

Sounds familiar?

It WOULD...if some of you would really learn to read AND discern FOR YOURSELF. Ahhhh....and there be the problem...AND the solution. 

Sorry (or not) that EYE'm not your favorite or popular "moneybags" pastor...or your favorite control-freak leader of a so-called poet....or your "hood-rich ebonic-speaking rapper of the month" dropping these words. Just a poetic prophet...passing thru. And whether you were there for me, EYE was there for you. If YOU missed the message or the clue? It's NOT on me. Literally and physically.

Drops mic and moves on to the next field. No need to pay it backwards. EYE've already paid it forward. Harvest time...for ME. And mere mortal approval is NOT necessary; especially when it's approved by THEE.




A very insightful blog and real support for the people who are struggling in their lives with the relationship problem they are facing. This all seems so familiar and yet so impractical because few have courage to be what they are. Thank you for sharing your views.


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