The irony is....EYE came off such a great week/weekend finding myself and revealing and restoring my passion for performing again through a character called "Lady Death."  Who would have thought the role would play out in REAL life on another stage with another key performer.

Robin Williams...you will be missed.  There was/is NO ONE on this planet like YOU.  And it's in that uniqueness that can come a tragedy many may never understand.  It's not easy....being..."different."  

It is soooooo important that if you're going thru something "heavy"...or have gone thru anything tragic, it is IMPERATIVE that you limit your interaction with folks who drain your time, energy and spirit.  It's common for the "pained" to attract the "pained."  But 2 broken people canNOT heal each other.  It takes EVERYTHING in your power to just heal YOURSELF.  And please just don't think "turning it over to GOD" is the answer.  That is such a short and "flippant" excuse  to expect something or someone greater to do what YOU will need to do for YOURSELF.  It takes courage.  It takes FAITH (in YOU).  It takes time.  It take energy that many times you don't have.  Which is why it's sooooo important to pull away from any and all things draining you.  There have been many EYE tried to help.  But at the end of the day, in order to help and heal ME, EYE had to pull away and spend MY time and MY energy and MY money and MY efforts to focus on helping and healing ME.....because NO ONE....let me repeat....NO ONE will help YOU like YOU will help YOU.  Not even GOD....for that is just the fuel for your particular faith.  But NOT the vehicle; that is YOU.  And YOU better make sure you do as much "maintenance" on your "personal/spiritual vehicle" as much as your car or your house or your equipment.  

And you better make SURE you find the peace that heals YOU....because everyone does NOT operate on the same gas.  Faith is NOT a "one size fits all."  It's about what fits YOU.  And the more you pull away from people who don't "get it" or "get you," the more you'll find and feel what makes YOU tick and brings YOU peace.

Ahhhh....and there be the rub.  Some don't want to go that personal within themselves.  And that's where a very critical process of the journey is achieved...or aborted.  Simple?  Obviously NOT.  Sometimes the inner mirror is the one people are afraid to face the most...and they use the "perceptions" or "approval" of others as a cover to block the truth.

Unfortunately, truth....like death....ALWAYS surfaces to tell the true tale.  #gotstories?

Of course...EYE'm merely speaking from MY experience and what EYE know from MY own life and stories.  Perhaps yours may vary.  

And perhaps not.  Perhaps....it's times like this you should take a moment...take THIS moment...to take a deeper look into YOU....while you're still breathing.  Just a not-so-cryptic message from Da Oracle Val Jones




03/19/2015 8:11am

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