REAL'ISDOMS AND OBSERVATIONS:  Being an artist is NATURALLY...but it is NOT easy.  Especially when that is the career that's chosen you.  Notice EYE said the career that's chosen YOU...because many paths and careers are chosen by those completely ONE with their spirits.  It is the path that chooses YOU and guides you to your destiny.  Look around.  You can see clearer and clearer the difference.

Being an entrepreneur is CRAY CRAY.  There are challenges like NO other.  BILLS like no other.  Physical...financial...emotional...spiritual...mental "bills" like no other.  Debts that reckon to be paid and MUST be paid in order to be successful.  People with nice "cushiony jobs" or something or someone to fall back on do NOT know the true meaning of the word "entrepreneurship"...or what it is like being a  true artist for that matter.

Let me explain:

When you have to take those leaps of faith...

(Sidepause: Note EYE did not say "final" leap of faith...for there will be MANY.  And if you're not "soldier enough" to follow through...well, there are some lessons YOU will NEVER learn about a very REAL side of the world.  But EYE digress to progress...)

When you have to take those LEAPS of faith, you better be ready for the unexpected.  And you better have Plan A...Plan B...Plan C...and know that Plan F might be the one needed.  That Plan can be known by 2 different names, but essentially the same thing.

When all else fails, welcome to Plan F:  
Plan FAITH (there is no spoon...there is no spoon)

Also known as Plan "Fuck It" (Did all EYE can do...TRULY; now let's turn it over to the Universe and something MUCH GREATER and expansive and older and wiser than ME and let's see what EYE learn from it.or what it is like being a  true artist for that matter.)

EYE have often time found out that when Plan F is in progress, you learn a LOT about yourself as well as others.  You have no choice but to learn now.  Well...some never do.  But that's the difference between those who plan on being successful in REAL terms opposed to those just "successful" in their heads.  

Got a clue for you:  Imagination doesn't pay bills and has NO debts in its name.  But the "vehicle" imagination rides in....can take imagination far and watch it attract much wealth.  Or let it sit in a cookie jar and turn to dust like that one old cookie at the bottom of the jar that's never been eaten.

People are interesting "beings."  Some have imagination.  Some don't.  Some know how to work it.  Some don't.  Some love to watch others work it.  Some copy.  Some unite and build.  Some destroy.  And some...haven't figured it out yet.  Note:  Better hurry!

NOW....here's the even MORE interesting point:  When you've figured it out...you can see who was REALLY supportive...and who was only supportive for the ride.  Some will wanna say "Yeah I know exactly what you're talking about."  No...NO you don't.  Not EXACTLY what EYE was talking about.  Experiences, like snowflakes, are unique and vary.  MY path and every move EYE made under MY feet fit MY shoe print; not yours.  However, my steps are there for you to see IF you choose to follow in the same direction and learn from my experiences.  But KNOW...You don't KNOW "exactly" what EYE'm talking about.  You can "imagine"...and "relate." But you don't KNOW everything EYE've gone through and what EYE'm still going through.  MY life is NOT so easy a caveman (or cavewoman) could do it.  And there be the difference...and there IS a difference.

That's what make artists and entrepreneurs so different than the rest.  We KNOW and respect everyone's story of growth.  Well.....those of us who have managed to keep our hearts and minds intact.  Some got a little "twisted" and "lost" along the way.  And the thing about being in the process of "Plan F?"  It's a solo mission.  Only YOU can find your way out...or in to your "heaven."  No one can't do it for you.  

No one will...no matter what they say.  It's not personal.  It just is what it IS.

Plan F allows you to see those cheering...those who are YOUR angels just waiting for YOU and your time of need and desire...and those mad because you "left the plantation" without them.  Not that they wanted to leave.  Their actions clearly suggested not.  It's just that many "appear" to want you to do good...but just not better than them.  Many "appear" to want to do good...but instead of completely making their own way, they'd rather jump on your wings.  

EVEN if those wings are coming out of fresh fiery ashes, they jump on YOUR wings before you've even had a time to expand them completely and catch a breath.

And there...you have to initiate YOUR part in "Plan F."  Flight.

Remember when EYE said Plan F is a solo mission.  Your plane has been grounded.  You've sat...thought...observed...prayed...meditated...even "medicated"...and repaired...and NOW, it's YOUR part in this process:  

Give thanks for it all...and take FLIGHT.


EYE think the point has been made.

And the moral of this:  When it's YOUR time to RISE and SHINE, don't hesitate.  You've earned this flight.  YOU've paid for the flight!  Now SPREAD your wings...let the salt fall where it may....





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