REAL'ISDOM:  We smile many times to cover up the pain.  A pain that most care not or can't handle.  And they expect you to keep smiling, regardless.  Regardless of the hurt...regardless of the "slight"...regardless of the backstabbing...regardless of the hate...regardless of the unfairness...regardless of the drain...regardless of the never being recognize for what you did for them...regardless of your own trauma and drama and depression.  People ALWAYS want you to keep "smiling" like you're some "Stepford Wife" ---  oblivious to the REAL realities of the world or what's going on around you...AND them!  They want you to keep "smiling" and being "hunky dory" ALL of the time because they're in denial themselves...or have yet to be engrossed in the woes of sheer agony that is indescribable...ONLY experience.  They want you to keep "smiling" like everything is GREAT on the surface...when just below the surface things are gritty...shitty...bloody...ugly.  EYE'm just saying...even OZ wasn't "OZ."

People who want you to keep "smiling" regardless aren't REAL...because you canNOT POSSIBLY keep smiling ALL the time.  Go up to someone and stab them repeatedly.  Do THEY keep "smiling?"

IJS  In order to be really REAL with yourself and your own life in achieving happiness, you MUST separate yourself from folks who just aren't REAL.  Fact:  Some will NEVER get it.  And some just don't WANT to.  That would require some effort and work on their part.  And better (and easier) to throw it up in the air and wait for a miracle cure than to actually be real with themselves and make some necessary moves or steps to progress or dealing with the REAL world.

All of that's to say...when you find the things that make you SINCERELY smile, you embrace them...you appreciate them...and you don't let them go for the things that never really did fulfill YOUR needs.  In looking at Robin Williams, there by the grace of GOD go EYE.  And EYE've been a little too close to that to go back to the things that put me in so much despair while dealing with my own despair.  Some folks were never and WILL NEVER be good for me.  GOoD for ME!!  To ignore these epiphanies and lessons mean EYE give up my blessings for a ride back on the "hell train" expecting different results this time from the same characters doing the same things.


NO APOLOGIES for those who don't see me now.  NO APOLOGIES for growing and moving forward while others are standing still and spinning in their own tracks of insanity.  NO APOLOGIES for sitting around and looking like EYE'm enjoying something when EYE'm bored senseless...and there is NO chance or change for growth because of others' insecurities or lack of abilities.  NO APOLOGIES for those who feel EYE put myself FIRST for a change.  NO APOLOGIES FOR BEING DIFFERENT, UNIQUE AND BE-YOU-TO-FULLY ME!!  (If YOU can't handle all this brilliance, why should that be MY suffering to have because of YOUR limitations and limited expectations of ME?!)  NO APOLOGIES for not catering to stereotypes.  EYE am not here to be what YOU want me to be; EYE am here to BE what GOD blessed me to BE...ME!!  (in ALL my forms, even down to my craziness.  Just saying...YOU might not get anything from it.  But the ones EYE am meant for DO.  Purpose achieved!)

NO APOLOGIES for doing what makes ME happy and proves to be to MY benefit.  NO APOLOGIES for cutting the cord of dead weight that was dragging me away from MY dream and into others nightmares.  NO APOLOGIES for taking all MY time and MY efforts and MY "little monies" and investing in ME now.  Let's be REAL:  The ONLY thing you truly can depend on....IS YOU!!  So you BETTER make sure YOU'RE straight FIRST!!  Real world shit here!!  Take this seed and plant it and grow it.  Or starve later from the lesson missed.  And don't come knocking on my door at MY harvest time looking for something "unearned."  EYE gave you the seed.  EYE am NOT suppose to nurture it, grow it, harvest it, cook it up and serve it to you TOO!


Some people don't want "help" or "friends."  They want "cheerleaders" to an ill-fated game they're playing with themselves...or want an audience for their "circuses."  And some feel the need to belong so bad and feel they have nothing really going on with themselves that they cater to the "alpha energy" that pulls them away from a path they don't see down a road that was not theirs.

EYE'm thankful to ALL my folks who have ever been REAL with me and reminded me to FOCUS and "save self" instead of trying to save the world.  Funny how people who do that never seem to fare well.  But all the others who want YOU to do it for them will all say, "That's GOD's way."  Then why aren't YOU doing it?!!!!  *crickets*

Just saying....when you find what truly and REALLY makes you smile...sincerely smile...embrace that with ALL your heart and soul.  NO ONE on this planet is YOUR GOD!  So THEY can't tell you what GOD wants for YOU.  That always has and always WILL be a PERSONAL connection between you and the Great Universal Source.  And it will be proven, NOT thru your talk but thru your WALK whether you are truly connected or not and walking YOUR path.

EYE'm choosing the path that makes ME smile.  And that's how EYE get over the hump....in ALL things!  Side benefit:  It's makes all those haters and naysayers go "Dammit to hell!!"  And that TOO, makes me smile.  In fact, makes me laugh!!  LOL  IJS  Well...YOU know what EYE'm saying......   ;-)  

P.S.  NEVER been "Stepford."  Never WILL.  REAL talk.




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