So REAL scenario. In the Big Lots parking lot. Looking at "Becky" and "Jenny" TURNIN' UP to some really hard gangsta shit...and they "swagsinging" like Izzy. Phone call. "Turn it down. It's Mom." Yup. 

Moments later, EYE'm blasting my Mark De Clive-Lowe's "The Mission" from his CD "Church." Heavy stuff, laced with REAL lyricism and eclectic jazz...and the old white woman pulling up in the parking lot looking at ME like EYE'm "trouble." 

That moment when U just want to go, "Bitch PLEASE!! Where were YOU when your grandkids were 'posing?!' Or you don't see the hypocrisy in THAT or the fact that YOU are CLEARLY the one ignorant to the facts here!!"


Just another day in "Black Land." 




11/07/2016 5:15pm

She's a real swagger, a real fighter and full of courage. Every country should go against the racism, the toxic insect that keep eating the peace from many years

02/24/2017 7:55am

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