CLASS IN SESSION. AN ORACLE'S OBSERVATION: You can give folks REAL hip hop....show the lineage of it...and play GOOD and REAL hip hop and music in general in ALL its forms. And they STILL think their music sounds just like it or (and this is the BIGGEST joke of all) even BETTER. But you can't get recognized outside of your street! Does today's weed make you DEAF and stupid too?! EYE'm just saying....

When you smoke tainted stuff, you just become....tainted...and wack. How NOT high is that?! P.S. EVERYbody is NOT a rapper and EVERY body who makes "Linus beats" is NOT a musician! IT'S A CRAFT....LIKE SURGERY! Not an average ability...like driving a car or riding a merry-go-round. THAT'S why folks outside of your market don't hear you. You're NOT SKILLED!!!! YOU'RE NOT TRAINED!! And contrary to YOUR belief...you DON'T have a natural ability!! And your mama & nem's opinions don't count. (How many record labels do THEY have?! How many record execs have THEY talked with?!)

And did EYE mention the fact that did you REALLY think you can sit toe-to-toe at a business table or dine with a "big wig" record exec or industry giant the way SOME of you act and talk?! In WHAT world?!!! Ratched is NOT the NEW "Universal" language or demand.

But YOUUUUU want me to LIE to you and tell you that you're ALL that and a bag of chips....just for some hustler "production company" to take ALL your money and give you a wack product that you can't sell past your own zipcode. You can't SEE nor HEAR the REAL love of someone who actually WANTS you to DO better. Instead, EYE am the "hater" for not rewarding your ignorance and arrogance and disrespect and lack of ability. EYE am the "hater" for keeping it REAL with you and telling you that you NEED to IMPROVE -- MENTALLY AND PROFESSIONALLY -- and really SEE, HEAR and TAKE NOTE how it's SUPPOSED to be done!

EYE am the "hater" because EYE have the nerve to still actually give a fuck when everybody wrote you off and ripped you off!! EYE don't know what EYE'm talking about. Then why the hell do YOU come to ME for help or approval...and get pissed off when you don't get it?! Like YOU trying to "shut ME out" is gonna make a difference!! YOU can't shut ME out from my own blessing!! WE are not even in the same league!!!

But EYE momentarily stepped away from MINE to show you how it should be done....and saw what the elders were trying to tell me....to just let it go...because some of you appear to be too far gone. AND YOU think because EYE do what EYE do...YOU can too. After all, if Val can do it...or this other industry professional (emphasis on "INDUSTRY PROFESSIONAL") can do it, "How hard can it be?" Like you just decided to do this yesterday while WE've been doing it ALL OUR LIVES!!!

Okay...fine. Let's play it YOUR way! It's not hard. 30-plus years in the biz...learned, earned AND DISCERNED...and surrounded myself with the BEST...on PURPOSE. Not to "dick ride"...but to LEARN. And GROW. And BE...the BEST at what EYE DO!! Took the lumps. Kicked down some walls. Forced open some doors. Dealt with a helluva lot of professional jealousy. And STILL....LEARNING every step of the way...until EYE got the attention of those who SAW the REAL talent and not just the attitude.They saw a "moneymaker." Law of attraction. The BEST attracts the BEST...just like the Ratchet attracts Ratchet!! Question: How many Ratchet folks own REAL labels?! But let's go back to YOUR point....

It's not hard at all! And the BEST just got ALL the time in the world to BS with arrogant BS mofos who never earned their rights to connect...NOR do they LISTEN to the wisdom that's been dropped on 'em. The BEST just sitting around twiddling their thumbs like they don't have anything to do but hate on some up and coming jackass who thinks he or she invented music or poetry YESTERDAY. Naaahh....it's not hard!! Hit that studio FULLY blunted. Make all those sounds you hear on terrestrial radio today and be the NEXT "Trinidad James. (Oh wait...didn't HE go broke?! Well, nevermind...that's just one....of MANY!!) Go 'head, dawg! Press that blunted beat and those non-distinguishable lyric ups. Spend your rent money and your weed money with that shady production company that's gonna make your shit sound muddy as fuck! Put that "Lee Press On" label on it. And go be a star!!!! The sky's the limit for YOU!! Go get 'em, Tiger!!!!

Is THAT what you want to hear?

Daaayum!! Why you STILL saying EYE'm "hating?!!" See?!! A Queen just can't win for losing with those who don't get it.

My absolute LAST convo on THIS subject to this degree because it makes NO SENSE (nor cents) for BOTH of us to be stuck in the "can't get right" zone. EYE've spent waaaay too much time caring waaaay too long for something that was never gonna be in MY best interest. Had to try. It's what EYE do. Tried it. Sometimes it worked. Sometimes it didn't. And NOW? It's a NEW season...and a KNEW season. Time to do something ELSE. Seasons...change.

FYI....if EYE have a high standard (and YES...EYE know EYE already do. Not a "local" standard...a UNIVERSAL standard), MY people and MY connects have a HIGH standard too. Remember that "law of attraction" thing? What you ARE, you attract?! Look around YOU right now. Don't look at what you say you "want" to be. LOOK AT WHAT YOU ARE ATTRACTING!!! How you feel about that?! That will pretty much tell the tale.

Oh well....live and learn. Or not. But that's none of MY business!!  Is it YOURS?!

#EnE  (Elevate and Evolve) 



02/18/2016 6:38am

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