GOoD TUESDAY, U-N-EYE-VERSE!! Super Harvest Moon STILL in effect. Enjoying the harvest of seeds planted. And expelling dead crops that are of no use to make room for the new harvest.

And let's talk about friends...or people you want at your table: Choosing more selectively these days. With a purpose. EYE no longer just "allow" any and every ole body in my space and place nor share my jewels with those who haven't proven themselves worthy. It's not being an "elitest" (although some might call it that). It's being PICKY and SMART....as there is a LOT of mess out there! And WHO in their RIGHT mind wants THAT?!

If you were going to the market to get vegetables and fruits, would you pick the worst looking ones...or the best looking ones? And know that sometimes something that looks good tastes HORRIBLE! So, you'd want to research it first, test it, watch how it's prepared, ask others about it...BEFORE you throw it into YOUR soup.

That being said......on THIS journey, it's NOT about the "quantity" of friends. Well, actually...it's NEVER been about "quantity." ALWAYS "QUALITY." However, EYE saw folks as myself...treated them a little more special and with the benefit of the doubt before realizing that sometimes a stone is just a stone...and not a star in the making.

Some people add value to your life. Some people just wanna be close to make themselves important. Some get close to steal from you. Some just crazy! Some will pretend to be your friend, just to stab you in the back like Cain. And some....you should have never given a second of your time. These are the tests that we will always face in life! The GOoD thing is....with every test....and every bad choice...will be offered a BETTER choice. The test is will YOU discern and learn? Blue pill or red? Or will you make a brand NEW pill to YOUR specifications? 

EYE have NO need for "friends" who want to "change" me to be little "Stepford" versions of them because they are NOT where EYE already am and feel like slowing me down will help them "catch up." EYE have NO need for "friends" who feel all of a sudden EYE'm "popular" enough to hang out with. EYE've always been "popular" and "respected" by MY circle and people of greater statue. It's just new to YOU. And trust me, by your own actions....YOU wouldn't fit. That was MY lesson to learn as well. EYE have NO need to join "cliques" and "causes" that only drain from my pockets, time and effort. Been there; done that; NEVER works...for ME. Not stupid. NO repeats!!

And EYE am not concerned with "towns"...saving them or putting them on my back like a "pack mule." EYE'm a child of the UNIVERSE! My goal and my vision and MY purpose have ALWAYS been BIGGER. EYE can no longer afford more dead crops or stagnant water unfit to drink taking up space in my Mothership NOR any more bad fuel that keeps me "sputtering" rather than flowing to my destination. MOTHER said, "NO MORE OF THAT, CHILD!!" Yes ma'am!!! One thing about a "highly evolved" child. WE may be a little hardheaded and risky from time to time.....that's what makes us such great explorers and pioneers and "societal saviors" and activists! However, WE are ALWAYS obedient to the REAL "higher authority!!" WE know where OUR harvest comes from....WE/THEE...and know (and LEARN) to NEVER take OURSELVES out of the equation and sacrifice ourselves for nothing. GOoD Math is ESSENTIAL to optimum living!!!

IT'S HARVEST TIME! And some are thinking they will be sitting at MY table dining in a harvest they did NOT help prepare. Some are thinking..."well, you should give to the needy because that's the LAWD's way." But when EYE was needy, did YOU give to ME? FYI...My "LAWD" told me that's some "dumb shit, Geraldo!! EYE never said that mess. How stupid would that make ME?!" Now THAT'S the Big Brotha EYE know and trust. 

The harvest you reap depends on the seeds you sow. It you put bad seeds in your garden, you get what you get....nothing. If you don't put seeds in your garden, you get what you get...nothing. If you put GOoD seeds in your garden, you get a GOoD harvest.

The moral of the story is: Don't let ANYONE who hasn't planted in your garden or helped you til your field tell YOU how to farm or WHO to share your crops with. IT'S HARVEST TIME!! DINE WITH WHO'S PROVEN TO BE WORTHY!! What part of the "Rapture" did you not understand?!




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