ORACLE'ISDOM:  It is CRUCIAL in these days and times that, as you rise and climb, that you find YOUR people who best fit YOUR frequency.

Note:  EVERYone is NOT "your" people.  And EVERYbody is NOT your "friend."  Listen to folks' actions and you will SEE the pattern and the heart...or the lack there of.

Note:  Spiritual people really don't have time for "religious" folk 'cuz WE already KNOW there is so much MORE than what's in someone's version of the Shakespearean tales. People who are afraid to break thru the sod will stay in their "grave bed of dirt" and NEVER know the light....just what someone "told" them it would be.  And those who strive for the actual light will waste a lot of time trying to convince closed minds that there is a much "opened" Universe and a BETTER place.  A reminder of all those prophets who tried before and the results:  It's been done BEFORE...to show US what to NOW do.  Stop trying...and put your energies to where it's better served.  BEING the proof; not mere talking it or "faking" it. REAL "Rapture" time.  And leave the rest to their "fairy tales."  They are NOT of OUR "frequency" and higher vibration.  It IS what it IS...and it ain't what it ain't.  Period.

Note:  Generations are gonna be lost.  Nothing we can do about that.  WE didn't begin it.  WE can't end it.  All we can do is survive it ourselves.  The Tsunami is IN...and the tide is dragging the lost out to sea....many willingly.  Holding on or trying to save drowning victims who are fighting YOU is a double tragedy in the making.  If your boat's barely afloat, you don't need others' "bilge water" toppling it over.  Let go...and LET GOD...(and let's see who's REALLY serious about their "faith" in themselves).  Swim to YOUR happiness; sail to YOUR destination and give others the best gift that you can:  An example of how to swim and sail thru rough waters. YOU were NOT here to do it FOR them.  YOU are here to show them...AND YOURSELF that it can be done.

Note:  The very people that want YOU to be less are the ones who can't be more....and usually never put a PENNY into YOUR projects, efforts or works.  They scream support; but they don't support.  They shun your uniqueness and boldness; but they are the FIRST to attempt to copy in secret.  They're afraid when you speak out; but YOU are the FIRST they call on when something happens to them and they need a "face" and "voice" to put on "their" pain.  They are NEVER there for YOUR pain...in fact, many of them CAUSE your pain!  But they EXPECT you to ALWAYS be there for THEIR pain...like it's YOUR obligation to suffer on behalf of their welfare.  WTF?!  WHAT TYPE OF JEDI SLAVE SHIT IS THAT, GERALDO?!!  Beware and steer clear from the ones who are NOT the "ones" and ONLY want you to be LESS because they can't be MORE.  FUCK THEM!!!  And revisit the first note and return to now.

Note:  EYE may be many things.  But, at the end of the day, EYE am NOT "thirsty" nor "desperate" for cliques, tricks, status hounds or smorgasbords of insanity. EYE speak MY mind...and the mind of that with guides ME...and your approval is not my concern.  EYE've already got "top clearance."  Think EYE care about "lesser" clearance?!  Don't know me as well as ya thought, do ya?!  ;-)

And EYE'm merely a messenger.  Should you choose to believe or not is irrelevant.  It IS what it IS and EYE am what EYE am.

So be it.  




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