People ask me why EYE "don't" anymore.  Why EYE don't hang out in the same places around the same folks anymore.  Why EYE don't support events & things like EYE used to.  Why EYE don't come out in the "community" and give freely of my time & efforts as EYE once so often did.  Why EYE just don't bother to teach the "unteachable" and "unreachable" like EYE soooo tried to do.  Why EYE don't care!  

First off...EYE DO CARE.  However, dealing with a bunch of "don'ts" kept ME from caring and DOING what was necessary to feed MY soul and life.  Dealing with all the "don'ts" keep me from all the positive and successful things in life, like: Doing things that could continue MY mission of reaching those who ARE appreciative.  Doing business with those who understand business is BUSINESS and not bullshit.  Doing things that could make sure EYE don't become one of those "causes" that NONE of the "don'ts" would ever support but would love to talk about like it makes them feel better about themselves.  Doing things that could continue to affect the world...and not just little "Jalopia" down the street that don't give a shit anyway.

Dealing with "don'ts" never get you ANYWHERE, wastes your precious time and energy AND MONEY spinning and spinning in the same rut and keeps YOU from "doing."  "Don'ts" hang around other "don'ts" and "act" like they doing something; but in reality they are doing NOTHING...but stunting.  

And stunts are like tricks.  Temporary amusements with no real value other than distraction.  

And that's why EYE stopped dealing with all of the "don'ts"...and decided to deal with the "DOs" instead.  Because the "DOs" not only get it; they DO IT!  And because EYE've got some REAL SHIT to actually DO!!  It's called....LIVING!!

Any questions?




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