GOoD MORNIN' U-N-EYE-VERSE!!  About to get my "gym flow" on.  Just doing an "attitude check" to see who's REALLY serious about their business....or who's all "show" but no "dough." Ya know.....the "operative" word in the term "show business" is "BUSINESS."  You can be "creative" til the cows come home.  But marketing and promotions and branding and groundwork get your precious commodity and "creativity" PAID.

Are YOU in it just for the "show"...or are you in "show business?"  Time will always tell.  And it also shows the difference between the "hobbyist" and the "professional."  HOWEVER, A VERY IMPORTANT LESSON LEARNED:  EYE've learned from the elders who put ALL their "heart" in their "art," but their wealth was more felt by others than them.  They grew the grapes...stomped them into wine...served up the brilliant and wonderful tasting nectar...just to barely get a sip themselves of their own efforts and crops.

You learn...some things in life and in this business never change.  And some things do.  So when people ask you as a "qualified" and "professional" artist (EYE say "qualified" and "professional" because there are waaaaay too many who feel they are in the same boat...and they are NOT...even...close), "Is it about the money?"  Ask them, "How do YOU pay your rent...or gas...or buy groceries?  With LOVE?!"  Then drop the mic and walk away until they come back to you with respect, a sensible attitude and a serious demeanor about what you do.

And if they never come back, then YOU got the clue.  One less person to waste your time.  One less person to deal with who was more about BS than business.  Now...back to YOUR grind and the business of "Show Busine$$."  

To society:  Support REAL art; not bullshit.  Our children deserve MORE to fall back on.

GOoD MORNING U-N-EYE-VERSE!  Make it a GOoD one...for YOU.  <3




10/08/2014 10:11am

A great lesson eyes have learned from the elders who put all their heart in their art but their wealth was more felt by others than them. You keep learning about all this and realize at some points that some things in life never changes and they remain constant.

04/25/2015 1:58pm

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