TRUE STORY: So after much learning and discerning...experiencing and experimenting, the Divine Parents (especially MOM) said, "NO MORE ROOKIES AND ROOKIE BEHAVIOR IN THE FREAKIN' HOUSE! They're crass, disrespectful, think they know EVERYTHING yet constantly show they know NOTHING...and they want YOU to buy into their madness and PAY for THEIR mistakes!! They come in and eat up ALL the food and don't even bring a slice of bread. They drink up ALL the wine and don't even purchase or stomp a grape. They shit in OUR toilet and don't even flush. And THEY think that's 'classy!" WHAT THE HELL?! Seriously...what is that? HELL?! And YOU KNOW BETTER THAN THIS, DAUGHTER?! So WHO's the bigger fool?!" 

Yeah...the Parents talk REAL like that to me 'cuz THEEY know EYE can handle the truth and THEEY are very truthful with me 'cuz THEEY really DO (unlike so many) actually LOVE me. That's what happens when you get "spanked" by the Parents. And EYE got "spanked" for doing something that was ultimately MY fault: Entertaining crazy and letting crazy in the palace when EYE knew crazy was crazy. True indeed, you might have to deal with that shit in the streets...and ONLY as an exception; NOT the rule. But you NEEEEVER let them into YOUR house! As MOM would say, "What kind of new fool dines with roaches and rats and not expect shit droppings everywhere?!!")

Bows head...says...you're right. You're right. Just had to try. Or maybe EYE was bored. It's just WEIRD....looking at something so obvious...yet obviously not so obvious to some. And hearing DADDY go, "What part of 'fool' don't you understand?! Now, go play with your Mother. EYE see a LOT cooking on that stove that needs YOUR special touch. EYE got this. Trust me...EYE...GOT...THIS!" 

Hmmm.....true dat. True dat. Always did; always will.

Turns it over to GOD/GODDESS....carries on with MY mission. Sips my coffee and looks from a distance as EYE plan MY next strategy and steps for MY goals and what EYE got cooking next. IJS Some of that mess out there... CORRECTION: MOST of that mess out there?!





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