Inspired by Blood Moon.  Filling up my cup with gain, happiness and success.  Emptying out the non-productive, non-constructive, loss and less.
RISING with the best.
Dropping all the rest.
Attracting potential.
Subtracting pretenders.
Dropping even more useless debris...and preparing to rise even higher.

Interesting how people "hear" the word rise...and yet STILL don't understand when you're NOT in the same space.  Hmmm.....educational malfunction of some.  But that's none of my business.  ESPECIALLY since EYE gets NO busine$$ from the ones who drain and stay the same and tried to claim my name and fame but couldn't maintain the shine when their "fake gold" turned green...showing the immaturity and inexperience and REAL substance (or not) of someone who proved not worthy to be on the Queen's team.

Inspired by the Blood Moon.  Happiness is NOT jealousy.  Success is NOT loss.  And people who DO should NOT pay the cost
Of people who don't.  Won't.  Can't.
No Cains on this journey.
STRICTLY...PROVEN...ABELS.  #lawofattraction 

The irony and last laugh of a Phoenix Oracle who proves you can be "global"...but around "local mentality," they'll NEVER see or believe til it's on that "screen" in the sky....

And by then, you already said goodbye.  No need to ask why.  It's obvious...to all who REALLY know and matter.  Such chatter...from a "small" one who's not so small at all.  And CLEARLY soooo much more than mere "local."  But whatever make ya feel good about yourself.  LOL  Past tense...and prepping.


You'll see...or not.  And perhaps this is just a chemtrail....a bread crumb for those who are attempting to take a very REAL journey to MORE...and need a very REAL example of WHO and HOW.  REAL examples do so get lost "here" amongst all the fakeness.  Look for the ones that shine in the dark...in the mud.  Look for the ones that grow wings and fly beyond.  But don't look too long...because they will NOT stay too long....IF they are real.  ;-)  Chickens cackle in coops.  Eagles and Phoenixes fly to the open skies and a much broader and bigger Universe.

A visionary doesn't look at what's directly in front of her/him.  A visionary looks BEYOND.  An traveler GOES BEYOND.  And an empathic Oracle is already BEYOND.

Military brats!  WE are INDEED a "different" breed.  Thank GOD/DESS!!  Comes in hand in REAL times like these.

Yup.  Prepping MY soup for the journey.  And if you're not adding to the pot, you don't get a chance to stir. The lessons you finally learn.  Mama said, "Don't let everyone in your house.  And DEFINITELY don't let everyone at your table."

EYE was Daddy's little girl.  NOW...it's time to be more like Mama for a while.  Utilizing more COMMON SENSE COMPASSION...than just pure heart. It's a balancing act.  And a sign of maturity. You HAVE to keep it REAL.  Especially when sooooo many DON'T!

And in keeping it REALLY REAL, for the first time in a loooooong time, EYE can feel a REAL smile.  

Wow!  Who knew that menopause could have such a positive effect?  There's something about saying, "EYE don't give a FUCK about anything that has NOTHING to do with ME" that's sooooo refreshing and FREEING.  Especially when you gave so many times to the bank....and was left overdrawn nearly every time.  

Can you feel the change in the wind...and the season?

A natural occurrence that happens regardless of unnatural circumstances...and even sometimes because of.  It's called...

Physics, bitch!

Hmmmm....EYE feel a fresh cup brewing.  Time for a toast with Mommy.  YOU know where.  ;-)

It's funny.....  Some folks hate to be alone.  Probably because they can't even stand the truth of themselves.  ME?  EYE loooove being by myself.  It's one of the FEW times EYE can experience the truth and really get to KNOW ME.  NOTHING like learning from life and the angels and the ancestors....without distractions or interference.  

Fuel for a very REAL journey.  RISING......




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