People who are NOT artists or entrepreneurs do not understand the life or priorities of artists/entrepreneurs. While you can fairly depend on your weekly/monthly work check, an artist or entrepreneur depends SOLELY on their skills and their own labor to support self. There is NO "healthcare." There is NO "cushion." There is NO "paid leave." There is no "automatic salary." There is whatever YOU bring to the table that week...that month...that period...that pays your bills.

Now, of course, you've got those who will say, "Well why don't you get a 'real job?'" Do you know HOW INSULTING that is to an artist/entrepreneur?! THIS IS A REAL JOB....which requires MORE effort...MORE time and sadly give "less constant" payoff than those "real jobs" where people sit on their asses barely doing nothing and collect a check...aka "government/company welfare."

So the next time you wonder why artists/entrepreneurs are more frugal with their time and their skills AND their money, understand WE are in the business of making the world LESS boring and giving people something MORE to take their minds off the madness and "mundane-ness" of societal woes. And THIS takes LOTS of work...LOTS of creativity...LOTS of dedication...LOTS of energy....LOTS of time...and LOTS of money which does NOT come easy nor frequent.

People who DON'T know and DON'T do what we do take a LOT of things for granted...expect WAY too much while giving WAY too little...and wonder why artists turn their backs on certain segments of the society or community. See all of those Hollywood stories and "Unsung" episodes?! You think EVERY artist had hard times due to drugs?! WHY do you think most of them even turned to drugs in the FIRST place?! When you give...and you give...and it doesn't matter, the harsh reality makes you find "coping" mechanisms. ME? EYE choose coffee and absence...and whatever EYE need to bring ME back to Square ONE...and get me to the NEXT level. Note: Just watching folks watching YOU and not understanding what you do CLEARLY does NOT do it. NO payoff in that whatsoever. You live and learn. And giving thanks...because "some" didn't live and learn...in time.

Think it's easy being an artist/entrepreneur?! Quit YOUR day job and try living OUR lifestyle for 2 weeks...and see who you go running to for help!! That's why there are so few REAL artists. Contrary to popular belief....REAL artistry and successful entrepreneurialship is NOT a dime a dozen. Many "talk;" but they can't really walk the proverbial and actual WALK. And note: When you are doing it SOLO DOLO with NO support, NO sponsorship, NO spousal or family backup, NO real community support, it makes it even MORE of a miracle to maintain. Smiles and creativity hide the pain. Loquacious vibrational sunshine combats the rain. And to continue to do the SAME thing or deal with the same folks who bring you NO profit or ADD value to your life....IS INSANE.

Lesson...in REAL artistry....no fake, no front, no buffers...from Da Oracle.
If you don't know, NOW you DO! Be sure to share THAT answer when they wonder "where" EYE'm at or WHY EYE do what EYE do...or DON'T do what EYE do. EYE have NO MORE TIME for anything that doesn't bring added value to my life. And dying in regret that EYE didn't make this move sooner...is NOT the option.

YOLO...in THIS plane. Make it GOoD...for YOU. Anything else is just...residual value at best.




10/29/2016 5:59pm

"You live and learn." As a young student, this message is what caught my attention here. Very simple message yet very true. In this life, growing is incomplete without learning. The main objective and the main reason why I go to school is to learn and this makes me feel confident that I don't just live, but I live with an important goal and that I aim for great achievement and success.


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