Many of you....well, "some" of you may be feeling the "pull" right now.  The "shift."  The "vibrational change."  Today, upon talking to a close friend, EYE described it as that very strong "vibration" that a rocket ship goes thru as it's shifting to break free and take off.  THAT is what is going on with some of you right now.

Don't be afraid.  It's a necessary and natural separation process of breaking from the "old" to the "(k)new."  It's like when you are being born...or hatched...and you break thru the "egg of containment."  It feels.....weird.  Scary.  Unsettling.  Your body is experiencing things and pains you've never felt before.  Your mind is going in 50 directions at the same time trying to figure out what the hell is going on.  Your sleep patterns are SHOT!  And you're having some of the weirdest dreams (or ARE they "dreams...or messages?") you've ever had.

You're finding that old things just don't suffice for you any more.  People who are NOT on your "vibration" are just not IN your "vibration."  That's because you just shifted to a brand new "flight path"....one that is geared and in tuned with YOUR growth and YOUR path.  It's NOT about anyone else right now.  It's about YOU.

When angels grow wings, each set of wings are "personal."  Just because one angel gets them doesn't mean another automatically gets them.  Some of you are finding your own "angelic power"...your own "course"...your own "flight path."  And with this, it feels you are being pulled...or rather distracted from your much bigger purpose because you're either afraid to leave something behind...or you feel you just don't want to leave something behind because your compassion has you locked into a situation that is NOT yours to fix.


Every "sentient" being evolves even MORE when they become "self-aware."  NOTE:  Self-awareness and self-absorption are TWO different things.  Some people are "absorbed" into their own egos and have NO clue the connection of themselves and the much bigger Universe.  On the other hand, "self-awareness" is the under/innerstanding of YOUR connection with the much greater Universe...and how it all applies, operates and evolves.  Someone ELSE's connection has NO bearing on YOUR connection...in the same token that ONE TV plugged into an outlet will NOT turn on the juice of another TV that is not.  Comprende?

It may seem hard...but it's REAL...and in the end...or the beginning (depending on your perspective), it's very fair.  The ONLY person YOU are responsible for saving at THIS juncture is SELF.  All others you can only offer advice and guidance.  But the "responsibility" lies within each person to save SELF...think for SELF...do for SELF...and all else will fall into place.

DO NOT GET DISTRACTED by fear.  By lies.  By guilt.  By tricks.  By false leaders.  By fake people.  By any and EVERY thing that drains YOU and your precious resource NEEDED FOR SAVING YOU.  

DO NOT GET DISTRACTED BY ANYTHING NOR ANYONE which does NOT bring YOU peace of mind and disrupts your path or clouds YOUR clear vision of happiness.  If you are confused, STOP.  BREEEEEEEATHE.  SEPARATE YOURSELF from other's energy (or rather, "dis-energy).  Go to YOUR "personal" place of peace.  BREEEEEEATHE.....and inhale.  BREEEEEEATHE...and exhale.  BREEEEATHE....til you feel the rhythm of your heart and your breath sync.  BREEEEATHE....til you feel YOUR oneness with the wind.  BREEEEATHE....til you feel the vibration of the ground beneath your feet.  BREEEEATHE....til you fill YOUR cup filling up!!

Now....SHAKE!!!  SHAKE IT OFF!  All the dirt.  All the mud.  All the lies.  All the critics.  All the drama that's NOT yours to have.  All the "empty shadows" that are not really there.  All the ones who are pulling you to join them in their mediocrity which was NEVER your destination.  SHAKE IT OFF.  SPREAD YOUR WINGS.....


It's RISE time....and the "Mama" bird has just kicked you out of the nest so SHE can heal her own wounds.....and FLY EVEN HIGHER.  #OraclePhoenixRising

On "Self-Rising" Sabbatical....and prepping for MINE.  
Are YOU prepping for YOURS?  




10/25/2014 1:07pm

Thank you :) This hit the spot for me today. I needed to hear it now, not because I didn't know it, but it helps. It does get hard sometimes. :D

peace friend

02/09/2017 3:00am

I totally agree, indeed the spiritual tsunami is up and is here. I agree, in this hard time one should not fear it all instead should face them with courage and pride. I am inspired by this impressive post, thank you


Wow! I was quite intrigued by the stuff that I read here. I certainly have not read stuff like this in a long time so I was quite impressed to see this. I hope that this will continue to go on in the future.


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