You cater to THESE rules:

Rule #1: Military brats are like their parents..."baby soldiers." We are TRAINED to survive...by ANY (and EYE do mean "ANY") means necessary...with or WITHOUT troop support. Don't test...or you might find out what's REALLY behind the smile and what's DEEP inside the core.

Rule #2: Military brats are primarily "peacekeepers"...like our parents. But if we HAVE to, we''ll drop a bomb and clear the ROOM!! And then laugh about it later. ‪#‎POW‬

Rule #3: We "choose" not to be "hard" (in "today's weak ass misguided terminology") because WE know you can't make money from jail...BEEEOYTCH!!

Rule #4: We drink and we cuss....to keep from killing folks who sorely DESERVE IT! Trust me, it's better we say "Fuck it" than to actually DO IT to you.

Rule #5: If YOU cool, WE cool. If you're not, stay out of our faces. We don't do cliques and don't give a fuck about entourages....unless it's OTHER military brats

Rule #6: WE HATE FAKE SHIT AND BORE EASILY! That's why we keep to ourselves a lot. WE NEVER bore "ourselves." But seriously...some of you bore the SHIT out of us with that same ole same ole ain't worth a damn and not going nowhere nonsense!

Rule #7: WE ARE BRUTALLY HONEST! And we like it that way!!

IJS In case you didn't know. NOW you do. 




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