EYE tried to know them.  But they didn't try to know ME.  They wanted to change me.  Use me.  Abuse me.  Steal me.  Kill me.  Lie on me.  LIE...ON...me.  Hmmmm... (This sad game of "pimps and hos" just sooo...whateva, yo)

REAL'ISDOM:  There is a human flaw in "subhumans" (and please believe there are "subhumans"...proven) which doesn't allow them to grow and the ONLY thing they "know" is to disturb, dissemble or destroy anything greater than them.  Something they cannot figure out in their limited thinking nor fit in "their" limited image.  They think they know...but they prove to have NO idea.  

And, no matter how much you love them, YOU can't "save" them.  But they WILL try to "KILL" you in the process...because they are hardwired for bullshit.  A program you can't change.  Thus...YOU change YOURS...and eliminate those "viruses" from your life and your "upgrade."

So, finally, with the confirmative, affirmative and informative help and love of REAL family and the Divine Parents once again, EYE realized EYE no longer needed to be "in this"...or "of this."  Shit, EYE don't love this.  THIS IS CRAY CRAY...and unproductive in EVERY way!  Works for YOU?  Cool.  But it doesn't for me!  Period.  And THAT is the point and the joint and the issue for the tissue that requires to dismiss you.

EYE realized..."they" are NOT for me...period. MY Parents always taught me...told me...STILL tell me...to BE all that EYE can BE.  Don't settle.  Don't allow myself to be crucified.  Don't have so much heart that it makes no sense...or cents.

Yeah...some stories...and journeys that a little time...especially when the unnecessary mass madness just blows your mind.   But when it's time...IT'S TIME!  And that's when EYE made a conscious decision to NOT love and embrace anything else that goes against MY better interest...because...without love, there is no life.


Don't know what YOUR "preacher" is preaching.  But THIS is a REAL testimony.  If it inspires you to do what YOU need to do, you're welcomed.  If it doesn't, who did it hurt...other than the devil (as truth always does)?!  And that's when you'll KNOW.  ;-)

Yup.  It's what EYE do. REVEAL. Consider this a free sermon.  But under/innerstand, even Oracles and Prophets have to eat.  Tiz why we keep it moving.




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