GOoD MORNIN' U-N-EYE-VERSE!  Waking up with some very clear observations and revelations.  First off...it "amuses" me how people who NEVER support YOU nor acknowledge your relevance or accomplishments or knowledge/wisdom are soooo quick to want YOU to acknowledge THEM and someone THEY feel is important.  Reality check #1:  If EYE am not what YOU consider "important" or an "acknowledged factor" in the "game," then WHY are you "jocking" ME and wanting me to pay attention to what YOU are doing?!  Reality check #2:  Yes EYE do "promote" and speak of people EYE know and admire...across the world.  It really IS "Universally KNOWN" by many who KNOW.  If, however, YOU think YOU are of the same caliber just because EYE was "nice" and we "spoke" to each other...maybe once or twice and EYE offered some advice you obviously didn't take, you are sadly mistaken to assume YOU are a part of MY "family" and circle...OR the same caliber of talent. AS IF AND HARDLY!!  YOU GOTS TO DO BETTER...MUCH BETTER...AND ACTUALLY LEARN FROM THOSE WHO'VE BEEN AROUND AND DONE AND STILL DOING BETTER!!!  "New" people are soooo "new" sometimes. And that arrogance tho!!  Ugh Bur.  #passing

NO APOLOGIES that MY standards have ALWAYS been HIGH. It's the class and caliber from which EYE came and was groomed from and by.  EYE don't "dumb down" and EYE don't promote the less over the best.  True...we ALL have to start from "somewhere."  But too many have FUKKED UP the art, the industry, the game like THEY are the standard...when they HAVE no standards.  Ever try building a house without a solid foundation?  Ever try building a house with a bunch of "babies" who can read instruction manuals and using "play tools?!"  MESSAGE.

Now, let's flip the script...and this is to those who feel EYE have not given "them" a fair shot or made myself known to THEM on who EYE am (code for, EYE refuse to be pimped by "little pimps" who don't know NUTTIN' about "big pimpin'):   If EYE am not "worthy" of "notice" by YOUR standards, my darling....why would the opposite be true?!  Notice...EYE am NOT coming to YOU.  YOU are coming to ME.  But EYE am supposed to be soooo desperate to "belong" to ANYTHING, that EYE'm supposed to jump on the "going no where entourage train?!"  You seeeeeriously got ME twisted and OBVIOUSLY didn't do YOUR research.  READING...AND KNOWLEDGE ARE FUNDAMENTAL!  And quite frankly, at this stage of the game, why waste time with that which is just NOT IMPRESSIVE by MY standards?!

EVERY WEEK on my show, SOUL SCHOOL CAFE, EYE show you the caliber of talent EYE am used to.  EVERY WEEK EYE spotlight people and music and poets who are of UNIVERSAL caliber.  EYE seriously don't CARE what you do "locally."  Been there; done that.  MY goal is to get people OUT of the box and make the WORLD realize there is MORE than what's being promoted on "terrestrial radio"...as well as get that REAL talent noticed...you know the ones EYE'm taking about.  The ones who ARE "Universal"...whether they are considered "local" or not.  The ones who HAVE learned...and SHOWN.  The ones who are SERIOUS about their grind and not just in it for the fad and fame.  The ONES who seems to make every little insecure "peon" tremble when they hit the stage so they are shut OUT of the "local reindeer games" even though they get national and international love.

You know what?  Fukk these "trivial little games."  Bigger things on the menu.  And EYE can't afford to "play" or "babysit bullshit" any longer.

THANK YOU EVIE!!  Your ultimate "demise" has been a confirmation and affirmation and IN MY FACE REVELATION of my "error" in paying too much attention to irrelevance and making too many bad investments of what was NEVER gonna be "reciprocal value."  EYE don't blame NO ONE but MYSELF for paying too much attention to the wrong things and the wrong folk...and hoping they would eventually "get it."  After you've delivered the "message" more that once...and they still "ignore," it's a choice on THEIR part...and a lesson for ME to keep it moving.  So now, a little "late" in the game, but STILL IN THE GAME, EYE'm keeping it moving....forward and upward.  Now THIS is where it kinda gets "funny." Those same folks who proved to be irrelevant...and made YOU feel "irrelevant"...even though YOU were VERY RELEVANT...now want to be soooo "relevant" in YOUR world...even though you are still somewhat "irrelevant" in theirs.  WTF?!!  And their "arrogance" and "ignorance" are STILL with so much stupid audacity that all you can do is laugh and just walk away.  And/or maybe blog the "bitchslap" that you WANT to do out your system.  HEY...EYE'M A MILITARY BRAT!  The "fire" is gonna come!  EYE'm just more focused and "creative" these days.  Less "Dark Phoenix;" more "Rising Phoenix."  

All of this is to say, some folks got "some nerve."  But hey....that's ALL they got. Seriously...it really IS.  Sooo....how can you stay mad or waste energy and focus putting too much attention, concern or care about the obvious?!  Some people learn.  MANY DO NOT!  And like Kermit the Frog:  That's NONE of MY business!

Later "hater."  The AUDACITY to think EYE would help YOU be "ME" and you NEVER give me any acknowledgement, respect or PAY is utterly LUDICROUS.  (Oh wait...let me spell it in a way YOU'D understand:  "Ludicris."  No offense, Luda...U know WE always cool.  Just using your name for "new people" spelling purposes.  LOL)

Back to the "haters" and "frenemies"...fake lovers and REAL enemies...don't wanna admit that YOU are so "into me" it's almost like EYE got to get an enema to flush you OUT.  But back to the point (and excuse my "bluntness."  Military brat, ya know.  It's just how WE roll.  TRUTHFULLY!):  In case YOU missed the "obvious:"  WE are not the same...and YOU are not a part of MY plans OR game.  When YOU acknowledge and remember MY name and stop being so lame, then maybe you "might" be worthy of my time.  But MY time and resources and life and love are PRECIOUS; not meant for the arrogant ignorant swine.  Not falling for the same insincere lines.  You got "yours;" and EYE got "mine."  And THESE days, EYE'm back "home" to where the REAL stars where, regardless, all we DO is SHINE. (Note:  "Home" is a state of mind.  And believe me when EYE say, Da Oracle's BACK/FORWARD on her Universal path again.  Check the pics, my friend.  SEE the difference?!  ;-)  )

Get a camera, take a picture and watch the view.  Either way, you know EYE'll show you.  And whether you watch or learn or not?  NOT my concern...because NONE of this is about YOU and whatever it is that YOU do.  And there would be the point.  Consider this a friendly fire warning to back away from the perimeter. 

To whoever deserved this.  Wear the boot well!  (double entendre intended)

Hey...just an ole storyteller sharing a morning story.  Or is it JUST a story?! Time will tell.    ;-)

(Closes the book.  Starts another one....)




08/08/2016 2:39am

Nice article, thanks for sharing this information. Good to know that this topic is being covered also in this web site.

05/18/2017 1:26am

For me, even though you feel like other people are brutal towards you, you still must not treat them the way they treat you. I'm not saying that you must fake your feelings. What I mean is that you must show them kindness whatever happens. Well, I know it's hard to do, especially to those people who aren't good on you. But just try it, as long as you can. After all, you'll lose nothing if you try to do so.

10/01/2017 11:06am

The moment you sense something wrong with people around you, stay away from them immediately. They do no deserve your time and attention. They will not gain anything from hating on you. Keep your head help up high and do not stoop to their level. Your time is precious and spending that on them will only pull you back. Pray for them and hope that they will see the wrong in what they have done to you. Continue on being a good person and soon you will be in company with those who are as talented and kind as you.

10/15/2016 8:11am

Yes I would say that Eye is brutally honest and conveys everything what we can not speak. I like the way you have described all the things but you need to explain little more.


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