So EYE don't have "Bill Cosby" stories...and glad of that 'cuz EYE actually grew up laughing and loving his comedy albums and respecting the dude.  Would have been sad for headlines to read, "Female Radio Announcer Punches Out Legend."  But EYE digress to progess that EYE do have "industry" stories.  No naming names (which is ironic that those who feel EYE'm such a "bitch" are never worried that EYE could be even MORE brutally honest and drop THEIR names and issues.  But why make the desperate famous thru "infamy?!"  Digressing to progress...again...)  

EYE have been told on more than one occasion that EYE would have gotten so much further in this business and my career if EYE just "played the game."  My work was not enough.  My results were not enough.  The quality and money EYE brought to the table (LOTS OF MONEY) were NOT enough.  It was merely about the "control" and the wanting to "fukk me" one way or the other and make me "submit" to something that went against my grain and my morals...just to be "accepted" or given MY DUE in work.

To which MY response was to either punch 'em in the stomach and/or tell 'em to "EAT A DICK" followed by a vigorous "FUCK YOU!!"  
So NOW you know "some" of the reason why the 5'3" military brat rolls solo doing her OWN thing and supposedly has an "attitude."

IJS....wouldn't YOU?!  #truestories  #WHOwouldwannamakeTHISSHITup

EYE have been "shunned"..."unsupported"..."blocked"...and a bad attempt at being "artistically raped."  EYE have been imitated but NEVER duplicated. EYE have rolled SOLO and started from scratch with NOTHING but myself from all those EYE helped.  EYE have been to hell and back and dried my own tears.  And EYE have defied the bullshit, even while dealing with the depression of a murdered husband and countless "backstabbers" and leeches...and those who merely are mad because they CAN'T "fuck you" in some form or the other.  EYE've learned and paid attention to it ALL.  And EYE have stood alone in my fight, my mission, my pain AND MY EARNED GLORY!





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