People will shun you...ignore you...block you...steal from you...lie on you...attempt to BE you...give you NO credit...blame THEIR inefficiency on YOUR efficiency...want YOU to do more for them than they will EVER do for YOU, or themselves for that matter...and will say the most horrific things behind your back.  They will see you starve...and never offer a morsel, even though you fed them.  They will see you in pain...and will laugh.  They will be Judas and Peter EVERY time.  And they will watch you die.

But the SECOND they see you have somehow managed a "miracle" of, not only surviving but, THRIVING...and they see you breathing in the air YOU created and eating from the food YOU grew and put on YOUR table as they continue to watch you (as they ALWAYS have from a safe and rock throwing distance) and see all the cameras now on YOU and YOUR "return" to YOUR very earned "limelight," these SAME folks from above will be the FIRST who will bust their way thru the crowd and thru those who truly supported you just to get a "taste" of the shine and say they were your biggest friends and supporters and were with you ALL along. 

W...T...F?!!!  Sorry...these are the moments EYE get a little..."stuck."  ("Mustn't bitch slap anymore...Mustn't bitchslap anymore...Mustn't bitchslap anymore.....") But working on it...with the help of some GREAT friends in "haters rehab."

Or maybe it just happens to me.  And THAT'S why EYE choose "separation."  Because a "county orange" suit is NOT the fashion accessory EYE choose to have in my closet when the cameras are rolling. 





12/23/2016 12:13pm

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01/29/2017 11:27pm

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