EYE often find it ironic and INSULTING that the FIRST people who want to say "Go back to YOUR country" or talk about "OUR" country like it's merely "their" country have NEVER nor have EVER had a member of their family serve NOT ONE DAY in the military."

PLUS, EVERYBODY...unless you were of the Native Americans or Olmec (Black African Descent Native Middle Americans) who were ALREADY HERE, ALL the rest of you are mere "immigrants" whose forefathers migrated over to THESE shores from somewhere else. Your so-called "manifest destiny" does NOT change REAL history or the facts.

So please remember that when you celebrate on days like today that THIS country is FAR MORE than for, by and about "White America." REMEMBER THAT when you notice that nearly 75% of the military are of color of some sort...and are here protecting YOUR rights to be "idiots" as well as MY right to tell YOU the truth! REMEMBER THAT when YOU get it "twisted" whose country this REALLY is.

And if you didn't know before, now you know. Perhaps it's time to stop "faking" intelligence and ACT like you REALLY know!! And this goes to ALL the "closet-wearing KKK" who now find themselves with badges and uniforms of blue. Your colors, your hoods...and your ignorance is showing far too much these days. No wonder other countries look at this like, "WTF?!"

Greatness doesn't come through mere words or lies...or a tainted past denied. And either way, karma comes through...REGARDLESS!

HAPPY "THANK YOU FOR FIGHTING FOR EVERYONE'S FREEDOM AND THE COUNTRY'S GREED" DAY to all those who signed a contract to do THEIR duty...whether THIS country upheld its end of the contract or not.

Just keeping it REAL...because that's what REAL soldiers DO!!




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