GOoD MORNIN' U-N-EYE-VERSE!  Waking up with the meditation of "chances" on my mind.  EYE believe in 2nd chances.  It's BEAUTIFUL when you can get everything right the 1st time.  However, 1st time for many is a "learning process" where you get to know things you didn't know before and get to experience things you've never experienced before.  That's why EYE believe in 2nd chances....because many times MOST people don't necessarily get it right the 1st time.

HOWEVER, EYE don't believe in 3rd, 4th, 5th chances.  When there is a repeated episode of failure...of disrespect...of ignorance...of it just NOT being your "cup of tea" or "coffee," that is a clear sign there is a fatal flaw and disconnect in a "relationship" that was obviously never meant for you to maintain....be it personal or professional.

The ONLY exception for a rare (and EYE do mean VERY RARE) 3rd chance is if, by some chance, YOU didn't make yourself clear the 1st or 2nd time what YOUR needs and requirements are for a "working relationship/friendship/businessship."  Of course, that's the MAIN reason for the 2nd chance and the learning process that goes with it.  However, sometimes people (no matter how silly this sounds) give that "rare impression" that they don't mind being "fukked" in a situation and will "just take it for the team."  But when you are ALWAYS "taking it for the team" and NEVER being able to take anything positive FROM the "team" that fills and fulfills YOU, then it's pretty damn clear THAT TEAM AIN'T YOUR TEAM!

All that's to say....there's a reason why EYE deal with some folks...and a very valid reason why EYE don't.  As times get even more critical, situations become more clear, and life and resources become even MORE precious and treasured, it's IMPERATIVE that you not waste them on folks or things you're waiting forever to change.  The lesson is clear.  Who needs to change is YOU.  WHAT you need to change is the "stagnant air" around you.  Time to say NO.  Time to realize exactly what YOU want and GO for it.  Even more so, time to GET it!  Anything less that falls or wanders in your path is not for YOU; merely a distraction and test to see how focused you are in aligning yourself in the blessings of what was and is meant for YOU.

Keep this in mind, you ONLY have so few REAL chances in YOUR life to "get things right."  Not someone's version of "right."  NOT the pastor's version of "right." NOT some irrelevant mofo's version of "right."  YOU and only YOU know what's right for YOU.  WHY would you try to make someone or something "right" for you when you need to spend that energy making YOU right for YOU...and then attract those who are right for YOU?! WHY would you keep giving more energy and time to people who prove not worthy to be in YOUR life or circle when YOU need that time and energy for YOURSELF to heal and grow brilliantly?!  Note:  Some folks...MANY folks like the mundane and mediocre.  For truly creative and shining folks and those who are pioneers and born to be different?  Boredom/stagnation is the kiss of death and a long dying process.  Nothing positive.  NOTHING gained.  Just drain.  The irony IS...the ones who drain are attempting to be like YOU but forever remain the same...because...well, because it IS what it IS.  (double entendre intended)

One thing about the Divine:  The math is ALWAYS exact.  And when you do things well, it's ALWAYS an added value. ALWAYS a positive.  And you KNOW when you feel it.  Just like you know when you DON'T.  And when you don't, it's negates the value of your life...your work...your purpose...your joy.  You don't need 3 and 4 and 5 chances to figure out the sum of that dividend.  If it's always a "subtraction" in your life, time to "cancel" that equation and start fresh with better figures.  Literally and figuratively.

And THAT's your Math class for this morning.  Or as EYE always say:
#PhysicsBitch  ;-)

IJS....can't have a "Feel Good Friday" without feeling GOoD!  Correct YOUR math and get with the physics!  

GOoD MORNIN' U-N-EYE-VERSE!  That's YOUR apple from the teacher.  Have a GOoD day!




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