GOoD MORNIN' U-N-EYE-VERSE!! Today's "Wake Up Coffee Call" Reality Check from Da Oracle:

Okay...so the convo went like THIS: Someone was telling me, that even in my greatest hour of need, EYE was supposed to keep "giving and giving" and it would all come back in the end. This response came after EYE had said that EYE was DONE with some folks...and the fact that, even though some people EYE had "given and given" to more than once...more than twice...more than thrice (hell...at a certain point you just stop counting because it doesn't make sense NOR cents anymore), EYE have now come to MY senses and "cut off off the dead draining weight" realizing that the person who needed the help MOST and the MUCH BETTER investment was ME!

Still, THIS person was trying to tell ME that EYE was supposed to keep "giving and giving" to my "frenemies" and "enemies" and EVERYONE who needed me...even though they drained me and stabbed me in my back...those who NEVER supported ME and MY efforts, yet for some reason just "assume" EYE was obligated by their own sheer audacity to support all of their projects and efforts and life at the expense of my own. Those SAME people that it can be PROVEN that EYE literally did more for "them" than THEY ever did for ME...or even THEMSELVES for that matter!!

EYE was suppose to keep "giving and giving" and turn the other cheek at the countless stabs and sacrifices?! And be "satisfied" with getting my "dues" in the "great beyond?!"

And this "person" said, "YES!"

To which MY response was: You all are REEEEALLY on some "DUMB FUKK SHIT" around here, huh?!! EYE'll pass on that. That's just "illogical, Jim!!" (in my Spock voice)

And the moral of the story is: THAT'S HOW SLAVES ARE MADE!!! ALL DAY EVERY DAY!! EVEN TO THIS DAY!!

Today's Message From Da Oracle: NEVER be afraid to FREE YOURSELF from "plantation follies" and those who only expect YOU to benefit THEM and not yourself. WHY do you think folks like Harriet Tubman said NO?!! Not only DOESN'T it make sense; it doesn't EVER make cents...for YOU.‪#‎PhysicsBitch‬

Sip wonderfully...and taste the brilliant flava and message. GOoD MORNIN' AND GOoD MOONDAY U-N-EYE-VERSE!! Make it a GOoD one for YOU!! 




11/20/2016 7:17am

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01/28/2017 5:07pm

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04/26/2017 9:34am

Dr Oracle gives good advice. I’ve seen other stories about this doctor also and they were good. They are real life examples, and all of them are related to what happens in daily life and can be implemented.


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