REAL'ISDOM...YEAR-END MESSAGE...AND HOLIDAY FOOD FOR THOUGHT:   The reason why real prophets are ostracized and crucified is because they challenge the masses to think beyond the massa's conditioning and teachings.  They challenge you to think beyond the lie that doesn't make sense...scientifically, physically, mathematically  OR spiritually.  They dare you to SEEK truth and proof....not just accept something that feels wrong and goes against the principles of Universal love and welfare and common sense.

It's easier to follow a dead prophet who can't be up in your face with the truth than a living one who PROVES through his/her actions that your way of thinking may be flawed and change must first start in YOUR ability to acknowledge the error and then LIVE CHANGE; not just speak it.  #reborn 

A Christmas gift from Da Oracle....the reminder it's okay to THINK...and to embrace the JOY and celebration of life...and not just the drama.  It's okay to learn...and to change the things that have proven not to work or make sense.  It's okay to say NO when it's wrong...and not just accept it and "wish" for a miracle from the "great beyond."  YOU ARE THAT MIRACLE through which mankind will change...from which YOU and YOUR life can/will change.  As for the "world?"  The world will take care of itself as it always does...regardless. Father Sun and Mother Earth will continue their process of rebirth and awakening and evolution with or without the help of human beings and their "theories" or "stories."  This life is just another journey of the process of BEing.  We come from Mother Earth.  We return to Mother Earth.  And in the process, Father Sun gives up the light we need to live and grow while we are being nourished by BOTH Father and Mother.  Is this a principle so beyond the realm that you can't believe THIS...but you can believe in an old white man with white hair sitting on a cherry cloud who is responsible for ALL of the life in the Universe?!

YOU BETTER DO SOME STUDYING AND MAKE SOME SENSE OUT OF THAT SENSE...and then you might be able to understand why mankind is so screwed up!!!  The bottom line:  How we under/innerstand our TRUE connection to the planets and the rest of the celestial beings will determine your ability to live in peace...or not.  It's ALL relative...and it's ALL GOoD.  Really!!!

YES...there IS something much greater than US.  We SEE it every day...AND every night.  We walk upon it every day.  We breathe it every day.  And WE are a part of it as much as it is a part of us.  It matters not what "name" you give it.  It IS...period.  And EVERY ONE who wishes to...wants to...can experience it REGARDLESS of what you call it.  (Note:  ALL THINGS, including Christianity, are Pagan when you get right down to it.  And that TOO is all GOoD...especially when you learn the connection.)

The much bigger question is:  WILL YOU LEARN?  WILL YOU GO DEEPER or stay "surface level" with your spirituality?  Will YOU continue to ostracize and crucify your true prophets who come, NOT to "change" the truth but to RE-REVEAL it and who try to awaken that 3rd EYE to your ultimate connection and truth with the GOD/DESS head?  Or will you be afraid...allow the "massas" who want you ignorant and broke to put the "fear of GOD" in you so you won't awaken to your OWN power and thus have you hiding behind books THEY wrote instead of experiencing what's in front of you and all around you EVERY day?

In 2015, what will YOU do to solidify YOUR personal connection to YOUR happiness?  And will you continue to be mad at those who DO find their connection and prove it...and be like Cain?  Hmmm....the things that never change.  *note to self

Random yet very real thoughts.  And one thing EYE will do...is just plant the seed...for EYE have seen enough of what happens to the "gardeners."  And THIS YEAR, think EYE'LL be more like "Mary Mary" and tend to my own garden rather than helping another's to grow, just to be hit in the back of the head with hoe.

In the immortal words of Sweet Brown:  AIN'T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT!

The best gift EYE can give YOU is the one EYE must first give ME:  A successful life.  And that requires me FIRST to be able to LIVE...so EYE can actually SHOW the proof and truth of what EYE speak.  How ridiculous would it be for me to not save ME first...so EYE can share with another MY story of how EYE did it?!  First things FIRST!  In 2015, make sure YOU are the #1 priority in YOUR life...and solidify YOUR connection FIRST.  All will take care of itself afterward.  #physics

The bounty is in the learning of the lesson.  And the learning of the lesson becomes the blessing.  And the blessing returns again and replenishes the bounty.  And THAT'S heaven ON earth.  On Earth...as is in Heaven.  Funny how...some folks never seem to make that connection.  Fortunately for ME, EYE am NOT one of those folk.  ;-)   




11/19/2016 5:29am

This post is a social and mortal every one who visited this website that must read this post is really good. You might be able to understand why mankind is so screwed up is so painful for us that we are not good we are destroy our selves for the batter life.

01/16/2017 8:20am

Well somehow I got to read lots of articles on your blog. It’s amazing how interesting it is for me to visit you very often.


You have had a very moving, yet very obvious year-end message! Though I really hope it reached the target audience as only then would it be effecitve. I really liked it personally and feel like we need to have more messages like this, good job!


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